Psychology Vs. Astrology And Scale

Conversation paintingTheoretically, if you do a lot of something, you’ll get good at it. I don’t think this is necessarily true in practice, especially in my field. I have personally paid big name astrologers to read my chart and they seemed burned out to me. I got a halfhearted, generic readings that seemed scripted. It’s easy to see how this could happen after you’ve read 10,000 charts!

But there are people like me (with Libra) who really like working with others. I love a puzzle, and I love to serve.

I also hate wasting a person’s time or money because I hate it when people waste my time and money. These are some of the qualities that keep me on top my game.

On the topic on doing a lot of something, provided you’re involved and your heart is in it, you do get better and better at your job. You also gather other information. It like talking to a oncologist who has been treating patients day in and day out for years. Scale matters. He or she is going to look at you and know the probabilities while still allowing for an anomaly.

I respect psychology. I went to therapy myself, 25 years ago. I went weekly for 3 years! I consider this some of the best money I ever spent. However I don’t think that kind of investment is always necessary.

What I’ve found in practice is people are often horribly dogged with a problems that can be easily resolved. It is possible to talk to an astrologer for thirty minutes and be good to go. Psychology is not set up this way. Who goes to one session of therapy?

This supports the idea that astrology is ruled by Uranus. It doesn’t cling to you or create a dependency unless you want to go there with it. I like astrology because help is readily accessible, effective and efficient. This is exactly what many people want.


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  1. I believe there are psychologists/counselors out there nowadays who utilize astrology/natal chart readings in their practice. I believe it is a trend that will hopefully continue, as the natal chart explains so much.

  2. I bet psychology, the analytical sort that lingers on is Pluto/Scorpio ruled. The surgical strike of Uranus I have always found much more effective in awakening ones own healing through awareness.

    1. Roxana, you’re another one like this:

      I have no clue how you could think this is about you. I wrote this in 2011 and I pulled it up because I saw it via a “related posts” plugin.

      My motivation to refresh it was to have something on the blog to read while I deal with this very serious problem:

      On top of several other problems including one that makes that problem look like a drop in the bucket.

      So hey, lady. Maybe I could not give you the free reading you asked me for, yesterday. I answered your mail, politely and offered you a free option (to post in the forum, which I also provide).

      You’re not really very nice. Whatever problem you are having is probably related.

  3. A lot of people who believe in psychology don’t believe in astrology! It seems aimless since neither one can be proven better that the other.
    What a shame, as they are probably not incompatible.
    There is the long/slow road and the sudden inspiration road.
    If you’re really lucky you can have both!!!

  4. I’ve had both, therapy as well as reading from you Elsa and you’re totally worth the little you charge. I’m sure I could have saved a lot of money on the therapist, but it was what I needed at the time (to heal me). That being said, you’re readings are top notch as well as super helpful, they’ve never lead me astray and I love that you don’t waste my time or money. Thanks for being there, for being on top of your game and for your help! Warmest Wishes dealing with the avascular necrosis (((Elsa))).

  5. I distinctly remember being in a therapist’s office. I definitely needed it, no doubt about that. But he said he has a client who has been seeing him FOR 30 YEARS.

    I have Aries. I am not on the 30-year plan.

  6. “I have personally paid big name astrologers to read my chart and they seemed burned out to me. I got a halfhearted, generic readings that seemed scripted.”

    I’d like to add that empathy/kindness is something you can’t learn if you don’t already have it in you. A long time ago I paid a well established astrologer to see if there was a relationship in my future, as I was alone for a very long time and hated it. Please note here that I didn’t ask her “is there a splendid 100% compatible relationship in my future” – all I wanted was someone to share my life with. She said that “it’s wonderful that you haven’t compromised” and “people in relationships can also feel lonely”. Argh. Stupid woman.

    Elsa – sorry to ‘flatter’, I know you don’t like it, but you’re amazing and true and that’s totally obvious. When someone doesn’t get that, that someone is not well in their head.

  7. I wish I could get my ex to consult with you. He keeps seeing therapists for his issue & doesn’t feel that they are helping. From my experience with you, I’m sure you could help. I’m trying! You’ve helped me so much over the years. You really are the best, Elsa! ❤️

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