Are You Well Suited To Unconventional Relationship?

This weekend I drove 16 hours round trip to spend 10 hours with the soldier (we’re married now) during which time we had to sleep. I admit this is weird but it suits me and I was especially aware of this driving home.

I like to move. I like going places. I like to be alone too, for that matter and driving to meet him affords this. Guess what? You can’t bother me I’m in the car! I think I’m a knife. I think I am Snoopy on his doghouse having an adventure and I don’t have a complaint in the world.

And as I was mulling my happy feelings and aware of how refreshed and recharged I was from something another person would not even consider doing it occurred to me I was fortunate to have the awareness that a situation someone else might find untenable was actually custom-made for me. And I wondered how many people have the same freedom or permission and I think the number is low.

Unfortunately most people are out looking for what is supposed to make them happy when in actuality if they ever get it, they will be anything but. I decided I ought to post this because I am not the only one with Venus tied up with the outer planets, am I?

I think it would be criminal to take a person like me and tell them they ought to seek a traditional relationship with a normal(ish) person. I am fortunate that no one ever did. No one ever told me I could or would or should be conventional and I just want to post this for my brothers and sisters out there that keep trying to jam their foot into a shoe that doesn’t fit. We’re all supposed to marry a doctor and what? Wither and die?

What’s your 7th house look like? How about Venus?

54 thoughts on “Are You Well Suited To Unconventional Relationship?”

  1. I choose both none and mixed. I have Venus in Aquarius. I am reviewing my past interactions and my behavior (feelings) towards them. Ideally, I would prefer a friendship, companionship, love and sex–in that order. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case with Sun in Pisces, Libra Rising, Moon in Scorpio and so forth. I get bored easily and do not like the demands of the union so I have decided to keep all suitors in the friend zone until further notice.

  2. 7th house ruler Venus in Scorpio 1st house conjunct Jupiter, sextile Neptune, square Mars, and parallel Uranus. Mix for me. I want commitment then end up shunning it, desperately looking for space and freedom.

  3. How fun to see this old post show up today when I spent the whole day (6 hours worth) doing laundry by hand using two water hoses and buckets on a sunny day with a man I dreamed up in the winter of 1994. We’re still together, doing unconventional day in and day out. Pluto in Leo is in my 7th house trine Jupiter conjunct Venus in my 11th House, Sag.
    I can relate to Snoopy riding his dog house, and Hermit the Frog singing “The Rainbow Connection” … could then, and can even more today with this world turned turtle. Oh yes!

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