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The chart of the day of a wedding is interesting on a number of levels.ย  This gal is getting married on a day when the aspects reflect a deep, lasting commitment.ย  Something in line with a sacrament rather than an experiment or drive-though wedding in Las Vegas. I wrote this:

“…If I advance the chart to 3 hours beyond the ceremony, what I see is people post having witnessed something very deep and very deeply moving. I don’t know what you are looking for here, as far as your reception goes.

You know how sometimes people marry and it’s a big joke to the people at the wedding? No one thinks is it going to last? This is opposite that. People are going to know they’ve witnessed a real joining of two people…”

What was the tone of the day when you married?

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  1. A-Rae, I can’t do that because of privacy.

    My wedding chart was super airy and eccentric, lol. I had someone else elect it because I’m to close to the situation.

    V – definitely would love to work with you on that. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Mine had a grand trine in air. And Sag Jupiter on the MC. It was also my Venus return, though I knew nothing of the astrology at the time. It was a very emotional wedding, with the moon/chiron conjunct Aquarius Asc.

    Also a mutable t-square between Mars/Pluto/Sun for good measure. I don’t do anything in my life without the sun squaring Pluto apparently. 8th house sun, no less.

  3. Awwwwww! That is so sweet! ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s the wedding-type chart I would want. Deep. Long-lasting. Fulfilling. Why else would someone get married?

  4. Mine had a grand trine in water. (I had to go look up the date to make sure, heh.) All trines and oppositions – everything is all tied up in something else. Pluto on the Ascendant, on the 12H side.

    The attitude of the day? Most everyone was rushed and irritated and moody, and I figured it would all pass. Some of the friends/family had their polite game face on. Some were cranky. Some showed up as late as possible and left as early as possible. I don’t actually have many good memories of the day, and I just realized that. Huh. Interesting.

    12H Pluto is pretty well appropriate for that marriage, though. Everything was awesome until we got married, then all the ugly came out and not much was awesome until we split up. *shrug*

  5. You must have seen my first one as it looked spot on what you said, exactly “You know how sometimes people marry and itโ€™s a big joke to the people at the wedding?” It was a big joke and later after the divorce every person I spoke with said the same thing, “we knew it wouldn’t last”
    And I warp myself beyond belief for these people, ugh!!!

  6. My wedding was like the ultimate party; everybody had an amazing time. However, some people probably knew it wouldn’t last (including me, long story).

    Later I found out that date is also Hitler’s birthday, but I’d relate that more to the crappy marriage than to the super-fun wedding day.

  7. Josephine – Hitler’s birthday is in the cusp of power… and is the day (or two) before my own!

    My sister is getting married next summer and I just had a look at the chart for the new time… I feel a thread post coming on!

  8. My wedding was last-minute and minimal…I got married in a borrowed dress with $20 worth of flowers… reception or party afterward! So, the event itself was nothing special….however, I feel we have a very fortunate wedding chart…we are still going strong today.

    Moon-Venus-Neptune conjunct in 7th in Sag
    Stellium in Libra in the 5th
    Mars all alone in Virgo in the 4th
    Sun in Scorpio in the 6th

  9. My wedding (chart) was stablised with Saturn aspects, good ones plus a Saturn Venus conjunct in 8th. It lasted 7+7married years. The ceremony itself? One man’s wife said she had never seen him cry except there. Scorpio Ascendant, deep moving, Mercury in Leo, dramatic
    Uranus was exactly conjunct the IC, now its transiting my 4th, the demise…

  10. I just found this via Google. I’d like to research before creating a thread at the forum. I married my first husband at the drive-up window in Vegas on November 22, 1995. Of course our marriage was a joke…mainly because he was still married to his first wife! It was null and void. My first real wedding took place on a mountain (it’s really a hill) in Austin on December 29, 2000. People were joyous. The ceremony took place at sunset. After we kissed red, purple and yellow balloons were released to the sky. My second wedding took place on a new age minister’s sofa in Albuquerque on April 22, 2005. Joyous occasion. Much celebration. I want to marry my Capricorn Catholic Latino fiance in the Catholic church but that takes preparation. The lady at St. Paul’s laughed when I told her I want to get married on December 23rd. So. We will marry at city hall on that date, take catechism classes together and marry in the church at a later date. I’m a bit worried now, though, because the moon leaves Libra for Scorpio early that morning. I’m playing around with our wedding chart at This marriage has to last. My fiance is fifteen years older than me and says he’ll die first. I don’t see that. I see his beautiful brown hands scattering my ashes.

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    Hildegards girl

    Unless the couple has a comminity surrounding it to support and help both people through its trials, Ive frequently observed an inverse proportional relationship between the size and lavishness of the wedding and the length of the marraige.
    Too much focus on the wedding sometimes shows less focus on what happens afterwards I find.

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