What Is Transcendence? 12th House

elsa-in-the-desertHi Elsa,

It is mentioned a lot on your blog- and excuse me for my humble question but –
What exactly is transcendence?
What exactly is transcending?
How do you translate this energy into action?


Hi, Leo. What a great question.

I do use the word a lot. It would not have occurred to me, it’s meaning is vague but I can see now that it is.

Here is the definition from Merriam-Webster:

1a : exceeding usual limits : surpassing
b : extending or lying beyond the limits of ordinary experience
c in Kantian philosophy : being beyond the limits of all possible experience and knowledge
2: being beyond comprehension
3: transcending the universe or material existence — compare immanent 2
4: universally applicable or significant

When I use the word it simply means, “to rise above”. I’m pretty sure that short definition addresses all three of your questions.  But I can tell you more.

I associate the phenomena of transcendence with the 12th house. I also think that this is how all problems are solved. I made a video about this once –  How To Solve All Problems With The Natural Zodiac. I confused a number of people so I made two more videos trying to explain. Not sure if I was successful but you can check them out.

Transcendence is tied to faith.  12-steppers (and others) have a phrase “Give it to God”.  If you take this advice, you leave the problem to God, which allows you to transcend it.  You are no longer dealing with it.

If you’re uncomfortable with “God” then you can let the “Universe” sort it out. I think they are the same thing!

Back to my simple terms, you can be dealing with a problem on the ground, worrying about it, or fighting it out. Someone says something nasty. You say something nasty. They say something nasty. This goes on and on, until someone rises above the conflict.

The same thing applies to anything that’s blocking you. The move comes easier to some than it does to others.

How easy it is for you to rise above or transcend a problem or conflict? Or alternately, what does “transcendence” mean to you?

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7 thoughts on “What Is Transcendence? 12th House”

  1. I grew up in a household that valued proof. If you made a statement it wasn’t to be taken at face value you had to prove your statement or your point back it up with empirical data like a dictionary or some other tome. It was not that anyone thought you were lying but more a disassemble of any thing that was said like a scientific dissection and was up for debate. I didn’t realize this was viewed by the rest of the world as argumentative. It was not until my 2nd husband informed me that this incited anger in him of which he had a difficult time transcending. Though it took a while for me to stop doing this it is one of the nicest gifts my X-husband ever gave me. Best part is he didn’t realize he gave me the gift of transcendence. Now I can spot this type of mind set a mile away and I know how to counter it for the most part sometimes I get sucked into this but not often. Now I’m viewed by others as being very difficult to rouse to anger or argument for that matter even by my current husband and I believe it is part of the reason for our marriage lasting 18 years and counting. It is not always easy to transcend some situations but most can be.

  2. Seeing “what’s in it for me” helps. It’s hard to forgive if I feel like I’m giving something up or that a wrong hasn’t been righted or that someone is getting away with something or that life has been cruel to me. But when I see that carrying that unresolved issue around is hurting me and holding me back, it becomes a lot easier to bury it for good. Transcending is to our benefit. By letting go, a person can remove the rock they’re carrying around on their back. It’s smart and it makes us more like God in that we can love unconditionally.

  3. this popped up today from a Priest over in Knoxville

    What Is It That Leads People Into the Catholic Church …

    “When I was studying theology I took a class on the thought of Bl. John Henry Cardinal Newman. It was in that class that I first heard the term, ‘The Illative Sense.’ Fundamentally, the illative sense in regards to faith, is that capacity that the human person has to draw from a multitude of converging and intersecting common human experiences the belief and sure conviction that there is a transcendent dimension to reality and that there is a personal God who seeks encounter with us.”


    1. That quote is very good. What is says to me is, “if you go there, you’re not going to care about your internet squabble.” 🙂

      You’ll have risen, way, WAY above. 🙂

  4. Avatar
    Warped by Wuthering Heights

    I have rarely found it difficult to transcend conflict with others. Sag on Cusp of 12th, Cap Mars inside it.
    But how do you transcend or rise above when the conflict/block is within yourself (indecision, fog)?
    I have Cap Mars in 12th, Aries Sun opposite Libra Neptune square Nodes, Pluto currently transiting Cap Ascendant/NN, Uranus closing in on Sun, Neptune now opposing 8th house Moon. Feeling so stuck!

  5. It used to be very hard for me to transcend. Very low self-esteem. Such a dark sense of self, attracted terrible love partners.

    I started transcending and my true Pisces self came out.

  6. I’m very 12th house (Sun, Venus, Merc, Jupiter, Saturn, & Pisces rising) and very Aquarian, Sun conjunct SaturnVenusJupiter square Neptune. One reputable person looked at my palm and said in certain cases he couldn’t really offer very much either way. I broke the alcoholism/abuse chain in my family 18 years ago. But rather than that altering my fate, i think it WAS my fate to do so. My life and my chart have a just-so quality to me. Being so Neptunian, i can drift out into powerlessness. Saturn conjunct Sun pulls me back. It’s relentless, but never dull. It’s what it is.

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