What Else Horrifies You?

I realize some are  horrified by my boasting or overt nature in general.  The thing is, I have this Mars Mercury conjunction in my chart along various other things and I was just not born not to bleat!  Some people are designed to make more noise than others. We just make a lot of racket while other people make none at all.

I don’t see the problem with this.  You’re being horrified at me for not being like you is like my being horrified at blonde hair because mine is black. What I think is really horrifying is the idea we’d all be alike. How about we all have X color hair and speak Y number of words per day, at Z speed, exactly THIS LOUD? Would you be comfortable then?

If there is one thing you can take from astrology,  it is the fact we are individuals and what I have noticed is some individuals are easily horrified.

*This post is from 2011. I came across it and thought it was interesting as a whole (incl’ comments).

Name something that horrifies you and add the astrology if you can.

37 thoughts on “What Else Horrifies You?”

  1. Cool post!! Cute baby!!! I have mars/merc my self…my friends think I’m vulgar;)
    What horrifies me: apathy
    I’m not usually easily horrified.

  2. What horrifies me is people who don’t care about others. I guess overly selfish people scare me. I don’t know the astrology of my chart for it, but that scares me!

  3. Stupidity. That kind of people that demand everybody to stop thinking, realizing or even existing exactly where their own world disc has its rim, no matter how obvious the roundness of the real world is showing. They don´t even dare to assume that there could be something, something more, something else and that others can be different and are supposed to be.

    The hatred that goes with this stupidity especially horrifies me, as I see its results.
    Astrology? Sag ascendant and Gemini sun, I suppose.

    The baby pic really is SO cute, I just love that look on its face. In fact, I wear it all the time, on the inside though, as I´m not nearly that cute ;-).

  4. i gotta say.. that baby is awesome!!! (probably just freaked out not know what a camera was)

    ..astrology that horrifies me… hmm…

    an over active second house. people who are easily swayed by the trappings of material excess. (aqua in my 2nd, and it’s completely empty…)

    aggressively forceful mars/aries energy .. why you gotta be so “in yo face!!”, just chill out….. there is no need to yell. (aries opposes my stellium.. don’t fluff my feathers)

  5. Oh, Peppermint. LOL!!

    I’m horrified by the rate at which some people attack others, especially verbally. I find it repugnant, actually.

    Mercury conjunct Chiron, trine Moon.

  6. Deception horrifies me. I can’t remember the last time I was actually deceived, my intuition about that stuff is pretty much dead on…except when it comes to my love life. I feel quite vulnerable there…I blame it on the Venus (5th house ruler) in the 8th in Virgo square Neptune (3rd house ruler) in my 12th in Sag.

    I think my Sun (8th ruler in the 8th) conjunct Mercury and Trine Neptune (exact)
    Neptune sextile Pluto in the 9th (exact)
    Sun sextile Pluto in the 9th (exact)
    Plus, Mercury square Uranus in Scorpio (exact)
    …all help me to fish out deception. Too bad it’s useless where love is concerned.

    P.s. That picture is friggin’ hilarious.

  7. I’m pretty unshockable in the usual sense. I don’t care what people do or say or whom they screw and all that jazz.

    But I’m often horrified…

    … by all the nasty stuff: cruelty esp to children and animals, torture, verbal aggression, the horrors of porn and violence inc on the net… Also the way women let themselves go, the way young people get dead drunk and pass out in the street, all that ugly stuff.

    But mostly by venality in politics, and the manner in which our hard-won democracies – for which so many died – have been suborned and degraded by everything from apathy to corruption

  8. What horrifies, well disgusts, me is when someone has an opinion that is critical and valid and all others even a person has in response is ‘you’re just a hater’. Oh for goodness sake! We’re all not gonna like the same things, nor have the same opinions, nor think a person is great 24/7. Cause you know what some people just suck a lot, like a lot and some suck at different times. Instead of presenting a logical argument as to why the opinion isn’t valid so there can be a debate of sorts. The word ‘hater’ gets thrown in and then it looks as though the person with the criticism just does it for sport and the goodness of themselves and that’s that. So they can look like an idiot. The word is overrated. -_-

  9. I generally don’t horrify easily. However the status of the economy world wide has done a great job at horrifying me. The fact that our government is not working together to get industry back in our country and other things that would improve the status of our nations economy has horrified me and still does.

    I would in fact be horrified if we were A typically the same. I really enjoy the differences makes life interesting. Boring is what that would be. I like hearing about how others perceive things their take on whatever. The difference is interesting and educational.

  10. Maybe Mars in Scorpio or Aries in the 12th house?
    A sociopath or pedophiles?
    I agree with every comment as written above.

    Rantares makes a valid point although not horrific. It’s silly but not horrific. Ok Kardashians are close…
    With Saturn in the 2nd, I will always feel I don’t have enough but then there will always be someone with more than me! It’s just stuff and there is always more stuff, new stuff, and better stuff,

  11. What I like about Elsa is that you cut to the chase. Life’s short, then you die. I appreciate the cut to the chase. I also appreciate someone not emotionally involved callin’ a spade a spade!

  12. maybe not horrify but what seriously bothers me is crude behavior. Maybe my venus in capricorn? I’d agree with the other posts about cruelty being horrifying…especially to children and animals.

  13. Thanks Elsa for being who you are wouldn’t have it any other way. I like your frankness and telling it the way it is style. One of the reason I read your blog is due to this frank way of speaking.

  14. hmmm… i’m horrified by crude language. not curse words but something genuinely mean, like a back-handed compliment or racist slurs. mercury in libra expects people to at least TRY to understand what another is putting down.

    not much else horrifies me because i have pretty low expectations for people. at the end of the day so many of us are just babies crying for attention.

  15. I have a square moon – mercury so im most horrified by confusion. Feelings for me are always confusing. Probably why im confused by the original question. Going back… People that don’t know how to express their emotions and resort to violent behavior or self pain.

  16. Ali G. said it well. Ignorance over information bothers me hugely. (Jupiter Scorp. conj. M.C Sag.Pluto opps. Picses Asc) which leads to what horrifies me…the loss of truth. Real truth supported by facts ( real facts researched by people with integrity that can be proven). People who pretend to be ‘good’but only have their own interests in mind when they target others …because of race, gender, whatever… which fractures the heart of the community.

    Willful cruelty. Injustice. The God of Money .Selfishness. Waste. The destruction of the natural world. All horrific.

  17. People with expensive cars who cannot drive them yet get in the middle of the road and look at you in your shitty truck as if you are the problem. No I can drive
    You hide your inability with your money
    My mother used to say you gotta feel sorry for people some of them all they got is money , very true.
    And Elsa, Elsa you have a mind and you share, and that beats all the freaking money in the world ,you can connect the dots .This reader is abundantly happy when I read your words, keep spelling it the way you feel it!

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