Blog Pass? Or Multi-Dimensional Gift That Flows In All Directions?

ripples in poindI see a fellow astrology blogger is instituting a “blog pass”.  You can buy unlimited access to her blog for $36 a year. You can by a monthly pass for $4 and a daily pass for $1. It’s really tempting.

I see this and my impulse is to do the same here, but my higher mind never seems to allow this.  I’ve done a lot of work here. Near 25 years of blogging and it kills me to make it “inaccessible” (without paying) although it’s already pretty “inaccessible”, due to search blowing off blogs at this time.

I’m posting this because I have an answer to this, though it involves you.  What if I were to establish this?  Would you pay $36 a year? If you would, why don’t you do it anyway?

My feeling about this, is not only would you be returning some of the energy you’ve received from me over the years; you would also be helping others by keeping this content freely available to them. It just seems a no-brainer, sort of like matching your contribution +++++ to infinity.

I make sense, right? If you will pay $36 for yourself, why not pay $36 for yourself, for me, and for the people you don’t even know, but who may be helped tremendously by the content and conversation here. I think it’s a Saturn in Pisces thing. Feed yourself, or feed all the fish for the same cost?

Special Payments or Kofi Recurring donation?

I’ll tell you this for sure: if I had more support, you’d have more content. With more content, the blog would grow and thrive. A rising tide lifts all boats!

Thanks for considering this.  Satori thanks you as well.

140 thoughts on “Blog Pass? Or Multi-Dimensional Gift That Flows In All Directions?”

  1. I’ve been coming here so long you’re like family or a sensei to me. I’d pay it because I’d miss your content too much and I get way more than $36 worth of value from the newsletter alone. (Where I live you can’t get a couple mediocre sandwiches for $36!) Elsa’s wisdom is priceless. But I just wanted to say, for folks who want to show their appreciation, that transit reports and solar return charts are a grrreat way to support the site while getting something super useful in return. Transit reports are a real nice gift, too! I recommend it!

        1. I am retired and trying to hold on to my money but I do buy reports, esp on sale and once in a while will buy you a Ko-Fi (☕️)😊. Your platform is helpful to so many, including myself, and I am happy to donate when I can and hope it helps. That reminds me! I need to order a report for my birthday! 🥳
          Thank you Elsa for all you do!

  2. I hope you do. You have given away free information since the beginning.
    You’ve taught a lot of people astrology. Now you have people building careers and they are taking information from sites like yours. You deserve to be paid for your work. I have always said this.

    1. I would pay because I appreciate that people need to earn a living, even metaphysical types like us who congregate here. I’m here for the community and sometimes I find nuggets that apply to me…on much reflection. I call it “panning for gold”.🤓

      People expect astrologers to give it away for free. 😬I don’t know if this is indicative of the age of Aquarius, which saw the explosion of blogs and places like YouTube and TikTok. How many of us pay for YouTube Premium which has no ads?

      As someone who has to ask others for money professionally (I’m talking about me), when people ask me for a discount, I always think: can they not afford my price or do they not value my work???

      Heck, my silly teenager and her friends (with part-time jobs) regularly spend AUD 70 getting their nails done. 😬

    1. Thank you! I think it’s a perfect idea. It’s elegant and thoughtful. I see no downside to this, when and every other option has a very significant downside, not just for one but for many.

  3. Three people have up and paid for a year. THANK YOU!

    Miss Mariya, your payment came through with no email attached, so I could not send you a thank you note, but THANK YOU!! I appreciate it greatly and I just think this is a good thing.

    The cold weather is coming; I have to stay inside for the most part. I am out of pain and theoretically, I can write and write and write. I like it!

    But the way they’ve cut the traffic here is so demoralizing. Then people complain, daily, and I work for free! It doesn’t help, that’s for sure. The lack of gratitude?

    When you opt to pay without having too, it’s next level. Especially if you do it with the intent of helping others.

    Anyway, I am an 8th house person. I thrive with an EXCHANGE of energy. As soup pointed out, I am clearly a source, always a source, but the sinks that drain the source… well, it’s out of whack.

    Add that to the search problem which is also a problem on ALL platforms and it’s pretty oppressive. I plod on, obviously, but I am SURE it would change the game the people opted to support this blog and everything it represents.

    On the money, I know it is not a lot to many people. But it IS a lot to many people as well; and impossible for others.

    This is not a remark on the other gal, the blogger, who is not me and not doing what I’m doing, but if I were to shut this blog to non-paying people, I feel I would be kicking them when they are down. I mean, right when you need a place like this the most? I cut you off? I can’t live with that. I believe I’d rather retire.

    So if this is a little bit of money to you, please kick it in. It is for me, and it is for, Satori, as well. I have already decided to give her a portion of each payment and she is one of the people who really, badly needs the money. But it is also for the people who are near the edge; people who may be your favorites here; we don’t want to cut them out.

    If people make a small investment like this, it means something to me but it means something to them too. Again, especially, if they do it for something bigger; which is what this is, on it’s face, since it is not being forced.

    I don’t think there is a single soul that reads here, that I could not help. Not one. So it would be good, if you put your energy under mind so we can this done as a collective. I am OVER full with information, stories, jokes, insights and all types of utterly unique insights, whether someone has shared something with me or I have gleaned things over the year.

    This blog is real, it’s raw, I don’t position myself as… whatever. I am an authentic hard worker, full of heart. This is your chance to not only tip the bartender, but buy a round for the house… the whole house, which includes people all around the world.

    1. You also help everyone on the forum daily. They post a chart and when no one jumps in you do it. So, now there are free chart readings. You give advice to all of us when asked, freely.

      Every site out there has a fee to become a member and it says, for more information I can privately help you. You just have to be paid for your service.

      Especially when the internet is rapidly changing and AI is just going to wiz through, then you have to deal with people stealing content. If you knitted sweaters and posted them for sale, people would have to pay. If you were a singer or an actor or baked cakes people would have to pay. Creators are getting the shaft so badly today when it is hard enough to make a little money in this world.

      You are an astrologer, but you are also a writer. So is Satori. And you have been gifting this for the 12 years I have been around. Things have changed so much I can’t see how you can continue without this idea. And it’s a good idea. You will find out very fast who supports you. And maybe who is picking through content.

      I don’t mean this toward the many that have been here for years…but you have lurkers that give no energy here. Read, take, and move on. Again, I do not mean the people who have been here and contributed. I know lives change and not everyone can add comments etc. I also know for a fact that people come to these sites, take and then open their own. Taking your years of experience to profit while you get nothing, not even the energy exchange.

      You have taught that everything is energy. So there needs to be an energy exchange. You have to get some back at some point. Once you are depleted and you will be, this will be over for all of us.

      1. Totally agree with you there, Soup! When you ask people to put money where their mouth is, you discover who people really are.

        1. She would give anyone the shirt off her back. But with rapid change she will never be able to sustain this. This is a woman who has given over and over and deserves a little back. In the end if something doesn’t change, we will all lose this place.

        2. Remind me to tell you about the time that I was at an all-time low after I moved, and she was willing to drive halfway to where I am to hold my head up when I was so heartbroken, I couldn’t breathe. And she could hardly walk. Remind me to tell that story. She has never met me. And willing to do it.

          1. You should tell everyone the story to remind them that it’s not how much you have but how much you’re prepared to give. 😁🙏

            1. I have gone around this same bush many times. My book was published in hardback by Random House at the same time as Deepak Chopra’s book, under the same editor. We both had very successful books. He began charging $2500 for a workshop, and I could not bring myself to charge for consciousness that I worked for but was “given.” My goal has been greater understanding and consciousness for all who want it. I have been able to eat and house myself, and I could not bring myself to commoditize consciousness. It is not always a self worth issue, or a rational marketplace issue. It can be about service.

              You are producing an ongoing service. Your situation is your situation. Astrological services are a commodity, but your unique wisdom is not. I understand the dilemma.

          2. I remember and yes, I was ready. If I can do something I will, but I want to clear about this – it’s also self-serving.

            Being the way I am, I am very aware of energy exchange. Like you give someone gold and they give you shit in return. Many people are like this. It’s unbelievably common. But I like the idea of give and take… how could I not.

            It was like hanging out with, Mary, while she died. I got as much from that as she did. I do it again in a heartbeat.

            1. Energy exchange is an interesting concept. 🤔 Good on you to want to tend the masses. 🙏

              With me, there’s me functioning as a professional, who has to price and collect (among many other duties) and balance this against outgoings (which are considerable). Me taking on this role, frees up my employer to do his job the best that he can.

              Then there is me as a private person. I am generous towards my friends, but in recent times (maybe it’s Moon SA to 0 Libra) I also expect reciprocal action. It doesn’t have to be the same amount coming in as going out and it doesn’t even have to be the same kind of thing. When I buy someone lunch and they insist on getting coffee, I have to remind myself to allow them to. It isn’t the value. It’s the “energy exchange” as you so aptly named it. 😁

              Maybe I’m still learning to be a Libra Moon. 😁

              1. absolutelY. morals & boundaries! sounds to me like you have them.!!!👏😉

                as much as i live/believe in ‘Pay it Forward’ sort of flow, i ToTaLLY believe we all give back /serve somehow somewhere…eventually?? just different currencies.

                & although i feel pulled that traditional ways are never my story i totally respect that for others it absolutely is how TheY give back. (astrology actually helped me get off my soapbox pedestal decade ago because i started understanding people really are all different- & we’re meant to be 😉
                that aha in itself i felt was given to me deliberately, & in fact made me even more spiritually attached to the giving ‘monetary or otherwise energy’ transfers to others. because that is ME. ..
                & i just lightbulbed.. that i felt worthless my whole life as my skills on official paper & traditional society contributions were seen as underwhelming & demoralising. [All my action effort is unseen /invisible or frivolous to mainstream- thanks stellium bucket]
                through unfortunate circumstances perhaps, but truly just who im MeanT to be.
                im not meant to be seen, im meant to be tuned into serving some other ?source?not get off my path??? [i cant believe i just allowed that to be written! 😬🙄] anyway..
                despite on Disability pension i now know that my worth is not meant to be traditional. And hopefully when any of my 3 businesses/ orgs that are being created in my mind & computer for future that are official giving back style [themes similar lines to what Elsa mentioned briefly in this thread actually] maybe the energy transfer will work there too… but again thats not why im doing them, its because ive had a yearning & knowingness for years & im finally putting them into action (albeit verrry slowly – 💫universe deciding the✨️timing… i just get info- its later)

                ypu gotta do your own style.
                And that is what Elsa’s post is about. She could do like everyone else, but thats not what she is called to… & you are called to service in your own way too 😉

                (gosh.. i RarelY speak out loud like this about such ..
                i just noticed aquarius moon🌙 transiting 8H opposing my ♌️ moon 🫣sorry for the babble😜

    2. I agree and it is fair enough too,Elsa, that is why l decided to chip in awhile back…

      ld hate to see this community change too much and lose its character(s).

  4. I can’t afford it this month, but I want to do it in November. Then it’s my birthday, and it will kinda be a birthday present to myself as well as others. The best kind of gift!

    So when November comes, where might one find the donate button perchance? 😉

  5. You mean what is called a ‘pay-wall’; to be honest I can live my life just fine without visiting, as I have done all my life.


    1. I’m actually talking about a NOT pay wall and you have been around here, leaving comments for at least four years.
      Still you have to come on here an make an asshole comment. What a dick.

      1. Amazing! It just shows what an unfriendly person you really are, if anyone is acting like a dick as you put it it is you, I suggest you try to find that blind-spot that apperently is deluding you at this time, and on the site for four years – really?

        You dont seem to be able to stand a honest comment – why is that especially when you asked for one, maybe you shoul;d be more honest in future and ask for a untruthful comment, that way you would get what you want – wouldnt you!!

      1. Ok You arer ight, I am wrong, I have just reread the post, and believe me, its not easy, but I am wrong, its only for those who want to pay – sorry;)

        I wish I could delete or edit posts – oh well;)

  6. I realized this is good for the eclipse. Moon Jupiter is generous. Taurus is cash or hard goods, tangible value.

    Mars in Scorpio, Mercury and the sun, are all about energy exchange. I think this is the right idea at the right time.

    For the people who opt to pitch in, I would really like to know if you feel the value you gave comes back to you in some way. Not necessarily from this blog, directly; just the idea that it came around.

    Mars in Scorpio impregnates. You are lending your energy toward publishing (woman). I think it is going to go well.

    In fact, I am going to make this my first, “infused” post. The metaphysics of this; what happens when you give and/or take, like Chester up there, who had the option to say nothing and allow us to take a pause and be charitable.

    1. i love this elsa.
      while im on the one side of lowfunder disability pension. ive always always ALWAYS done this. to the point of if people noticed they would think im an idiot. including my husband. drove him insane. no matter how much we were are desperately scrimping i _religiously_ regularly just give little shares of the crumbs i have. i do believe over the years i have seen IT DOES COME BACK i think. though not everyone thinks my then coinage or now couple internet dollars & weird centses attached do much for them.
      ‘but its more the energy exchange for me.’
      it may be my jupiter 8H aquarius?? i don’t know… dont really care i guess?? but even when i lived on the streets i did it too actually. its just a thing. even my kids caught on when they were young & they started copying me, back in the day where we had coins easier.. always, Always, ALL, WAYS give some love to someone not expecting.
      In fact, i just realised i dont or extreeeemely rarely subscribe to those other type things… i follow my flow [& i guess being mostly air & fire i dart around like a dragonfly so end up wasting a ton of money for nothing]… so i give where i feel a higher calling vibe that tells me to.. & the juggling i do sometimes scratching cents & little dollars into one account to be able to afford is hysterical at times…. but i love it. its like a gave a gift to the angels or something ✨️ 😌

        1. 😉 hey… so im not a nutter like my husband says. (he’s an absolute scrooge so it makes me do it more!-drives him nuts) 😀

      1. btw, i just wanted to add i wasnt meaning for this to sound pompous or holier-than-thou sort of vibe…
        i was just sharing one of my secret quirky things that ‘i just feel called to do’…
        i even would try & tangilise.. that its like.. i have a relationship with ^somethin?^ higher – universe? the only one i answer to….the one i get the shits with & yell at “this is not part of the foookng Plan!” and i just feeled called that im meant to do these things.
        oh & i do get obsessively sharing it around… i donate 11.11 every month to somewhere… but i can never stick to one place…. (i just pondered, is that my uranus “your not the boss of me” especially close to my mercury scorpio how i do it in secret..???)
        anyyyyhoooo.. rambling sorry.. i love this subjecT 😍

        1. Would depend on which house your Merc Uranus conjunction falls and aspects to that conjunction. Is Neptune in the mix somewhere or the nodes?

      2. Hello again!

        I wanted to respond to your heartfelt sharing but unfortunately had reached the end of the “drill down” capacity of the blog. 😬😅

        I think you responding to me could be 1) the transits but also 2) I too have bucket chart with a Leo Moon!!!

        Astrology is such a great tool for self-awareness. It has allowed me to see my life’s purpose, identify the things I do well and the things I could do better. When I hit speed bumps, the first thing I do is see WHY this has happened. WHAT can I do about it and HOW.

        Being Uranian (I have yet to encounter another person with this much Uranus) and Plutonian, I untethered my self-worth of traditional thinking about the time I started studying astrology, and that was 15 years ago.

        The people who see you and your contributions are those who are meant to. We can’t appeal to everyone. What are we when dead anyway, but a tombstone and biological matter? Only our “essence” will live on in the lives that we have touched. You matter to the people who matter to you. 😁🙏

        1. CONTEXTisEVERYthing

          thanku Estella. my brain cant respond properly but i wanted you to know your response was a ((hug)) to me {~*~}

    2. Whenever I begin to fret about paying the bills and such, and I say EVERY TIME I get myself into that hole, all the street beggars and broom sellers in Durban descend on me whenever I cross the road. I swear it’s metaphysics, last time a Lady came running to my car in the parking lot in the rain, shivering, asking me if I can take her and her groceries home….
      And I will always just look up at the sky for a second (where all the planets predictably move about) and say yes, ok, I’ve heard it, I’ll do it. I will give the money, buy the broom and take the Lady home. It’s obvious, it will come back. And not because the people often say God bless you etc. I’ve listened to a friend telling me of his near death experience and he said all of it was mindblowing but what really struck him was to experience, in his life review, how the small things he did had a ripple effect across thousands of people he never met. So, I understand that and deep down I know it’s what we’re here for.

    3. >….In fact, I am going to make this my first, “infused” post. The metaphysics of this; what happens when you give and/or take, like Chester up there, who had the option to say nothing and allow us to take a pause and be charitable.<<<

      okay. so this is why im a bit obsessive with this thread right now… its the metaphysical thing…
      i remembered some examples of where how i 'pay it forward' analogy of living but comes back when & how im not expecting.
      i didnt originally know this when i was younger but started noticing about 10+ years ago.

      big examlple:
      i would often feel guilty about not being able to pay for [astro/metaphysical inspiring] things that helped me on the internet… as i would seemingly connect with people who just had the exact message at the exact time to get me through sometimes extreme acute fetal position moments or the insanity of chronic repetitive head banging wall life story stuff… whilst also pining for if only i could afford a proper reading so i could work all this shit out …
      then sometimes i would randomly [✨️🙌😉] tune into some online thingy & endup with 1 of a few people with a freebie reading… to this day the astrologer guy who read my chart for all of 9-12?minutes is the most valuable appreciated thing ever… mostly cause he was good at his shi work… but it felt was pure guidance from above to say "here… now keep going".. then just weeks later – a call in angel reading place had only just come across via accident in U.S. i was in Aus. landed on the call given a free reading… again totally random but like it was a kick up the asss from the ^higher^ to say keep working with them ?🙄🙃? but ive always FelT this thing… like i dont live for me, it FeeLS like im being told/serving some ???✨️ via my intuition EverY day & when i go against it…it doesnt work out well… ie: sometimes i force to do the 'said norm'…. for yeeears i watched a tarot card guy EverY day.. & the messages or even literal pictures on cards were like LiteraL messages to me [note* no, im definitely not schizophrenic thankyou] … i could specifically have chosen the cards or words myself to match my story of the time… it was unCannY even for me who has been living like this as long as i remember…
      but i felt guilty i received so much from him without giving back.
      so i scrounged/juggled/hustled bill deadlines & overdues where i could -things i shouldnt have done..! [for a teeny context only: i was around the time i actually about to be homeless in my adult life after DV & childrens father flipping the board taking everything including my kids because i couldnt afford to pay the rent…..].. so.. i payed $600Au for a reading from him.
      THE worst reading ever… first total waste of time because i payed for a priority reading – that was 3months? later… then, when it did arrive time, i just felt i was being punished by SaturN…. i am the intuitive yet asking another for their intuition to help me…? when Jupiter & Neptune have it all under control??? something like that…
      the gift from the universe was -this reader tarot- DailY help ?gifted by Jupiter delivered thru Neptune6H? for me to hang in there?
      the reader guy is fine I JUST WASNT MEANT TO DO THAT. i chose went with my fear & desperation & didnt trust even though i had much evidence to say 'my life does work itself out [^universe^] – just allow the heLL to pass over you…." i couldve even used that money to get my tattoo i wanted for 10 years 'thiS t00 shaLL paSS' 🤭
      [hindsight spirit & astro listening is great]..
      so i went back to the daily tarots eventually… [even though it felt awkward like I'd had a bad onenight stand 😀 ] …now few years down the track i was vibing…meh.. maybe im meant to move on from these soon…
      well… he took a hiatus break, then came back with 'MembeRs only' for his TaroT… 😱😣 sigh.. okay Saturn… i hear you…

      (im sorry if this is boring to people, i just wanted to show examples of what Elsa is saying is true! usually i keep this stuff to myself because its ridiculously wooWoo for people…. but in case theres others in the closet t00!! 🙃🫠)

      1. Hello yet again!

        I would add this to your story.

        Sometimes people are good at what they do BUT they are just not suited to helping you in the capacity that you need help. That’s why, the only time in the past 15 years that I have bought a reading was after knowing that 1) this person knows their stuff (he has almost 60 years to my 15 years) 2) I have listened to (and learnt about) “technique” from ALL of his podcasts so I don’t need further convincing on “credentials” 3) we have the necessary synastry for his advice to be helpful for me – personally.

        Number 3 is probably the most important because when you pay someone, they are actually working FOR you.

        As for Tarot, I left it behind when I started on astrology, but have a “lifetime” subscription to a particular site that sends me my “personal” reading for the week. Some interpretations are more helpful than others.

        With Mars in Virgo, co-chart ruler, I’m essentially a DIY person. When I engage someone from the outside, it means they have a skill that I don’t have.

        I won’t say that Saturn kicked you up the but both times, but just as Saturn gives you a dose of realism, Neptune can fog up the glass. When I find myself acting out of character, I see Neptune at work. 😁

  7. Great idea – you deserve it! I just processed my payment. I appreciate all you do to provide us with your astro knowledge every day.


  8. Elsa!! I love it!! I have been reading your blog for solo many years!!! I believe almost twenty??? I will pay through the tip jar!!

  9. I pay 5$ per month via KoFi from today that makes 60$/year and its easier for me than paying 36$ in one go. Thank you Elsa!

      1. Some people I follow privately and professionally eg they write about what interests me have recently, in addition to their blog, joined substack and I find a lot of interesting content there, basically crossposted from one stack to another, content that you won’t find anywhere, stories, poetry, essays etc. Substack has options galore, you can offer free, or per post or subscription AND do it IN ADDITION to your blog, such as posting your stories there ! Hell, the world is big and people who read substack might never find your page here but if you’re on there, they will.
        All I can say is that a friend of mine had posted super valuable and insightful content about his journey with early Parkinsons on a website and FB with a few hundred followers for years but when he moved some of his content to substack it took off galore – now he offers webinars and video and all his diligent and dedicated work is paying off. He also found people who regularly cross-post his content and he does the same for others. Just a thought….

        1. Interesting note about Substack, Su! Thanks for sharing. 🙏

          I’m always on the hunt for “more info.” I’ve noticed that podcasts on Spotify and Apple also yield business for astrologers; speaking as one who has bought such a service. 😁

          I’m good at what I do but I always like to get a second opinion to make sure there are t blind spots in my front and rear view mirrors.

  10. Hi Elsa, and all. I can tell you that I give $5/mo to two creators whose Patreons I like, and as with you, they are longtime folks, predating even the WWW. There are tiers though, and there is still a portion of content that is freely available, not a total lockout. They and your content are unique, a great many fools have no idea how obviously mediocre their algorithmically generated content is. Reminds me of the early days of the web when people would paywall things like movies or video clips, i.e. other people’s content, without permission. AI is really just regurgitation, no matter the size of its database, but that’s a separate and long conversation.

    Anyway, personally, it’s easier for me to do a smaller monthly than a large annual (a pet peeve of mine is when online companies tell you something is less than $10 a month but in reality is $150 or more all at once, it’s disingenuous IMO, and yes I understand their logic😉). I’ve been reading and enjoying your work since your nascent days, and it’s totally worth it to me personally, should you choose to go that route.

    1. I appreciate this, greatly. But I don’t see myself doing this. I just don’t think it’s right for me. If I’m going down, I’m going down with integrity.

      Personal integrity, specific to me. This is not a judgment of anyone else. But I’m the way I am (NON elite). I just can’t shut the door on people, especially when they’re in need.

      Do you know, many years ago, my husband said he prayed long and hard before opting to disrupt my life. He said my blog was a light; and people needed the light. He said he was sure of this, because he had needed the light and it was there.

      He felt this light, was more important than his wants and desires, meaning, he wanted to be with me. But he knew he should not and could not do this, if it would disrupt this blog… this light, people need.

      I think this was in 2006. So here we are, nearly 20 years later. We’re married and this light shines.

      So we’re doing it right and we’re going to keep doing it right. I cannot restrict the light, as that would be wrong.

      I don’t want to find myself, standing in from of God, explaining why I restricted access to help for someone for a five dollar bill… or whatever. I’m sure you know what I mean.

      It’s many years but I wrote about this once, I woke up under a Uranus transit with a shocking idea, of how to feed the hungry; it was the middle of the night. I think this was 30 years ago. It was a corporate type idea, but setting that aside, you see this runs deep in me. Feed all the hungry you can, not just the one with a dollar?

      There was an even earlier happening… my grandfather (search “Henry”), introduced me to the Forbes 100 list, I was about 8 years old. I immediately told him it was backwards. They should have opposite – a list of people who gave the most.

      I outlined this, in the moment. This is not hindsight.

      I told him, people wanted to be on the list, to be a big deal, but if it were the other way, they would still want to be on the list, but people would be helped.

      Now granted, that is a kid, thinking but perhaps it explains why I choose the way I do. I am a GIVER while I like to received, I am in, in my core, a giving person. I don’t want to be influenced by “today’s bullshit” to act against my own accord.

      1. i just did a massive fist pump to the sky “f yeah” this is the vibe im talkin bout elsa 😄🤗 “if youre going down, I’ll do it with integrity…” but is that a mars libra thing i wonder 🤔 ha!😝

      2. my sentiments exactly! and ur husband, what a cool guy, I’ve heard from Lee Harris channeler that going forward any endeavour that doesn’t have 30-40% heart energy behind it will fall flat … think the average atm is around 20-23% slightly up from the 80s …think it was his latest interview with Emilio ortiz … interesting times ♥️♥️♥️

  11. I have been following this blog for a long time. Great stuff Elsa posts! I haven’t posted for quite awhile – Life, right? I totally agree that this a good idea – and we’re all on this ship together, so why not help everyone who visits here?

  12. I would make it $50/yr, but throw in one 15 minute or less free chart question answered for every paid subscriber/per year..I would pay for that….

        1. The “5” is ko-fi can be changed to whatever you want.
          The other page offers a number of different payment options and works the same way. Fill in whatever you life.

          I pay the same commission with either option. Thanks!

  13. Avatar
    the laughing goat

    I try to “be one good thing for someone today” every day and today it is you Elsa. 😊 Thank you for all you do!

  14. Elsa, I couldn’t give you enough money to show how valuable I have found your blog and forum for almost 20 years now. I will definitely contribute.

      1. My pleasure! I’m having trouble getting my card to work (issue 100% on my end), so it will be delayed but it will happen once I remedy the issue.

  15. It would be a trip if this blog resurrected with Pluto in Aquarius. It’s like it will be one or the other.

    I would love to get back to being able to sponsor and pay writers.

    Is there anyone here who remembers, early AstroDispatch. I launched every astrology blogger and they, collectively, launched me.

    Robert Phoenix was one of them; he came back after all these years, to return the favor.

    Anyway, I think this is a good way to do thing. PTB have everyone thinking they are an island and it’s just not the case.

  16. I understand and think it’s fair. However, international visitors likely won’t be able to pay for this service, I know I won’t and will miss your blog very much.

  17. I’m curious.. which payment method takes out the least fees (I assume they take a cut but maybe I’m wrong)/is the best deal for you, Elsa?

  18. I think this is a great idea – Ive put a couple of reports before and they are such good value for money! I plan to buy too Elsa, I dont know a lot about Astrology, learning learning and your platform is one i come back to all the time!

  19. This is a lovely concept. I like how the most vulnerable can still have access to this valuable content through us pitching in.
    This blog is like a handbook on Life, and helps keep myself/others sane in times where the world feels crazy.
    I’ll happily pay for a year via the Kofi link.

  20. Hi Elsa, I’ve been reading your posts on & off for years and lately am drawn here even more. It’s only the 2nd time I’ve posted here but had to say I love this idea and am inspired by it! I’m happy to do $5 each month thru Kofi 🙂

  21. Dear Elsa–I’ve been a faithful reader of your wise, fun/funny and educational, and challenging and indispensable writing for over 15 years, and can’t imagine a time when you would “retire” (NOOOO!) I’ve made my annual contribution and an extra for someone else who may not be able to right now. I don’t post (social phobia), but do read every blog entry and the newsletter, and have supported your work over the years by ordering reports and special items, most recently the Venus-Retro-Leo workshop. But times have changed, and real, human writers must be paid. You are essential, to me and to this community. Sorry it took so long, but better late than never. I feel prompted to ask you to extend my thanks to your husband for his unwavering support of what you do for us.

  22. yes, I do the occasional Kofi but it isn’t enough, I mentally struggle with ‘commitment’of regular monthly payments (I’m a carer and worry the money won’t be there and haven’t the headspace to keep on top of it) …but I can do a one off once a year easily, I will mark it on my calendar (yes, an easy old fashioned wall one! Taurus sun again!lol!!!) this is one of my astrology homes and I want to energetically support it and help others access it to… the backlog on here is mind blowing! first found you via an internet search looking up a question …. so much #gratitude. …half term here atm, will get it done by the first week of Nov at latest xxx

  23. YES Elsa!! You and Satori are a big and constant lay line. We are afloat inspired to keep on and educated because you blog and blog and remain real. We are a Kofi monthly supporter now, at an amount we can and will send to appreciate your generosity!! ❤️M&P

  24. Most of the content I read these days is sent by email, and posted on Substack. (High integrity rascals like CJ Hopkins, Celia Farber, James Corbett, Tessa Lena) There are tiers of financial commitment, including free, and they claim that they’re gaining enough paid readers to earn a living. Consider posting your content there in addition to your site here? You might build your audience and make more money?

    1. This is not an option for me. It will only hasten my demise.

      I know this may seem counterintuitive, but I have been at this for nearly 25 years and I understand the backend and underpinnings in ways the reader does not.

      I am not meaning to be rude. I did not want to not respond to your suggestion. I also don’t want to be disingenuous.

  25. Yes, I would pay as energy return for all the content of yours I have consumed in last 7/8 years. Your work moved something in me at that time.

  26. Dearest Elsa,
    I stop following any newsletter for which, to access it, I have to pay a fee.
    I don’t do this because I’m cheap but because I’m not well off, I have many interests, and I couldn’t afford to do so.
    In your case though, I just might because I would be lost without your insight.
    Obviously I’d prefer you did not make your content only available to payees; in return I schedule personal readings which are already expensive for my limited income, as well as purchasing them from your website for me, for family and friends.
    Having said that, you would totally deserve it if you required a monthly or yearly membership for accessing your content: like you say above, over the many years you have given us so much for free.
    Moreover, there are astrologers who do this — I don’t subscribe to them — but, once again, for YOU, I just might.
    With love, Alecs xox

  27. I want to contribute but I have a big $9.00 in my account until the first week of next month. I love your blog and was so happy to find it after many years of searching for you. Shadow banning?? Nah! 😉 Would you consider putting the payment link on your daily newsletter for a while so I can find it? I order a lot of reports and, recently, 2 personal readings from you. The reading for my daughter was so amazing it brought her to tears. Thank you!!!!

    1. Thank you! There is a ko-fi link in every newsletter. There is also a tip link on the menu bar on the desktop or the drop down list on mobile.

      Buying reports from me is also a big help and a great way to support this site. Again, I thank you! 🙂

  28. I’m in Elsa
    Why not! You’ve helped me so much in just the last few months, then I thought about often I come here for all you write, the weekend horoscopes and all of you amazing folks who comment and let me into your lives while I lurk here quietly in the background
    Just know this place gives me great comfort and a few good laughs
    Yes Elsa ! Absolutely worth it
    Just paid 😎

  29. Elsa, I am so grateful for all that you share here – there is NO other content or community like this anywhere. I just happily paid for a year via Ko-Fi. 😊

  30. Hi Elsa, I think I’m being dim here, but what do I put in the subject line in ‘special payments’, so you know what it’s for? Thank you!

  31. I rely on your blog posts Elsa & every time I see an email notification about a new post from you, I feel like I’m being given a gift. I particularly enjoy the way that you, and Satori too, describe an upcoming astrological event in a way that allows for individual interpretation. I’m glad to be able to give to your work & will continue to do so. Peace!

    1. Same here. Sometimes those emails contain a kernel wisdom that turns my whole life around, or another person’s. It really is a gift.

  32. Yes, I’d pay the annual fee for your helpful content, Elsa, especially the Astro stuff that Satori and you share.

    Will pay via your Tip option in the next days.

  33. Yes, I would and I will. Oddly I was just thinking about it this morning. Why don’t I do it regularly? I do buy reports but I guess I just don’t think about it. Too many things competing for attention. I wouldn’t mind more regular prompts

  34. NO.

    These are hard times when every dollar counts. I’ve large rent increases and large utilities bills and I will drop anything discretionary that raises its price on me. Already quit Netflix.

    1. Have you honestly understood the ask here?

      This is about people who can support doing so, so that they can support those who can’t. Hard times can hit anyone, this blog acknowledges this. And I think someone giving their expertise, energy, love and guidance for free for a large part of their service, even if gladly given for many, many, years – well its good to offer gratitude. and if not possible in $, at the very least in spirit.

      1. So if you are not able, that’s okay. And I would add, I have been there too. It’s not a great place to be and I feel for you, truly.

    2. Bidenomics has hit me too and I’ve cut out absolutely everything non-essential. I now Have extra to go around to support the real life people who bring me value vs some soulless corporations with billions of dollars. That aside, the post is asking that readers who can support the site do so, so that everyone can continue to enjoy the site without a paywall (everything is behind a paywall these days and everyone’s rates are going up to boot, we all got bills here). No one’s asking you to miss your rent payment, god forbid. Pay it forward if/when your finances improve.

  35. I’ve purchased a workshop and reports in the past. Due to medical, dental, doubled car insurance and real estate tax bills, I can’t contribute currently. Saturn transit 2nd house.

  36. Just now seeing this. I would pay. I mean, I’m already donating $5/mo through PayPal for years now which is really easy for me, but the idea of even more content is attractive.

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