Libra, The 7th House And Partnering

“When green is all there is to be, it can make you wonder why.; but why wonder, why wonder, I am green and it’ll do fine, and I think it’s what I want to be.”
–Kermit the Frog

I have 7th house planets and an ego (Sun) need to partner. With that Sun in Pisces, when I’m single I tend to pine for a relationship. That energy has to go somewhere. So I decided to try something new and use it up in a different Libran/7th house way. I’m being extra nice, extra polite. I’m doing my darndest to balance. I’m going out of my way to open doors, be helpful, notice and comment on what is beautiful around me and in other people. Being nice and being kind are not necessarily the same thing, but I find being nice, being polite, often prompts me to be kind as well. It’s a great bi-product.

Libra and the 7th house deal with one on one relationships, relationship of any kind, not just romantic. I realized I work with people one on one every day and that I can temporarily partner in a small way. I focus my whole attention on each person and the benefits are obvious and immediate. At the grocery store today I focused on the clerk and noticed her hair ornaments, which I complimented (genuinely). She lit up and told me the story about how her granddaughter came up with the idea and she helped her to flesh it out and sell them on Etsy. I felt great and she looked rather happy herself. After several such interactions I realized my partnering energy tank was full and that I hadn’t pined all day.

This works in particular for Libra and the 7th house, but you can do this with any planetary/sign energy that needs expression. You figure out what energy is low and you pore over the ways to express that energy, pick one and start implementing it. It’s just like feeding your body nutritious foods. You’re out of oranges? Brussels sprouts, broccoli and peppers also have lots of vitamin C. Maybe you like oranges better but you can still get your nutritional needs met. Going without what you need because you can’t get it the way you usually do, the way you like it, is just contrary and self-destructive. I can feel sorry for myself, but that doesn’t get me where I want to be. Feeding your chart needs is just as essential as feeding your body.

Are you getting all your astro-nutrients? Where are you needing extra energy? How could you express it positively?

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  1. Thanks for this! I’ve been trying to be more present and genuine in all relationships, and keeping the bad moods down. Fake it till you make it.

    But I never thought of it as redirecting energy. Now I’ll be even more conscious of filling up the emptiness.

  2. I know that “fake it till you make it” thing… and who wants to be fake? but sometimes it’s not really “fake”, it’s unfamiliar. so you do it and it feels more familiar and somehow more “real.” whatever works.

  3. My depositor is Venus..I can totally relate Satori! I feed my Venus all the time, but if I can’t I get nutrients from my Scorpio Sun and Neptune in Libra. I try to merge them because there is not aspect between them. I merge them by trying to connect to my spiritual side, meditate or write emotional releasing poetry.

  4. Since I work in customer service, the customers aren’t really interested in any of my problems, so I fake cheerfulness even when I’m not exactly feeling that way. It works, because many times it changes my mood.

  5. My son has his Moon in the 7th house Virgo. He doesn’t handle being alone at all and has been with the same girlfriend since he was 14 years old.

  6. My planets tend to be more commitment phobic (Venus/Uranus) but I can pine for years with very little “provocation”. In fact, like you said, the imaginary relationship with a real man can be delicious.

  7. You just perfectly clarified something for me. Thank you. This is what I do, being single as long as I have been.

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    Thank you satori. You have been hitting on my needs like crazy the last 2 days. Maybe it’s my Pisces sun and natal Neptune being conj my 7th you’ve been helping me sus out my void and some ideas on how to fill it. I sure appreciate it 🙂

  9. How funny… I do the same thing, but I never paid attention to if it filled my relationship-meter or not! I just know it makes me happier. 🙂

  10. it’s wonderful when you realize you don’t have to rely on others to fill your happiness cup… you can fill it yourself! last week I was sad because I didn’t have a date. this week I found joy in the fact that the garbage truck came and emptied my overly full rubbish bin. 🙂

  11. yes! it’s so important to recognize the other people in our world and i don’t do it nearly enough. thank you for the reminder.

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    Excellent post! I can totally relate. I have Venus in Libra conjunct Pluto and NN on the IC. It feels dark sometimes, laden with shadow. I’ve noticed some of the low expression of Venus, the Pluto compulsion; however, when I finally saw the pattern I kept repeating I looked to my Venus for the way out. It’s the beauty and the light. And when I cultivate that expression of Venus, I don’t obsess.

    I also appreciate how you went outside yourself, recognized the other. When it’s done right, in Libran fashion, recognition is a thing of beauty. Libra wants the other to feel good for the overall effect of harmony.

  13. Satori, you are so funny (over-full garbage can!), and the wisdom of this piece shines. Thank you! It’s a really, really constructive approach to energy balance (chart-specific, that is). A few years ago when I had difficulty getting my affection and tenderness needs met, I also worked on re-directing my approach and it amazed me (and still does) at how the POINT is really about filling the need, and much less about how than I’d imagined.

  14. What a great post! I have a libra stellium in the 8th and have been thinking a lot lately of how I need to feed my (empty) 2nd house! Just need to work out how best to do it, lol 😉

  15. I have Moon and Pluto in the 7th. It’s hard to endure when I don’t have a romantic partner. People tell me “Well you still have lots of friends” or “just have fun with friends” but I dismissed it out of my own misery. I needed this wake up call.

  16. oh I SO get it… same way here. I am the queen of “I’ll do it because I WANT to not because you tell me to.” and don’t they realize how HARD it is? 🙂

  17. Thanks Satori,

    I enjoyed this offering. I don’t have any planets in my natal 7th house, but currently have Pluto transiting. This seems to bring opportunities to partner for significant growth and then to surrender as these relationships end without my having any choice in the matter. As someone who deeply desires a romantic partner, its been difficult and takes years. On top of that I’m a projector in the Human Design system which means I have to wait to be invited by any woman with whom I’m to have a romantic relationship… Its all about patience. Thanks again for all that you do.

  18. Genius, Satori … I love this. My Venus and Jupiter are over the top with love in my ONLY mutable placements in the 11th house. Now, to spread the love. xoxo

  19. Mars is always my challenge. Mine is Rx in the sign and house of fall/detriment, and squared up like a mother. I keep a handful of activities available that get that Mars energy up and out, because if I don’t, it backs up on me.

    (My quote comes from this article – “You can’t let that shit back up on you.”)

    If schedules don’t allow for a hot date, I’ll get an extra dance class. No time for that? I’ll walk a few extra miles. I have to have to have to do SOMETHING with it. And as long as I do, I’m much happier. If I don’t, things get ugly, faster than I would have thought, and I nosedive.

    Really good article – thanks, Satori!

  20. Hi Satori,
    I can’t tell you how much I relate to what you’re saying when you describe yourself in relation to your chart. You see, I’m a Pisces Sun too, with a Virgo Asc which gives a 7th hs Sun too.
    On top I possess a Libra Moon exactly conj. to both Uranus and Jupiter, Jupiter leading the stellium. A bit further, but still conj. stands Pluto in Virgo. I just gave tyou a general idea.
    The only difference I can see is that with my Saggitarius Mars in 3rd, I can get pissed easily-I do my best to control it, though- and can definitely defend myself at least verbally…


  21. SATORI!!

    This is the reason why I LOVE astrology!! You’ve put it so succinctly, where I have always had trouble expressing it. Astrology is a great tool for taking ownership of your life happiness and growth. I have some people around me that scoff and nitpick about the mechanical details of astrology and they can never seem to grasp that *if I feel better and if it gives me direction, then what does it matter?*

    Thanks again for this post 🙂

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