Mercury: What Dominates Your Thoughts?

“Well just tell me this,” my husband said. “When do you not think about sex?”

“Well…” I said, stalling for time. “I don’t know,” I blurted.Β  “Let me think about that.”

He laughed. “See?”

“Well wait a minute, let me think I said.”Β  I let my mind scan over a typical days thoughts. “I don’t know but I am sure I think of something besides sex.”

He stared.

“Occasionally, I think of something besides sex. I get on the cross-trainer and think about what I am going to write,” I said. But as soon as I did I realized sexual thoughts interfere with that probably every few minutes if not every few seconds.Β  “Okay, I do think about sex a lot. Oh my God, I think of sex all the time…”

This was stunning to me. I don’t think I go five minutes without a sexual thought… quintessential Mars conjunct Mercury.

Β What dominates your thinking? Where is your Mercury?

34 thoughts on “Mercury: What Dominates Your Thoughts?”

  1. *le sigh* Love and its (lack of) presence in my life. That’s so funny, you always post things with the best timing; you make me think about what I need to think about. Mercury in the 7th in Pisces conjunct Venus.

  2. ::grin:: I have more than a little of this myself. But in my case, it’s Mercury conjunct Pluto. And I bet the Pluto thoughts differ from the Mars thoughts in exactly the way you’d guess.

  3. I am mars merc myself, in Leo!

    what can I say… sex rules, (laughing)

    I think about love and music too, mec. sextile venus, mars trine neptune. both sextile uranus…

  4. mercury conjunct jupiter in leo. but i don’t think about myself as much as that might suggest because i have virgo. also a trine to moon-nep in sag so i like to think about the big picture.

  5. venusflytrap – I have Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Leo too πŸ™‚ I also like to think about the big picture, but I also think about myself a lot (Sun in Cancer in 1st) – my feelings, my limitations, the way others see me etc.

    And, just like Charlotte, I often think about the lack of love in my life, but I don’t know how this relates to my Mercury (not in 7th house or in aspect to Venus).

  6. Hmmm… My guy’s Mercury conjuncts Mars (and Jupiter). I wonder if he thinks about sex all the time? (LOL)

    My Mercury is in Taurus – cusp of 6th/7th, conjunct Venus and square Mars (Aquarius 4th). I playback conversations and have imaginary conversations in my head more than anything else… or I create scenarios, pictures, plan my day, all kinds of stuff. I try to avoid thinking about sex… now that I think about it – I am scared to think about sex too often… it becomes too “real” to me to even fantasize. Not sure how to explain this…

  7. 7th house piscean mercury. I think about my relationships constantly. however, sex gets immediately pulled into it cos of my third house scorpio mars.

  8. Mars conjunct mercury and I think about sex all the time. My SO says I want it at inappropriate times too…whatever πŸ™‚

    He can talk about something and my mind drifts off to us taking a shower and….

  9. @invisible79…looks like we were born in the same year. i guess there was a mercury retrograde in leo that year so we got cancers and virgos with merc-jup in leo! look at us, talking about ourselves.

  10. Not so much sex but love, love, love. Virgo Mercury in the 5th, unaspected except for a trine to the MC (Capricorn).

    I was always more romantic than sexual–I enjoy sex very much, but never made it the focus of my existence. Sure that’s due to all the Virgo in my chart (Mercury and a Venus/Pluto conjunction).

  11. I think about work and being creative. Mercury in scorpio in the first, trine saturn in cancer in the 9th, and trine jupiter in pisces in the 5th. I obsess about the next big project and wonder what I’m doing or not doing to get it.

    I wish I thought about sex πŸ˜›
    I definitely think about having fun.

  12. Hmmm. Is that what’s going on? Mercury widely conjunct mars in Virgo here, and Mercury conjunct pluto out of sign. My Virgo ascendant and Virgo sun are also in the mix conjunct mercury. The whole batch is being squared by Pluto right now… no wonder all I’m thinking about is sex.

  13. I think about me. *lol* Me, me, me, me, me, me, ME! πŸ˜€

    Not all the time, of course. But I do tend to think about how to best present myself in certain situations (realistic or not), why I react the way I do, how my perceptions are colored, and on and on. When I’m not thinking about me or my plans, I think about “big-deep” things, like politics and economics and what’s wrong with society and what we can do to make the world a better place and…
    Then the person sitting next to me starts talking about the weather and their baby’s diaper rash and I have to repress the urge to smack the shit out of ’em. πŸ˜‰

    Merc in Leo conjunct Sun and Saturn (in 3rd), trine Neptune.

  14. I hope this isn’t a dumb question… How does one think about sex all the time and not be, you know, turned on…? I mean, how do you function and carry on with day to day activities and get stuff done etc. etc? Whenever I start thinking about sex I need to be with a loved one or have complete privacy and do nothing else, LOL!

  15. HA! Listening to Taj Mahal and I came across this Mars-Mercury gem in “Little Red Hen Blues”:

    “You know
    I say the men don’t like me
    ’cause I speak my mind
    but the women crazy ’bout me
    ’cause I take-a, take-a, take-a, take my time”


  16. Scorpio Merc in the 3rd; BF is a Gemini Merc sextile Mars in Aries. We talk and text dirty when we’re not doing it (and talking even then)! I never thought about it until this post, but he is SO easily led in that direction. I get constant reports on his current state of arousal and what he wants to do the next time we’re together. I’m pretty forthright in my thoughts and attitudes about sex, but I would say that my expression is more elegant than his, which can tend towards crudeness. That said, we seem to set each other off in this area, it is a particular mix that generates a lot of energy. And also, I find myself unearthing and admitting to a lot of emotional stuff “during” and “after” which seems to come out of nowhere. (12H Mars activated somehow?)

  17. I’m not sure. I want to say nothing. I barely think about what I write when I’m not writing it, so I’m not sure music/astrology counts. Guess it depends on the day, or the hour, or the phase of life I’m in. Unless I’m worried or annoyed about something, and I’m not really doing anything, my mind is pretty clear.

    merc in gemini, 9th.

  18. Mercury in Aquarius on the descendant in the 6th square Mars Moon conjunction in Scorpio.

    I used to think about sex and be very sexual, but now I never think or do sex at all. I wonder if I am pitied. I live in the moment or I obsess about what I am understanding about the past, what I am doing now, what I am going to be doing and how to solve whatever is going on at the moment personally or globally. I have learnt to observe my negative thought patterns.

    Gosh, thinking sex seems like a much simpler existence.

  19. Elsa, this post made my Scorpio moon smile. Yeah, I think about sex all the time, too. That’s just a given with my moon. But with Mercury in Taurus in the 4th house…hmmm..your question got me thinking. I realize I also think about food a lot. Not dieting or what I can or cannot eat. No, I like to cook! And I think about recipes and what I’ll make on the weekend and freeze for lunches during the week. And when I’m not home, I think about my house because I love being there so much; it is truly my sanctuary. And I work (for fun) a lot at home, writing, which is, so I have come to understand, classic Mercury in 4th house aspect.

  20. L.C., for me, thinking about sex is just another way to engage with the senses…being sensual…which can eventually involve expression in listening to music, savoring a lovely meal, writing a poem that’s all about sex πŸ™‚ if one’s partner is not immediately available or if one is still seeking that beautiful being. But I agree–there are moments (or whole days) when just thinking about it requires private time in a dark room…

  21. Today my thoughts are dominated by getting ready to leave on a holiday. I have been out of town for five days, so there is a lot of things to think about.

    Whenever I can, I slip into the gap between thoughts and stay there as long as I can. As Mercury is retrograde throughout my holiday, I will have a lot of time to do this.

    Normally my thoughts are about love and relationships- new and existing ones, family.

    Finding pleasure, avoiding pain, sex, other sensual pleasures, appreciating beauty, peaceful and harmonious surroundings.

    An internal conflict that alternates with the desire to be alone sometimes, and the need/ want to be with people I like and to find people of like mind.

    Work, markets, finding the right people. Also recent obsession with learning about astrology. Endless really but there is a start.

  22. Avatar
    Kathy (Donovan) Crabb

    I have Mercury conjunct Sun spanning the IC, both in Scorpio. I think about depths, memory and unconscious stuff so much that I tend to miss what’s going on in front of me. Also, both oppose Saturn in Taurus at the MC so I’m constantly trying to manifest my thoughts into something more tangible.

    Oh, and sex. I mean: Scorpio? Taurus? Come on!

  23. Mars-Merc conjunction in Libra and sex is very low on the totem pole. I have been in acute survival mode for so long, how I am going to keep body and soul each day is what occupies my every thought.

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