What If My Child Has A Stellium In Their Chart?

meet the planets book coverA stellium is a group of three or more planets in one sign. If your child was born with a stellium in their natal chart, you can be sure they’re going to specialize in something.  The larger the stellium, the more focused they’ll be. It’s sounds simple, but it’s not.

Your child will exemplify the qualities of the zodiac sign their stellium falls in.  For example, a child with a large stellium in Leo is going to be seen everywhere he or she goes.  A child with a stellium in Sagittarius is likely to be buoyant and outgoing. They’d also be inclined to wander off or leave through the window as a teen; off on an adventure.

Outside of the sign the stellium falls in, you want to consider the planets involved.  If Jupiter is part of the stellium, the energy will be expanded. If Saturn is involved, your child may be slower to develop their expertise or even be afraid of it. If there are outer planets in the stellium, they will enhance the energy in different ways, depending on the planet involved.

You should also consider the house(s) the stellium falls in. There areas of life indicated will most definitely be important to your child.  The house(s) will be your child’s, AO or “area of operation”.

Parent generally try to guide their children in some way. If your child has a stellium, their interest may seem narrow to you, especially if you don’t have a stellium yourself.

I think it’s a mistake to try to dissuade a child who is focused on something, to develop other interests. While it may be important to develop the qualities of the sign opposing your stellium, this is something that can be taken up later. A child with a stellium most likely has a certain vocation. You want them to discover what it is.

If you want insight into your child via astrology, check out my Child Natal Report. It’s a great report. You can see a sample here.

Does your child have a stellium in their chart? What sign is it in? What house? What are your observations?

13 thoughts on “What If My Child Has A Stellium In Their Chart?”

  1. I think I will do report soon.

    My son has 4 planets in Aries: Venus(0deg), Mars(1deg), Moon(6deg) and Uranus(14deg).

    All trine Leo Jupiter and Sag Saturn. Pluto 1st house, Sag(29deg) ASC. Mercury opposite Jupiter.

    His early Pisces Sun conjunct Neptune. Born 21 Feb of 2015.

    He’s very much into art, animals and learning the big picture of things. Headstrong, wants to be in control.

    Very energetic. Doesn’t nap at all. Always inviting of others but has a jealousy ordeal where he doesn’t like it when those he likes pays attention to others.

    1. I have Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, N Node, Lilith and IC all in Virgo in the 4th. I’m a perfectionist, very disciplined, practical, and a complete health nut. ?

  2. My son has Aries rising with a Pisces Moon and…Venus, Sun, Saturn, Merc, Part of Fortune all clustered around a Cap midheaven. He is headstrong and focused to an extreme. He has a tender heart and a love for children. But look out if you disagree with his opinions.

  3. I don’t have any children but I actually have a stellium in my own chart, with five planets in Capricorn. I was born in late 1989 as part of that Uranus/Neptune/Saturn in Capricorn stellium. My Sun and Mercury are also in Capricorn. My focus a lot of the time was reading and writing as the stellium mostly resides in my 3rd house (Uranus is in the 2nd house). Everyone thought I’d become some sort of writer. I actually had a journalism teacher in high school recommend I join the school newspaper and that was my first college degree choice.

    I ended up graduating with a degree in information technology, which has to do with computers, but I don’t think it’s honestly for me. At age 29 I still don’t know what I should be doing with my life but that could be because I’m still going through my first Saturn return.

  4. I have a stellium in the 8th house. 5 planets in Leo and Virgo. I do research for a living and ever since I was little I’ve had that tendency to go really deep into things. My friend’s mom once commented on how I was always reading.

    None of my kids charts is quite as concentrated as mine. That’s an interesting flip side to what was written in the post that *i’ll* probably have to learn to accept!

  5. I have 2 stelliums: One in the 8th house, and one in the 9th house.

    Moon, Saturn and Pluto in the 8th.
    I go deep. I attract deep sh*t. Heck, I NEED deep sh*t. But I am also afraid of it.
    My moon is in square to Mars, in the 12th.
    Anger gets the better of me and I can get REALLY mad about injustice done to me or others.

    I have 4 planets in Scorpio: Sun, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter, and they are in a wide conjunction as well. Talk about laser focus!
    I was always reading as a child. If you gained my fixed focus, you could be sure I wouldn’t let go, not an inch, if I wanted to know more. And the 9th house ALWAYS wants to know more, to broaden horizons, to KNOW more and develop their wisdom from.
    Sadly, I developed wisdom from being rejected and abused for a lot of years. But the Jupiter in me always has a flip side. When I have been sulking for X amount of time, I flip the coin and says “well, things might be shit, but at least I have Y”. That’s the good stuff about Jupiter. I can almost ATTRACT what I want, just by feeling it and thinking about it subconsciously.

    The conjunction with Jupiter/Venus has also made me realize that I have trouble being satisfied, being grateful for what I have. I always want what I cannot have. I will always long for the LONGING itself. It’s a fact I can’t change. But I can change my perspective on it, being aware of it – and that helps.

    My mom was never keen on going to the deep end, the deep shit in the 8th house. That’s why I got to carry it for her, so that she did not have to. And with that, the burden of it.
    And every time I confront her with it, her guilt and shame makes her step away from the ugliness I represent. The shadows. The dark side of humankind. The power trips, the abusive shit that went on in my childhood, her own powerlessness, so that she pushed me into the boxing ring instead of protecting her children against the abuse from my dad. Her Taurus Moon sign doesn’t want to deal with the bad stuff – and so she pushes me so far away that she can put a label on me, point her finger at me, reject me and tell people I live in the past and she can’t do anything about me, but that *I* am the one making all the drama she doesn’t want to deal with anymore.

    So, we don’t talk. She doesn’t want to release me from the shadows, she CAN’T release me from the shadows. That would mean confronting her own pathology to herself. She won’t do that.
    But this year I released a lot of my anger about this.
    Her critical Virgo rising and her Taurus Moon can then point and say “she doesn’t want to fit into the box I have made for her! Woe is me!” for all she want, but I really don’t care anymore, because I am simply dumping her. The Scorpio amputation, and the slow Taurus disengagement, letting a relationship rot instead of talking about it.

    Anyone else needs a puke party?

  6. I like this concise introduction to stelliums. Though maybe “dissuade” should be “persuade to develop other interests.”?

  7. A Leo stellium (Venus/Mars/Uranus) in the 6th. My Mom was really a great Cap who helped me to set a daily routine and trained my very spacey mind to get used to buckling down on the important things. She taught me cooking, laundry care, house cleaning and encouraged daily exercise. I credit her with my self discipline and organized ways.

  8. My triple Sagi 🙂 and this report was a BIG part of me being able to understand her. She has her Sun & Moon conjunct in early Sagittarius, then Pluto & her ASC later in Sagittarius, plus she has two astroids & her part of fortune in here as well. This is all in her 12th house as well as her Mercury (which is back in late Scorpio). I thought the windows comment was brilliant, she loves climbing out the windows and telling me all about it. Add this to the grand cross in her chart (that does not involve any of these placements) and she’s got a lot going on.

  9. So,

    What If My Child Has Two Stelliums In Their Chart?

    What If Those Stelliums are in Aries (with Sun) and in Scorpio (with Moon)?

    1. Two stelliums? Two strong areas of interest. But in this case, Mars brings both stelliums together.
      Keep an eye on transits to Mars. Most powerful planet in the chart, most likely.

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