Life Since March, 2023

pisces water fairyLiving is the best way to learn astrology.  Six planets changes signs between March 2nd and 25th of 2023. I felt this was akin an earthmover; big machinery, rolling over the existing landscape. What used to be is gone for the most part.

The changes are pervasive. They’re seen on the surface but they reach far deeper than that. It’s a fundamental (Capricorn) transformation (Pluto) that’s taken place. You can see, you feel it, but you can also deny it. What’s remarkable is that none of one these things can alter the situation. We merely observe it, or fail to observe it.

I’m not suggesting these changes took place in March of this year.  I am suggesting that March was akin to tectonic plates shifting.  Almost everyone got knocked off balance or rolled over in one way or the other.  Now we all learn and adapt to the new landscape.

Saturn in Pisces is actually good for this.  You can morph with reality which has morphed.

Do you see what I see?

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  1. Yes I do! I do see. Early March around the 6-7th I was told to move out of where I was living for the past year and a half. It startled me because the guy is a jerk (landlord who also lives in that apartment) but I decided to trust the universe and went for the 1st place I visited 2 days after. Now I’m back in a neighborhood I like, and despite the house having a few problems I really like the space and my roommates.
    Past corpses (lover, friends) have been surfacing but I’m so done I don’t even pay any attention to them so they must know already it’s done and over with for good. Enemies have also been trying to get me off balance but the universe is exposing them for their tricks
    All in all, I’m welcoming new people into my life trusting the universe has got my back. Taurus sun/ac opp pluto squared by transiting pluto.
    Blessings to all!

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