The Vertex In Synastry, Aspects, Transit

zodiac-stripI had cause to google “transits to the vertex” today. I came up with these excerpts, compiled by Philip Graves.

Vertex and West Point in Synastry

In synastry, Pottenger has often found one of these points in close conjunction with a personal planet or one end of an angular axis belonging to the other person, where significant binding ties are involved.

Vertex as ‘Fated’ Point

The Vertex, first named and researched by L. Edward Johndro, is believed to have a connection with fateful encounters with both circumstances and people.

Vertex in Predictive Astrology

Hand finds the Vertex to be active in dramatic situations that are ‘not characteristic of one’s ordinary life’. John Townley found transits of outer planets to the Vertex to bring turning points in life whose significance may not be registered by the individual affected at the time, but will be in retrospect.

Personally the vertex is lost to me because mine is conjunct my north node and Uranus making it impossible for me to know what or who to blame or credit.

What are your experiences with the vertex in a chart?

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  1. The Vertex is one of the “other” points in the chart that I’m interested in learing more about, so I enjoyed the link–thanks. 🙂

    I’ve got my Vertex at 3 Cancer in my eighth house sextile my Midheaven, trine my IC and square Saturn. The two most significant people in my life have their Suns at 4 Cancer and 5 Cancer and there is a fated quality to both those relationships. I also know many people with ASC opposite my Vertex (thus bringing their DSC into conjunction with my Vertex) and I get along well with people who have Neptune opposite my Vertex.

  2. I’m an Aries, met a man the day of my Venus return, and transit Mars was on my Vertex. His Ceres is also conjunct my Vertex. We are like two irresistable magnets that cant resist each other.
    He said knowing me has opened up a whole new life for him.

  3. The Vertex was just recently brought to my attention too and I have not yet had a chance to do as much research as I’d like (Merc in Scorp . . . LIVE to dig) However, there was a chart comparison I had been puzzling over. When using the Vertex the bonding agent popped up! One of the many reasons I love astrology . . . 🙂

    My S/O’s Vertex is exactly trine my Venus & my Vertex is square his Sun.

  4. There are very good astrologers on both sides of the fence with vertex – some think it’s hot and other have not correlated a significance yet. It makes sense that this would be important because the vertex / anti-vertex “frames” our reality in the same way the other angles do, but I haven’t found it to be as obviously strong.

    Another interesting article I ran into awhile back by Alice McDermott is at Noel Tyl’s site:

    I am personally still not sure as to it’s significance because, as with your chart Elsa, it is often in the middle of a stellium, in a powerful house or conjunct a planet, all of which make it difficult to tell what is really going on.

    My experience with vertex at 11 degrees Virgo in the 7th house in my chart leaves me unconvinced.. I have had all of the experiences attributed to it…. life changing bonds with another, revelations as to the next step on our path, an ability to jump into other realms etc, But I also have a Moon / Pluto conjunction in the 7th, and from what I can see, transits to those points have been the most significant.

    An astrologer I admire in NY said once that the correlation she consistently saw was that conjunctions to the Vertex push us rather compulsively towards our spiritual development– even though we may try to run away, kicking and screaming, we end up doing what the Vertex angle conjunctions ask us to do.

    I have also looked at many charts in synastry that had a “fated” quality to the relationship, and although the vertex point has shown up, again, more than not, there have been other tight conjunctions, usually with a personal and transpersonal planet, so if anything, as Alice McDermott said, the vertex point might just amplify.

    I’m still observing this, but so far, I have not seen strong enough significant statistical correlations, especially where other planets were not involved. But I’m interest and keep watching……

  5. THIS is really vertexamazing: me and my girlfriend have the sun in 16 and 18 pisces. our vertex are in cancer 18 and scorpio 16. this means SUN trine vertex X2. but I haven’t told you yet what happens: for two years now, we fight almost every time we meet, make up afterwards, I cheated a hundred times, she found out about half the times, she cheated as well but we can never brake up. not even my saturn square her mercury, nor my saturn quincunx her ascendant cant split us apart. even my moon and MC are quincunx her moon, and her moon is opposite my Juno. here we can see that trines are important as well, not only conjuctions.

  6. I am seeing this pop-up in fated relationships as well.. personal planets conjuncting with the vertex/anti-vertex..

    this seems a significant point based on my personal experience..

    does anyone have the experience of a vertex conjunct anti-vertex?

  7. I’ve spent hours googling today for an interpretation of transiting Orcus conjunct the Vertex.. and I have found nothing. Does anyone have any ideas..? This happens during my first nodal return, and my Vertex is at 0 deg Virgo in the 7th. Thank you to anyone who is able to help!

  8. Kayla-
    I have the same placement, only at 10 leo in the 8th, opposite the north node. lately ive been thinking about orcus and near as i can tell, orcus has to do with impacting/transforming the world around you, whereas Pluto is all inner stuff. A really great resource ive found is Saint Germain on Alchemy : Formulas for Self-Transformation by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

    1. My Orcus is 25° in9th House Cancer conjunct Saturn + Conjunction Saturn and I wonder if its a Stellium with ‘Part of Fortune'(PoF). This is so interesting to me and each of these have a perfect trine with different other planets and Stars… its all so complicated. Anyone wanna peak at my chart for fun versus charging me? I am simply a eager student curious to learn and potential cautions as far as ‘Karmic’ baggages. My life has been so, just wow. Nearly died a few times, I might have a sign/indication of ‘blessing’, and consistently forced to maintain humility. Overall I am seeking to serve and make a difference, we all have a role.

  9. Right now it looks like transiting Jupiter in my 11th house and it is conjunct my anti-vertex in taurus by about 7 degrees (I know, kind of wide for a transit) and I seem to be getting alot of support from my friends, though times are stressful for me right now, but it could just be that Jupiter is in my 11th house too.

    My husband’s vertex is conjunct my Venus by 1’05

    There’s a person who is my friend and someone I work with doing artistic tasks, we have Vertex Q Vertex from both sides.

  10. Hi everyone. I keep reading about conjunctions but not much about soft aspects. I have my vertex trine his sun @ 0.20 orb. What does it mean? To me meeting him felt fated. We suppose to meet years back but sth else came up and 4 years later we met because of the same circumstance. Do you think it’s more vertex or pluto input…
    His vertex squares my neptune too. I’ll be grateful for any explanation. Thanks

  11. Thank you Elsa. Will try. Just lloked up synastry and found out we also have his true node sextile my vertex and his midheaven oppose my vertex. Any clue?

  12. I am wondering how to read the transit of the Vertex to the natal chart. I have a set date to retire from my job, so I made a transit chart for the ending time of my shift on Dec. 30, 2022 which is 3:30 pm eastern standard. The Vertex is conjunct my Ascendant. So a new reality opens up for me at this exact time even not considering the Vertex. Does it just emphasize it, amplify the effect?

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