What Is The Best Time To Start A Diet, Astrologically?

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What is the best time, astrologically, to start a diet & be successful with it? I was thinking, in general, that a good time might be when the Sun moves to Virgo. Obviously, avoiding Jupiter in the first house is a good idea. I know a diet can be started any time & a lot of the success depends on the individual. But, if there’s a time where one might be more successful than usual, what would we look at to find that time?

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Good question!  Traditionally, we start new things under new moons. But losing weight is hard, or at least getting a diet started is hard. I speak from experience, having had to lose fifty pounds, not once but twice.  I don’t think a generic new moon would necessarily have enough juice to fuel a person’s break from one routine into another.

I’d say the same thing about the Sun going into Virgo. So? To diet successfully, a person needs drive and commitment. We’re talking about Mars and Saturn.

So this is basic. To lose weight, you will have to try / strive (Mars) and sustain your effort (Saturn). Beyond this, there are many things that might get a person started.

In a lot of cases, it’s anger. Someone calls you, “fat”. You see your reflection in the mirror and become enraged. (Mars)

In some cases it’s rebellion (Uranus). No one things you can do it…or you’ve just had it with the status quo and want to change your life.

You may also just want to prove something to yourself. You might be inspired to take control of yourself (Saturn).

A person may opt to lose weight for pure vanity – Venus.

You see, I think the answer to this question is personal rather than universal.  What motivates you? What do you want in life?

Define that (Saturn) and tie it to your weight…you can be off and running (Mars).

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  1. Thanks, Elsa! For me, I think it’s more Saturn based. I want/need to find the commitment I had a few years ago, before mom died. I was utterly derailed after that & have not been able to find that level of commitment again. I hop on the wagon, only to hop right off. Very frustrating. ?

  2. With Jupiter in the first natally, it’s complicated. I’ve done it a few times, starting when I was 12! But it always creeps back up.

  3. I lost 60 pounds while Jupiter was in my 1st house. Of course, Saturn was also in my 6th house at the time. But I don’t think Jupiter in the 1st house is a good reason to put off a goal like that.

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      What are you looking

      It’s saturn , can be either in the first house Ascendant or the 6 which is health, also Pluto and Uranus in the exact order.

  4. Jupiter transiting my Virgo moon and Venus has left me with 30 extra pounds which seem to have materialized out of no where. If I’m going to gain 30 pounds I should have at least really enjoyed myself but no such luck just fat. Mars will cross my ascendant very soon and Saturn is turning direct in my first house so I am hoping that gives me the drive I need to take off the extra pounds Jupiter gifted me off 🙂

  5. Ugh! Diets. Jupiter in Virgo begsn transiting my progressed first house last October and suddenly, almost overnight, I gained 15 lbs and I can’t lose it even with the best of eating and detoxes. I usually have a high metabolism and lose quickly. 15 lbs doesn’t seem like much but on my petite frame, it’s the difference between a size 6 and a size 14. ? Thankfully, Jupiter is leaving next month so I will try again but I guess it’s also been an experience in learning how to be more comfortable and dress for my body’s larger size and to just enjoy food more (Jupiter transiting my natal 2nd)

  6. Well, I quit smoking when Mars was retro in Virgo a few years back.

    I’m way too skinny but it seems unlikely I can change that even though Jupiter is about to cj my Asc and enter my 1st house. Natal Saturn cj Venus opposite Moon; progressed Saturn on the Asc.

    1. With progressed Saturn on Asc. I would think that gaining weight would indeed be hard. I hope you have a good weight training regime, that will help a lot.

  7. Saturn for me too. I was at my slimmest and most toned when Saturn was trining my Sun (I was on a constant strict diet and exercising all the time). Now that Saturn is squaring my Asc I’ve been losing weight involuntarily, due to medical reasons, despite also having Jupiter transiting my 1st.

  8. Thanks so much for this topic I seriously need to lose weight for my wedding dress I have less than a year now and Jupiter is in my first house. Fortunately the Sun will get to my first house soon in Virgo.

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      What are you looking

      When my Saturn was in a period of ascended I lost 20 pounds, but honestly what we should Rely only on Saturn ? I’m still losing but I have tendency to inconsistency

  9. Elsa – not sure why my comment isn’t here, I had submitted an additional idea on using the energies of the waning moon (full to new) and if possible in a mutable sign for starting. Yes the diet is long-term, I get it but I note that when people start on a waxing/gibbous moon especially in Taurus, Cancer or Scorpio, which can tend to hold energy instead of release – it can discourage the dieter because results will not show and they think it is not working and might quit prematurely. If they decide to start then, I might mention that they may not see results right away and to wait until after the full moon to see some progress.

      1. Oh that explains a few things! I was reviewing where I had posted and none of my comments on any of your threads were showing. Thank you so much for looking into this and fixing it Elsa – you ROCK! 🙂

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