Sisters With Solar Returns + Pluto Transit The 12th House

Back in March, I look at the packed 6th house of my sister’s solar return and knew she’d be up to her neck in health stuff. By April she had started a round of chemotherapy and right as she wrapped that up, my mother fell ill and she has been caring for her ever since. It’s a daily routine (6th).

My current solar return has a 6/12th house emphasis…it’s freakishly Piscean so I asked the Pisces (my sister) how she felt it play. She thought I might become isolated. That I would withdraw by choice and this has happened. I used to talk to friends on the phone every day, multiple times a day. Now these conversations take place every week or ten days and I have to admit this is dramatic.

I have a life that moves quickly. You sort of have to opt to keep up with it, or perhaps opt out when the going gets rough because my life doesn’t wait around for even a minute or two that I can see.

I brought my sister into this because out ascendents are just 1 degree apart which gives us a common experience when planets transit the houses of our charts, and in particular when something goes over an angle. My sister and I have studied astrology for 40 years so we can tell you this for sure.

So anyway, we have Pluto transiting our 12th house now and it’s another thing that makes me feel like a submarine in a way. I have more power now, and power to heal, than I have ever had in my life but it’s veiled.

I think this is a vast improvement over what I was going through last year(s), when I thought it appropriate to call myself “Swamp Thing”. Ha ha ha ha.

I think I can maintain my friendships with the reduced contact as long as when I do surface, I have something potent to offer. I feel pretty confident this will be the case.

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  1. I was born with Pluto in the 12th, and I know what it is. Ascendant in Virgo and Chiron in the 6th, I have a very great gratification in working with healing.

  2. “I think I can maintain my friendships with the reduced contact as long as when I do surface, I have something potent to offer. ”

    I have faith you will!!

    My Solar Return has a 12th House emphasis as well, but in Aries (stellium in there) with Sun/ASC conjunct.

    I’m not certain if you consider the natal chart when reading Solar Return charts–my understanding thus far is that I should? Anyway–my Sun is square natally, which is why I’m not yet feeling very Aries…Rising Sun by the end of the year, I hope:)

  3. I’ve noticed with Pluto in the 12th one is usually dealing with a variety of spiritual transformations. That may mean one embodies the Piscean “giving” that spiritually transforms others, or it may mean that someone dies, literally.

    I’ve also seen it give spiritual obsessions. Regardless, it can be a little tricky as darker shadows are harder to see here. Solitude lets one examine their demons a lot better here because without it is far too easy to pick up everyone else’s demons.

  4. My solar chart this year i’ve got 12th house scorpio moon/ scorp asc….

    All i can do right now is keep a straight face. Lol.

    Transits to the 12th, seem tough. I’m glad you’ve got your sister…and she has you.

  5. I have Uranus and the Moon in my 12th house solar return. The dreams have been interesting.

    My biggest solar return house emphasis has been on the first & second houses. Good stuff! 🙂

  6. My focus seems to be in the 3rd this year with a stellium that includes sun, saturn, merc and venus. This will be the first year I’m paying attention.

  7. My Solar Return chart this year had a packed 12th house, including my Sun, with a Pisces ascendant. I definitely reduced my social time.. Feel like I have things to resolve and it’ll need my full focus.

    A childhood friend of mine (have known her for 20 years) and I share an ascendant placement. We’re both Cancer ascendant with our North Node also in Cancer. Her North Node conjunct my ascendant exactly. We’re very in sync with life experience and personal evolution. Although I mostly felt in a swamp this year, she naturally adapted almost to the point that it went unnoticed. So I feel confident that at least I can preserve that friendship even through the swamp.

  8. My sister and my ascendent are seperated by one degree as well. i just noticed this after reading your post. Interesting.

  9. Pluto is in my 12th for 13 more years, I’m having my Chiron return. Core crap from the past that I dealt with the best I could is coming back to haunt. I’m not even going to think about resisting this – I don’t have it in me to challenge Pluto at this point. Think it’s time to talk about stuff I haven’t before and do a thorough purge of it all. Funny you wrote this today, I just decided to cut all from my life while I tend to this. Had a wonderful vision of living in a winter cabin with no accessible road and nature as my only companion.

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