Vibe Check For The Rest Of February, 2024

FebruaryHow are you feeling right now?  Whatever your answer, you can expect to be dealing with pretty much this same energy for about ten days.  It’s pretty hyped-up and confusing.  I’ll try to demystify this.

First, Venus and Mars are conjunct in Aquarius. The planets will stick together into the first week of March.  This would be fine. We could hurry up and innovate, but the square from planets planets in Taurus complicates things.

I suppose I could align with either side but generally, I’m with the Aquarius energy.  Rush to the future, baby!  But no! I am disrupted by slow and stubborn and also simple.

No I don’t need a lecture about the joys of Taurus; I am surrounded by Taurus, by choice.  But I have been pushing against a damned near immovable force, in the form of AI assisted customer service.

Let’s just say, this works great for common problems. If you have something complicated, you’re going to fun into trouble… er, the system is not built out that far or something.  Further, companies are also laying off competent people and staffing these positions with people who are not only inexperienced, but limited by the system. Basically they can administer the “flow chart” but if you need them to *think*, they’re not allowed!  Gatekeeping is big these days and I mean, giant!

The other issue is the stellium in Pisces which will be sustained through March 19th.  This thing wants to meander along on faith.  Nothing wrong with that, but have you ever met a pushy (Mars) Aquarian? The don’t care about your feelings!!!

Real life example?  My business dissolves (Saturn in Pisces) while my site disappears.  I want the dev to move quicky (Mars) but I think he may slow down (Taurus), if pushed.  Lovely, huh?

How you fare, day to day during this period, will be affected to some extent, by where the moon is.  Some days will go a bit better than others, but outside of that, these energies are real and they are strong. I would set my expectations, accordingly.

12 thoughts on “Vibe Check For The Rest Of February, 2024”

  1. Pisces vibes. Body remembers everything so dealing with overwhelming negative feelings lately pushed me to try a bit of music meditation today. Can’t say I understand how to do it but felt an incredibly warm sensation- coming from my palms and going out of my soles, so warm. A fuzzy, calm feeling. I enjoyed it, maybe I will continue to do this sometimes.

  2. Pisces vibes for sure. Faith accompanied by the warm sensation inside that X-Rayed mentioned. It’s quite a positive feeling that I’ve been riding… haven’t felt it in a long time. Pluto in Cap hit diff areas of my chart hard for years. I’m finally feeling the reward of the transformation oh so naturally (Scorpio Sun, Pluto Scorpio and dashes of 8th house)

  3. I Hate AI customer service. (It isnt). I have been dealing with banks. Useless. Everything ‘promised’ didnt happen. Some money lost (Interest only thankfully) A small amount. Account closed. I have locked things in else where, a bank where people answer the phone.

    I am having drinks with a Mars Aqu bloke tonight. No water. Lots of Taurus. A Gemini. A tricky one. We play the long game.

    A beautiful very old hand painted bowl jumped off the side board and smashed. l had had it for 40 years. I barely blinked. It made a new space.

    Pisces energy: my first house. That one is not so clear…l have made room for this time. The ‘new’ is happening in unexpected ways…a quality of newness.

    Bottom line it has been weird. Have you ever seen a kitten walk across a sheet of glass …that’s the feeling.

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      Deborah L. Strifler

      I laughed out loud when you changed banks. I just did that. I had banked at that bank for 45 years. But I found out that banks have different policies. When I needed a notary at my old bank, they said, “We don’t know if you’re of sound mind, we can’t sign that.” !!! Are you kidding me?

      1. Sad to say but the account is not closed yet, Deborah, l received an email saying: Request to close account denied. Short story… found out l had $81 interest owing. Went around in circles, until l spoke to a woman, if only l spoke to her at the start … l was asked ‘do you want to make a formal complaint’ No, l said. I dont want to give any more of my time and energy away to this using your system. But l am going to give a detailed review– on line of my experience.

  4. Well, I was on 15th of February due with my second son. Now I m 8 days overdue. I was kinda sure he ll come sooner… Oh, well , who would have thought that Pisces were so stubborn. I have another 2 days and then we ll start inducing. The thing there s the Full Moon on the weekend, many babys love coming during Full Moon. But , arrgh…

  5. Slow down if pushed, that makes me laugh haha. I can relate, sometimes I don’t like to be pushed but I have enough Libra to get over it.

    That AI help situation sounds daunting. It really is a new world. Where do the competent people go? What do they do once they’ve lost their jobs? Will their knowledge be lost over time, or only just hard to come by?

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