Pluto In Capricorn: Building A Business While Business Decays

On thing that strikes me is my effort to build a business in a climate where everything is decaying.  My neighborhood is definitely rotting around me as I sit in the middle of it and try to build something strong, healthy and useful.  I am not the only one of course but I think this is a testament to the human spirit.

No matter what happens people will fall in love. They will have babies and and they come up with ideas and try to better themselves.

I wish conditions were better but the conditions will never stop people like me.

Who can relate and what in your chart would you attribute this to?

pictured – Mother Feeding Child, 1898, Mary Cassatt (American, 1844-1926)

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  1. I feel the same and would probably credit my natal t-square in mutable signs. Life has always been tough but I have Jupiter conjunct sun. Hope springs eternal. I also have a Pisces Saturn so I am forever building (and rebuilding) sandcastles. Life is glorious even in the face of adversity.

  2. The Great Cardinal Climax:

    We share a kin ship with those of the 1970’s, the 1930’s, the 1870, the 1830 and on and on. There is a pattern to all this, and it is as old as time. Martin Armstrong says he knows the role pie plays, which is simply a mathmatical tool for understanding and defining circles.

    This is all part of a cycle, just like the seasons, a Kondratiev wave(

    It is a time to get back to basics, back to what is real, a time for quality.

    The current decay in business, has little to do with business and more to do with the exhange median that everyone currently accepts as the norm.

    Money has more value the closer you are to where it is created. That is why large banks benefit the most in our current system, and business with real value and real customers are left to suffer.

    Money for free, for the few, missery for the masses. That is just the current system, the masses are taxed, wealth extracted from current business to cover the few. This will be the greatest change during this Cardinal Climax.

    This summer we should see congress move to restrict the Fed, and it’s money for free for the banksters policy. The Market should also top around May2010. Then we must suffer new low’s in the market and maybe even the economy as we begin the process of clearing our media of exchange from hidden taxes and a system that we have not benefitted from in a long time.

    The few want you to fear this time, we should welcome it, not as a time of hardship, but a time to set the world right. Whatever happens over the next few years will have implications for the next 70, so we should not be short sighted but embrace the change that finally come to our rescue.

    Welcome to the Cardinal Climax, please place your seat in the full upright position, it could get bumpy.


  3. I’m currently starting my own business and just quit my job- talk about taking a huge leap of faith. I say it’s my sag stellium and mars in cap and aries moon that plights this journey.

    I know I’ve been told I’m an inspiration but I’m scared to death right now. What do I have to lose though? A weird part of me likes the struggle, the efforts trumped in order to gain massive rewards.

    Hope all goes well with you too Elsa – you’re doing great work too.

    1. I also took a leap of faith (stellium in 9th House Libra and stellium in Sagittarius) and quit my job to start my own business. I lost my home in May 2014 and have been “car-camping” and unemployed ever since. Its been an interesting journey, to say the least.

      1. I am sorry this happened to you, Cheryl, but very grateful for your remark. Because recently I advised a client to be extremely careful about taking a risk at this time. She was gung-ho on an idea she had/has. But it looked to me like she could land very badly…I had to say so. You just can’t help someone into a situation like you’re in now and expect to not have it come back on you.

        I really hope you’re back on your feet soon.

  4. planning to raise a family regardless. things have been much worse and people have made it through. we can too.
    my city is still a much better place to live than when i moved here. that may change. but the bubble didn’t hit here so bad… prices never skyrocketed in the first place.

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    Stellium in Taurus

    Yes I can relate. I can relate so strongly that I have a hard time understanding why others are not prospering. There are so many opportunities out there. I have more business and website ideas than I could ever act upon… I even started a log book of all my ideas. Not sure what I’ll do with it though, but I want a record of them.

    As I have mentioned elsewhere here, 2010 is setting up to be a great year for me, especially in the business realm.

    Well I guess I would say all the Taurus and Virgo in my chart. Five planets between the two signs. Money, hard work, and attention to detail. Aqua rising with Uranus trine Merc… lots of ideas.

    Also, during the prosperous times I got my website up, running, and optimized. In my niche I now rank very highly for most of my keywords. This allows me to market my services across the nation, and not just locally. Made the “fishing pond” so much bigger. I literally “fish” across the entire nation for my services. Much more effective during a downturn than trying to rely on the local market to keep me afloat.

  6. I keep thinking how I would LOVE to start my own business but this will be a long journey for me. I am curious how this Cardinal Climax will play out. I think I will bide my time and gather all information, keep my ideas flowing and continue to learn before leaping.

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    Stellium in Taurus

    @WhosThatLady – what kind of a business are you starting?

    @Dawn – what kind of a business do you want to start?

  8. I guess it’s my Saturn but I think of my ancestors and everything they went through compared to now seems way harder – revolutionary war, civil war, reconstruction, great depression.

    The women in my family have kicked ass for generations – my great aunts owned their own houses/property back when that was rare. Pic of them. My gran is the one with the bobbed hair.

    She said they used to put a blanket over the door to keep our panthers.

    Do I have panthers trying to get in my house?

    No. My opportunities are endless. 🙂

  9. I can relate. I think it´s my Pluto. It defies death. I have Jupiter conjunct Sun from one side, and Jupiter conjunct Pluto on the other side. Sun and Pluto won´t conjunct, but who needs that with Jupiter in the middle.

  10. Jilly, we don’t have panthers, I’ve been raised up by two grandmothers who were born and raised in what we’d call 3rd World conditions. My paternal grandmother survived being surrounded by a raging forest fire in the 30’s, and washing the nappies of her twin daughters without running water in the late 50’s. I’m not going to complain !

  11. Scorpio rising, Virgo Sun: perseverant but not stubborn, I adapt to change pretty well. I’m results-oriented and always thinking how to improve my life/situation.

    Jupiter-Uranus conjunct ascendant: independent, optimistic and future-oriented, it’s easy for me to see the big picture.

    My mind never rests, I’m always looking for wisdom that I can apply to my life. Always restless. Sometimes I feel lazy but really just need to recharge so I can be effective again. When I consider what I’ve accomplished compared to other people my age I realize I must be very focused and don’t get caught up with the usual BS.

  12. It is so difficult for many (me) not to be paralyzed with fear (at least partially) at this time. My heart goes out to all those people and families that couldn’t hang onto their jobs and their homes, I worry about how they can make it, where will they live, how can they afford rent?

    On the other hand, I also believe, that I need very little to be sustained and happy. Some of the poorest of poor are some of the most happy, although they usually live in tight knit and loving communities, see below. And I have faith that I will always have my needs met, just as has always been true through homelessness and thick and thin. And I am comforted knowing that I have the Survivor archetype.

    But I think this is just the beginning of our turmoil, I think that Pluto in Capricorn is going to knock everything about banks, corporations, environmental issues, healthcare, government etc. on their ass.

    And the resignation of Evan Byah, is an amazing indication of what is (or should be) to come. He says that Congress is brain-dead bipartisan, and that the US should vote all incumbents out and bring in fresh voices that are not totally manipulated by Big Business.

    Wow, that is a leading edge voice, advocating a shake up!

    I see worse times acomin’. And I am thinking that self sustained communes may be the way to pool resources, community, various expertises etc. Don’t laugh…

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