Venus Square Pluto – Love Triangles

Venus in Libra will square Pluto in Capricorn on Friday. Here’s a real life story for you.

My son is a Taurus with a Libra Moon and ascendant.  He’s Venus-ruled anyway you turn it. He’s got Saturn conjunct his sun and he’s been a slow-starter on the relationship front. I’m glad!  He’s in college now and he called me a few months ago, smitten with this girl.  She would be “Venus” in this equation.

He sent me pictures of the girl, she was cute as can be. He was dizzy over her, calling her the “nicest” and “purest” girl he’d ever met. She’s invited him to donate blood with her.  He sent a picture of this and they looked truly happy together. I was thrilled.  Thrilled enough, I showed her picture to all the ladies around here. We’ll all having a vicarious life!

Unfortunately, a few weeks later there was an event that saw Venus pull away from the budding relationship. My son was somewhat upset, but also resigned to it. He’s had a lot of rejection in his life but he’s also a confident person at this point. They went from spending time together, daily, to her being nice to him…but she’s nice to everyone.

Six or eight weeks have passed. My son gave up on this girl and and then last week, he collided with another girl.  Lo and behold she was also super cute and super nice.

My son thought it would take him a year to talk to her but instead she sent him signs, he responded to the signs and they just missed “homecoming”, last week as far as a “first date” goes.

He never went on a date with “Venus”. He’s never been on a real date, period. But he anticipates going out with this girl sometime this week.  I bet you know where I am going with this…Venus got wind of this.

Venus told their friends in common that she liked my son, but did not want to lead him on. We all know what that means. He was so smitten, she could afford to put him on ice feeling he would be available anytime she blew the whistle.  So now, Girl 2 and my son have that glow.

Venus came to see him to make sure that what she’s heard was happening, wasn’t happening.  It’s a small community. She wanted to be reassured she still had her hook in him.

“Are you and X going to homecoming?” she asked.

“No, she’s got a curfew thing with her parents. But we’re going out this week…”

Hearing this, Venus, sputtered, gathered all her stuff and got out of there.

I have been “Venus” in a scenario like this. I ’bout went insane. Ultimately, I went back to the man (who I am married to, today) and told him to get rid of this other girl and come back to me!  Demanding, right? I have Mars in Libra and I was seventeen years old! HORMONES!

Don’t be surprised if you see situations like this pop up this week.  And for the record, I’m not sure, Venus is out of the running here. I feel sorry for her. My son has Mars in Scorpio and I’m sure it cuts like a knife.

I also think all three parties are going to remember this, forever.  They’re 18-19 years old.

Can you see Venus square Pluto expressing in your life?

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  1. Hm.. this reminds me of situation of mine few years ago and its still fresh in my mind. Signs involved : I have Scorpio Sun Pluto, Neptune on Cap Asc, Pisces Moon square Uranus and Saturn, Mars in Libra,Venus in Scorpio, the boy I was interested in was Pisces with Libra As, Pluto in 1st, Sag Moon between Uranus and Saturn,Taurus Mars and Cap Venus. The girl he started dating after me was a friend of mine, she is a Libra with Scorpio Moon Pluto, Sag Asc with Saturn and Uranus in 1St, Venus in Libra Mars in Virgo. A lot of drama came from the situation, and not from me, now that would be a surprise. Im sure things will pop up again now.

  2. Natal early degrees Scorpio Pluto square late degrees Cancer Venus MC. I’m always the 2nd girl, the nourishing rebound, the option, the affair, fatal unexpected attraction, the drug habit/addiction, the escape from the 1st girl, etc. If my person decides to go back to the 1st girl, then they get my deathly venomous sting. I’ve been on nun status for quite some time haha. I’m better off a nun!

    1. Cuspy, I am right there with you! I don’t have natal Pluto square Venus but your description sounds right on. Scorpio Ascendant and Uranus, people get cut off. I’ve been on nun status, too but would like not to be.

  3. I’m meeting my man on vacation next week, he is already there .. i can feel the energy. We haven’t seen each other in 6 months since we met abroad and this is our big opportunity to finally be together.

  4. we are meeting in another country as neutral territory .. but him already being there without me brings out some vulnerability

  5. I think I do see Venus square Pluto expressing in my life. It’s a very different scenario in comparison to your son’s but his example is so clear it helps to see what ‘squares’ in my life. Venus in Libra transits natal Neptune for both my husband (1st House) and me (9th House), so what we are seeking/the love interest — a safe and nurturing home for us — is foggy. We haven’t made the connection, yet. Pluto transits my 12th house (deep secrets) and my husband’s 1st house (who am I now).

    Sun has just moved into Scorpio, I’m hoping that will help with clarity and apply your notes from today’s Newsletter (a very nice bit of insight, thank you!!!) to keep my Scorpio senses positive in the give and get energy arena.

  6. Yes, I’m trying to be very careful and diplomatic about it because I don’t want to burn bridges. I’m also not trying to be cocky. It’s not in love, but in something else. Basically, I am an attached Venus and suitors are trying to woo me. It’s so weird because this has never happened before.

  7. Well, if this the case, Venus will be conjunct my natal Pluto (3rd). Killing a corpse in the form of an old neighbor (3rd) or work colleague (6th)?? Hmmm… I think I’ve burned all those bridges now. We’ll see ??‍♀️??‍♀️

  8. Not at the moment.

    Transiting venus conjuncted my pluto today so I guess my natal activation and the sky aspect between the planets all mean that I have to be on the look out for the possible expressions of this.

  9. Ahh, that figures. I was at a party with my husband on Saturday night, and a married woman who he has known for decades was chatting in a circle of people with us, and then she declared she was cold, and demanded my husband cuddle her. He awkwardly patted her shoulders and she laughed and pressed herself into him. I could see my husband was embarrassed, and I was embarrassed for him as well. Someone else said, ‘hey, you’re cuddling the wrong person!’ (thank you!) to relieve the tension in the air (she is commonly drunk at parties) and the situation dissolved. I know this woman often behaves like this, and I was determined not to react. And I didn’t. But I can tell you I have my eye on her now. Interestingly, I told my husband once about a male friend who, when he gives you a quick hello kiss, kisses you on the mouth and I said I don’t think it is appropriate, and I don’t like it. My husband says this woman does that to him all the time.

    1. Yeah, what’s up with the kissing on the lips? That came up in my new relationship. He claimed it was Ok cuz it’s his friends wives. So then I had to ask how many does he kiss? So not Ok with it as he travels a lot.

      1. Yeah, way too intimate for me. A kiss on the cheek is fine, but not on the lips. I was wondering if it was just me, so thanks for weighing in!

  10. Just had another emotional night (one of many this year) over this very thing. My poor daughters. This hits my Moon HARD.

  11. This is a very timely post, Elsa! Thank you for sharing this story.

    I have had a similar experience with a Venus in Scorpio woman, it has been playing out for a while now. I, too, am Venus ruled, so that’s a problem…

    I am now at the point where I am cutting her off (not calling her on the phone or looking for her in any way), so I guess she is getting the message. Still, she is making her presence felt (i.e. she is calling me for trivial reasons), especially when I am on the verge of taking things a step further with another woman. Somehow, she senses it…

    Needless to say, this is not fun any more. At all. It never was, anyway, but I used to like spending time with her, when I thought there was some potential. There wasn’t any. At least this is now concious to me, so I can hopefully get over this at some point.

    Pluto in Cap has been squaring my natal Pluto in Libra for some time now, so I guess this is why… I’ll probably have to put up with this for just a little longer, ’till Pluto is well past 17-18 deg. Cap.

    This is a very tiring week (or, should I say, period) for me. I can’t get any traction, so only taking it easy works…

  12. Timely post for me too. I think I’m Venus right now. After beeing single for several years, and not even havning the slightest wish to partner,( feeling through with men after a serial of bad experiences) this summer a sudden and unexpexted attraction arose between me and a co – worker.
    A lot of feelings and old shit was stirred up inside me. I felt exhilarated, and scared to death. We were both nervous. He started chasing me. I kept my distance.
    Some of the old gossips at work got wind of the situation, and was pestering me with sly remarks to test my reactions, while blabbering their mouths off.
    I was stressed out by everything. My fear ( I have venus/ saturn) and pride , ( did not want all this meddling in my life) made me stone cold on the outside. And him even more stressed in his pursuit. When I was about to dare open up a little to him, one of the gossips planted a seed of poison in me, by slyly telling me he was going to have a new, goodlooking assistant soon. She caught me offguard with this info, and saw my reaction. And rejoiced in glee.
    I went off on my holiday a few days later, withouth anything beeing said between him and me. It was not a nice holiday, I was plagued. On my return, he went off for a trip with his mates. On his return, we were watching each other for a few days, before I sense a change in his behaviour. Suddenly he seemed not to give a shit! I freaked, though I felt I deserved it. I rang him out of the blue,asking for a meeting outside work, and a talk in private. He sounded nervous on the phone, but agreed to meet a couple of days later. When he arrived, he arrived in full armour, not admitting to anything in the way of having had any intentions towards me. We had a strange coversation.I was more open and honest than him. He had the up per hand, and had his mind made up. (No more game playing with me lady.)
    He had also just been promoted at work, to our new superior, and I guess his pride also forbid him to soften again.
    Back at work, the last couple of weeks, he’s ben polite, and nice, but true to his words. I’ve ben more approacable.
    I have had hopes that maybe, with time, we cold find a way towards each other again. He’s also a life-long bachelor as far as I have heard,( but probably had some affairs.)
    Now I suspect he might have some dating going on, and I feel like shit…
    Only myself to blame though…

  13. To update this story, Girl #2, is runnin’ away with the boy. My son told me last night, he’s glad Venus dumped him because it allowed him to meet the second girl.

    He told me her name…I googled, of course.

    “She’s a beauty queen,” I said.

    “She is very beautiful,’ he said.

    “Yeah, well she’s also a beauty queen,” I said, looking a a picture of this gal as a high schooler. “She won the contest…”

    You can imagine my son, on the other side of the phone. How does his mother know more about his girl than he does..? He quickly googled.

    “She never told me.”

    “Why would she?”

    It’s all so sweet, funny and thrilling. But I feel sorry for Venus, seriously. Miscalculation on her part. My son saved her being raped. Yep. She got drunk at a party (first time to drink), passed out. He was sober and got her out of there. Well, actually he put her in a bedroom and stood guard until she woke up.

    None of this stuff is forgettable for anyone involved. But he spent four hours with Girl 2, yesterday. She left and sent him pics on the way to her car, of her very happy face. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  14. My intuition was spot on. I had no reason to know he had something going. I just did, like I always do. ( venus, mars, neptune in scorpio) She arrived at our work today. Suitcase by hand.He was stadig right in my viev,I heard him takling to someone ,thought it might be a customer. Then I saw the grin on a co- worker face, and I knew in a flash. She was young,(25-35) he’s 49. I felt strangely calm and collected. I had my chance. God knows I did! I was too worried, too proud. Did not want my private life be the talk of the workplace. Now it is anyway, People are watching me to see my reactions. I’m not going to feed them. Scorpio rising.Keeps my head up high…
    Bleeding on the inside. Was this my last chance for passion and love?

    1. Last chance? Er… don’t think so, really…

      I think it’s more of a chance for you to revisit some issues, and perhaps go for re-solution… Perhaps this one wasn’t meant to be – or perhaps you’ ll get a chance with him – or anyone else, later on… who knows..!

      To your defence, I have to admit that having intimate relationships with co-workers is not that easy, for many reasons… And I know this, because I have tried it at least on a couple of occasions (it didn’t work, perhaps for the better..).. In any case, everything difficult we experience is a chance for improvement, so you can work on your feelings and on being more relaxed and less fearful of losing control, when strong emotions are at play… I am working on these too, this is how I know…

      I hope everything turns out better next time, hopefully soon!

  15. Thanks Don,
    You are right about everything. 🙂
    Sorry to hijack the thread, guess I just needed an outlet for pent up emotions…

  16. I do have kind of a little Venus Pluto situation happening. I’m not really sure what is going on but it feels REAL. Or like it could be real. Someone’s in for a heartbreak that’s for sure. I’m prepared for it to be me. It usually is.

  17. Weelllll, I was evaluating this transit after reading this article and I was thinking of I might hear about *somebody* in my community (3rd) having an illicit affair (Venus-Pluto).

    And it happened! I heard some gossip today from my female (Venus) neighbor (3rd) that somebody of authority (Capricorn) from my gym (6th) is having an affair (Venus-Pluto) behind his wife’s back with one of his clients (6th). How literal is astrology sometimes? ??

    (Transit Venus in my 3rd square transit Pluto in my 6th)

    1. PS: No, I don’t feel bad for him. He’s a DB. But his wife is such a sweetheart so I do feel REALLY bad for her. ? If the rumor is true.

  18. Wow i was wondering if there were any weird transits going on that would cause third party friction. And here it is!

    So Wed i got kicked out of a musical group i participate in. The wife of the man who runs the group pulled me aside and accused me of only being in the group to seduce her husband, which couldn’t be further from the truth. I am not into him and he isnt into me. She doesnt realize that there are women who live their lives in devotion to their sport, their work, or their art or whatever. I feel sorry for her. I am asexual and not interested in these sorts of forays. I was accused of flaunting my sensuality when my normal clothes to practice includes baggy mom jeans, boyish sneakers, and very plain polo style shirts. Anyways i am banned from ever stepping foot into the studio. I am not too sad about it because i know i will outgrow these guys soon musically, but it really keeps me from progressing as fast as i could.

    1. I’m sorry you had to go through that Val. Sounds like you have a positive attitude about the outcome though. Kudos on that.

  19. Hmm, usually i can relate perfectly to whatever’s going on and this time I feel disconnected from it. But this week has been INSANE with intrigue, gossip, and backstabbing at work- maybe you can help me see the correlation.

    There’s a guy who is absolutely convinced he is getting a certain promotion, to the point he has told his staff he’s getting it, when the rest of us who are a level up from him think it is less than assures. The position would actually leapfrog him to a level above all of us, amd although the guy is good technically, he has zero people skills and his staff and peers (as well as most higher ups) do not want to work with him.

    Ironically I think he is a Libra so Venus again (but has to be a super afflicted one, and maybe with a lot of Scorpio.) he is a my way or the highway, black and white type person who’s super passionate about everything to the point of practically jumping out of his chair with excitement about things that shouldn’t invoke such passion.

    So, this guy thinks I like him and I’m on his side, Probably because I talk to him and others don’t. But he’s un selfaware enough to tell me things that I can’t believe he’s telling me, as someone else who was suggested for this job opening which has come up through a big early retirement buyout. Anyway let’s just say I have been amazed at how sure he is about this promotion and have been discussing it with my peers and doing some speculating w them.

    My husband tells me I don’t need to do anything to throw him under a bus, that people like this guy take care of themselves w their cluelessness. But I can’t imagine this guy in this role and I would seriously consider leaving if he gets it. I think if he doesn’t get it he’ll be so shocked he’ll probsbly leave.

    Oh and from a corpse reviving perspective, he came by my office and told me he is now considering this friend/former colleague of mine for a job he has open under him, after rejecting her out of hand before even though super well qualified bc she’s “moved around too much”.

    Lots to unpack here. So who’s who in this scenario?

  20. Yes.. Have this aspect in my natal between Cancer Venus and Libra Saturn/Pluto, and after reading your newsletter today I don’t want to be Venus or haunt my ex by going to his uncle’s wake today.. thought it would be the right thing to do but i haven’t seen him in months and not sure how it’ll go down if I go (I’m sure fine but still)…
    Oh and I get my keys to a new apt today so maybe I should keep moving forward and not look back..

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