Do You Ignore Rejection? Stay Oblivious? See It As A Challenge?

Some people get a clear message that another person is not interested or no longer interested but they just can’t or don’t or won’t parse it even when the message is repeated and consistent over time. I guess you could say they deny rejection. They know they have been rejected they just think the person is mixed up or due to change their mind.

Others imagine rejection when it doesn’t exist and some see rejection as a challenge to be accepted and raise the level of their pursuit.

Still others are rejected and completely oblivious to it and if you think this can’t happen I can tell you that I am forever waking up… often times years later to realize (or be informed by someone) that so and so hates my guts. (Saturn Neptune)

Rejection is associated with Saturn.  Of the top of my head, I’d say that in general Capricorn is most sensitive to rejection, frequently going so far as to reject you before you can reject them. Aries is probably the sign most impervious, Cancer would deny the pain of being put out in the cold and Libra may think the other can be convinced to partner with them with just a little finesse or love offering. Personally, I have fallen prey and acted out most of these scenarios.

What are your experiences / observations around rejection?


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  1. I have a lot of fear of rejection bubbling underneath – I may not be aware of it in the moment, but I generally see it after the fact. Cap rising. Saturn opposed the Sun.

    My standard reaction is ‘I don’t care’ whether I do or not. I would rather nurse my wounds in private. Lots of Aries, moon/Pluto 8th Leo.

  2. Cap rising here too. I take the blame every time for a rejection. But I don’t give others passes, like, oh they’re shy etc. If you reject I assume that you don’t like ME. I take it personally.

    I’ve recently started to see the flaw in this. It’s pretty self centered really. It’s not very sensitive to the others situation or feelings. It puts the in a box. I’m working on seeing others more clearly and practicing more unconditional love.

  3. “Impervious” Yep! That’s about right.
    I always want to give anyone in any kind of a relationship with me Freedom. Haven’t experienced too much rejection in personal life, most of it has come in professional settings. People do have the freedom to reject me and I accept that and move on. Always forward always ahead. So many more people to meet and greet and love!
    Aries Rising

  4. Damn, you just decribed me right there, Elsa.

    Mars in Cap, square with h house Libra Moon. Rejections sucks.
    Sometimes I reject others before they can reject me. Mars is the only earth sign I have planets in, so everything I feel, say, do etc is expressed in that Mars handle.

    Also, if I’m rejected by a person or job position I make sure to look like I come out as the winner and make it look asif THEY were the ones who lost something amazing… Which they totally are of course.

    I know what I have to offer and I’m realistic about it as well. I know I’m not perfect but I also have confidence that I could be totally awesome for them (otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered), and I use the square to my Libra 8H moon to charm them into a collaborative state, either with sex, money or fair treatment. I am aware of this of course and back out of challenges just for the sake of challenges.

    I think the Cap energy come out stronger when my security is threatened either emotionally, physically or materialistic.

  5. I should wake up more often at 4 am on Sunday! So many insights from these posts! When I was young, I was guilty of rejecting good guys who were interested in me, and I later attributed that to Saturn square Venus (not feeling worthy of such good guys). Never knew it was my Capricorn moon! The more I achieved professionally, the more worthy and confident I felt about love.

  6. Hypersensitive Capricorn Sun/Mars/Mercury here…When people disrespect me or reject me in any way, I usually write them off, but in a polite way, by simply ignoring them…If they make overtures in a friendly way, I will let them back in, but under a bit of a cloud…I have been criticized for this, perhaps rightly.

  7. i notice taurus too, my girlfriend told me she told a taurus guy that he better stop reprimanding her and telling her how to live her life, because he has these weird philosophies and doesn’t let things be, or let live; he has an “ideology” of how people should be or act, and she told him she’ll delete him out of her facebook and contacts if he doesn’t stop, and he deleted her first. He then told me he deleted her because she told him she will delete him so he got the head on first. She in turn was shocked that he deleted Lol. so although it sounds like a capricorn …they reject u first cause they got scared, taurus is kind of the same lol
    I have capricorn so…. i am cautious at times. better to be lonely than to be with someone who don’t want to be around u.

  8. Oh yes.I have done the Libra thing, though my Venus is in Capricorn. But I sure did not take it well I can tell you. The other pursued ME but when I discovered I felt more for them, than they ACTUALLY felt for me, I was crestfallen. But did I give up? NO! I tried to charm them, buy them nice things, loan them money, take them to dinner and they took it all of course. DUMB!…LOL Well it was a good lesson learned though I was heartbroken for about five years after that. I was sort of rejected by someone I’m close to recently-an old friend that is a Libra. I have Jupiter in Libra and both times I have been in this person’s life (once for an extended period from the 70’s to the 80’s) and again recently, same thing happended. We were BFF’s and could not be apart! But all of a sudds, she decides she’s bored and stopped calling. Being a FRIEND, I was offended but figured she’d come around. Well she never did – until a mutual friend re connected us. Though now she lives in a different city, when we got on the phone it was like old times. We laughed and cried and caught up. Slowly but surely after about two years, she stopped calling as much, wouldn’t answer my calls or my texts. I have taken this as rejection but it could be just that she has fallen into another slump. But I am letting her make the call. I did my part. Not going to be fooled again. I’ll just know that if we do pick up where we did, not to get to overly invested. It does hurt a bit though.

  9. “Cancer would deny the pain of being put out in the cold.”

    And allow the wicked to rest peacefully at night? As a Cancer Venus, I’d send them on a guilt trip straight to the deepest pit of hell.

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