Gemini: Talking About Gossip

sieveThe sun and Mercury in Gemini has me wanting to talk about gossip.  I’m always interested in the topic.  If you click the tag, you’ll discover posts that go back a dozen years. There is so much to say!

A couple weeks ago, my husband and I were talking to this gal; she’s a known sieve.  By that I mean, any information you place in her, will eventually leak.

Yesterday, I received notice from another quarter that made it clear, my husband’s comments had been passed on.

That’s one thing but it becomes another thing when the person doing the passing, edits, embellishes, takes out of context, etc. If you talk so someone like this, the next thing you know, they’re altered your reputation.

I chose the word,”altered” instead of the word, “harmed”, because it brings me to my other point.

The day before I got this notice I was talking to this other gal; she is a deep, thoughtful and caring woman.

PoisonShe told me she does everything she can to avoid gossiping or hearing any gossip. This is because she’d been harmed by it herself, but she shared another observation.

She’d come to realize that whenever someone told her something about someone, she never saw the person in the same way.

“Yes, it’s like having a can of white paint. Once you put a drop of red in there, that’s it,” I said.  She agreed.

I’ve been mulling this since. My friend doesn’t want people invading her mind and affecting her relationships. It’s really made me think twice about who I talk to and what I say, because here’s another thing I came across…

In choosing who you interact with, it’s important to discern if a person is having a bad day, or if there is a fundamental problem with them.

I hate that it’s come to this, because I really like the first woman I mentioned. But the fact is, she is a sieve and she does shop for information that she can use for social currency. I’m going to cut her off; not just in what I offer but I don’t want to receive anything either from her either. The fact is, it’s all poison.

What can you say about gossip?

12 thoughts on “Gemini: Talking About Gossip”

  1. I don’t know about your friend, my mom doesn’t repeat anything correctly not for spite or spice she just doesn’t slow down long enough mentally to get the details accurate. There are different kinds of gossip. There is the “did you know she left her husband?” which is important in a small town so as to not stick your foot in your mouth and there is the “did you see what she is wearing today?”
    I don’t really care for gossip unless it’s huge then I’m all for it. I think I’ve mentioned before that a spiteful wife sent out nude photos of the local former beauty queen. I will never forget that as long as I live. Wow. The former beauty queen is fine and remarried.

  2. I just had that experience yesterday. My friend had invited some new friends to her party that evening. I went over early to help her set up. “You’ll meet X couple. She is sparky but he is not…” She went on to say bad things about him and other criticisms that she had heard from the wife.

    When I met him that evening, all I could see was what she’d described. BUT! I could peel away her comments like a filter and I saw him differently. Thank goodness. I also realized this happens *all the time*.

    I think a lot of gossip happens because people are uncomfortable with silence; they are afraid of quiet. I understand that, but gossip is pure poison. An easy evil.

  3. Just walk away, don’t hesitate, and don’t look back. It always works for me.
    Aries Rising

  4. I do know people like this. My daughter a Gemini is one of them If I tell her something I am assured it will get shared. So
    I only tell something I don’t mind will get out.
    Others that I know are like that I will share only what I WANT to get passed on.

  5. I dont take social interactions too seriously. Im not into status.

    Im interested in people, in individual. So I like hearing things about people. I also like to hear peoples impressions of other people. It usually amuses me. People amuse me. I just never repeat anything. I dont see the point in that.

    But I always come to my own conclusions about everyone. Actually, most of the time I try not to come to any conclusions about anybody. I just leave it open ended. Seems to work!:)

  6. The fallout from that kind of ‘gossip’ can be Chernobyl in a small town like mine.
    I’m actually taking a break from my bucolic little hellvan (as opposed to haven) and going to Texas for six weeks to help a friend while I recover from the impugning vibrations and the ashes of chaos.
    **hangs head**

  7. “She told me she does everything she can to avoid gossiping or hearing any gossip”

    This is the best way to not gossip

    Another good way is to gossip about someone the other person doesn’t know who is from a faraway place.. at least you can hash it out that way if you can’t keep your hole shut

  8. Avatar
    James Slattery

    Using information as “social currency” is exactly how people attract attention/power! I’ve used this business wise in the past but in my personal life it’s harder to judge. What if a person is terminally ill, thinking of self harm/violence or hurting others? Would you keep that secret?

    1. I think we’re talking about two different things. I am talking about people who engage for one reason and one reason only; so they can extract information and then do things with it.

      But to answer your question, in the cases you mention, I probably would keep it to myself because I mind my own business. The exception would be if I thought there was a credible threat to hurt someone… that I would act on.

      I may also act on “danger to self” but I’ll tell you something… I have had to call for a mental health hold on someone, two times in my life. I’ve seen someone I love, tackled and held on the ground, in the dirt, to be wrestled into a straitjacket. So I don’t really take this stuff lightly.

  9. there’s a couple people i really wish i would have been warned about ahead of time. but instead usually all the stories i heard were fabrications…

  10. Have natal mercury in gemini myself. I am talkative but nobody can keep a secret better than I can. Can be curious and I surely find out things about folks but I do not share them. Just know them. Makes me understand people better. I like that, not hurting people by gossip.

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