Scorpio Man Leaves Aries Woman: Will She Ever Find Sex This Good Again?

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Dear Elsa,

I am an Aries gal and I fell in love with a Scorpio guy. He’s still in love with his ex-girlfriend, and I know it’s over between us as he still loves her. But I’m having so much trouble moving on. I was hoping you’d have some advice on how I can forget him, as it’s very painful.

I worry that I won’t find anyone who can kiss and make love like him, as he was such a wonderful lover.

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Dear Abandoned,

I understand your feelings and your fear because I’ve had the same experience. I had spectacular (Scorpio) lover some years ago and thought I would die without that sex!! I thought I’d never find such pleasure again and I thought wrong. You have a Saturn strongly placed. A reality check will probably help so here it is:

First there were two people in that bed. The sex you had with this man was not due his energy, but the combination of the two of you. You won’t have the same sex… but neither will he.

Secondly, you probably learned some things from him and whatever they are, they now belong to you. Aren’t you at least a little curious to try them out? On someone else, I mean.

Last, the sex may have been great; however this man is in love with another woman, so I am sure sex can and will be better if you have it with a man who is in love with you. So though you are hurting, I think you’re in a pretty good shape here – which may sound ludicrous, but come on. What woman wants a man who loves another woman inside her body?

I am very sorry but you are going to be okay. And you going to have great sex again and I’ll go even further to say the great sex you had was probably more due your energy than his. Women who enjoy and appreciate sex like you do are not so common. And although this guy may have woke you up some, he did not access anything that wasn’t already there. So I suspect your next lover is going to be a very lucky man.

Good luck.

3 thoughts on “Scorpio Man Leaves Aries Woman: Will She Ever Find Sex This Good Again?”

  1. This is an area that my experience tallies with Elsa’s. As a woman w/a LOT of Scorpio, sex has been a dominant theme in my life – and it’s WAY better when there is love, trust & a deep level of intimacy. (note: I believe sex & intimacy are two separate things . . .)

    And a woman who understands what she likes sexually can always teach her lover to please her . . . and any man stupid enough not to respond eagerly to that offer isn’t worth keeping anyway! 🙂

  2. I am a scorpio and I love my aries woman how can keep relationship stable? I love her only and don’t want to be a dog?

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