Venus Square Neptune Effects Of Being In Love

neptune fairyVenus square Neptune in a natal chart provides quite a challenge.   I have this square natally. It was hard for me the grasp the effects.

But in my late 20’s I went to therapy for three years!  Money well spent! And at one point, my therapist shared this observation, “When you meet a man, your IQ drops fifty points!”

I laughed but it was true.

“In love” my thinking was impaired. I had real trouble discerning reality.

It was via this comment I came to understand the Venus (love) Neptune (fog machine) square in my chart and ultimately find ways to use the energy that are constructive.

Do you have Venus square Neptune in your natal chart?  What can you tell us about this aspect?

8 thoughts on “Venus Square Neptune Effects Of Being In Love”

  1. Don’t have the square. I have the trine but I can comment on the square given my closeness with the square aspect people. I see a marked illusion/desillusion type of thing. Falling for an ideal type,if venus is shoddy elsewhere it can be even superficial- I want a knock-out, handsome, out of this world beautiful man or woman. When the glitter comes off the dudes or dudettes with this aspect can even be cruel to the mere mortals that jumped off the podium. Or were they pushed away? Saviours and sinners, nurse you-save you type of love. Not a good grasp on what goes on in the relationship. What I mean is, if things go well, it’s out of this world, baby our love is the greatest, a sugar rush and a sugar crush. If there is a fight, I see drama out of proportion- you always do this, we’re always fighting, things are sooo baad. Markers for generalisation (by the way I too am guilty of using generalisation words and my neptune is in 1st but I have a better time- attunement). A ‘hurt’ neptunian or venus/nep square can say you always do this or pick fights even if the last fight was two years ago or in the last millenium. And it’s not always with malicious intent but they aren’t really tuned to time and calendars. The intuition seems off for romantic or for normal relationships, they don’t see the type of person they’re dealing with which can be a misleading one or in the case of way more sensitive and accurate soul they See All that shit and choose to go past it in a martir or accepting type of way. They look fabulous and glamorous and have a kind and pure beauty but they’re again blind to it but not all because some do have eyes and a big mirror in their home. They can give too much money to scammers, fall for sob storries but money comes back to them because they value charity and helping out and the universe has a way to bring it back at their door. Ok, those were my subjective two cents.

  2. yes have the square to both Moon & Venus… took a long ass time for me to get a grasp too, grateful to astrology for making me aware of it

  3. Yes I have this in my natal chart also. Jupiter conj Neptune in Scorpio also, so it’s a “big deep feeling thing” for me. I’ve been actively working on this thing, I refer to it as “landing the plane” or learning “to fly this thing”. I feel love big, deeply. I’ve learned how to trust in smaller doses and avoid over-trusting. Plus learning over time, how to protect my heart and my expectations in love, relationships and emotional areas in life. Because I’m easily hurt in love I’ve learned over a 30 year period of time to manage myself and protect myself emotionally, on the look out, applying caution or moderation. Positively my ability to feel, intuit and love big is not only dramatic, actually (Leo Moon) but rather beautiful and Neptunian, rich, humanitarian and altruistic, so now I love this in myself, I’ve learned to love this in myself and manage myself well in these areas. Deluded or not deluded I love this well and so much in my chart now. I don’t “let” everyone see it now, before I did, now I apply it with wisdom. I can “feel” the pull, like a magnetic pull of the idealism of the venus square neptune pulling on my inner romantic or my idealistic angelic-ness – then I make a “correction” for myself. Very important to be able to do this so life in these ways can be useful, productive and perhaps a little more dignified and measured. I’m sure pleased I have it.

  4. I have Venus square Neptune and it’s the only aspect to my Venus. I mean, there’s nothing else to help the poor thing.
    And the Neptune is in 12th, so I think that adds a layer to the obfuscation.
    My IQ did not drop, I just went dead.
    I think “love” is not the word I would use for whatever “feelings” I had. I think I was just nuts. I’m not really sure what I was looking for in these mismatched “relationships” (even that word seems unfit).
    Some of the experineces were tolerable (I’m still friends with one of the persons), another ended up at the police station & also many one-night stands (thank gods didn’t last longer than that).
    Much later I look back on this and wonder… WTF???!!!?
    What a waste of time and energy. Bad vibes, too.
    I think I attracted craziness. A pretty dark mess.

  5. Hello there, if looking behind you’re seeing this, then it’s a pretty good thing. It means you are seeing that you won’t put up with such things moving forward and such relationships don’t bring you fullfillment which circles to you seeing you deserve more than that.

  6. Yes I have it. Venus in 8th house and neptune in 4th house. For me the neptune fog is nothing compared with the pluto obsession pluto-sun-mercury.

    I am addicted to escapism and I am since childhood addicted to reading books and watching tv-series. I can binge watch for hours a day. I believe this neptune-venus is one of the aspects indicating that part of me the most.

  7. Yes, putting people on pedestals not to mention hero worship tendencies make the disillusion hard to take when reality sets in which it does. I have learned to be more discerning when it comes to the faults and foibles of others. Neptune in my 8th does not help and Venus in my 6th house of work means it happens with people I work for and with.

  8. My Venus is square Neptune and part of T square opposed by Saturn . A real doozy. Had many disappointing relationships and I generally had poor judgment most of the time. I do feel that any of Neptune’s aspects might offer you intuition. But the heart rules⭐️ and trouble pursues🌸

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