Are All Men Jackals?

I’m fascinated with the secret lives of men. Any woman who moves into a male barracks or goes undercover as a gay man is not messing around on this front. I’m even scoping when I take my son to the skateboard park. Yes, I know girls ride skateboards however I have yet to see one at this park on a weekday afternoon. I am able to observe the boys in their habitat.

I feel if you want to know about men you have to get it from the source and for the last 20 years or so, my friend Ben has been a good one. Considering Ben is gay and consequently surrounded by men, he has nothing but experience and insight into them. His Moon in Aries doesn’t hurt either. So I have always quizzed him for almost decades and now I do the same with the soldier.

The soldier has also spent most his life around men and recently we had this conversation:

“So you think most of them cheat? The women at home cheat on the soldier while he’s away?” I asked.

“Yes. The women cheat pretty much across the board. I am sure there are some exceptions. I have always thought you’d have been an exception but me personally? I’m not sure I can think of one soldier I know who didn’t get cheated on.”

“That is absolutely incredible,” I said. “I am astonished.”

“Well you would be, but this is the case. Everyone I know who was out there for any amount of time got cheated on. It happens so routinely it’s almost comical. Because everyone thinks it’s not going to happen to them. They think, she’ll never cheat on me and then they do,” he said with a laugh.

“No kidding? What’s up with these women?” I asked. “The women who marry military.”

“Oh, they’re just women. They are whoever they are. Some of them are cheaters and I am sure some of them are not cheaters and have no intention of cheating but they wind up doing it anyway.”


“Get tricked by some guy. That happens a lot of the time. The women left at home are targeted.”


“Yeah. Everyone knows these girls are alone. Everyone knows they need some dick.”

I laughed.

“Well it’s true. So these guys come around and they just keep coming around until they get her pants off her and there you go.’

“Is that how it works?”

“That’s how it works. Men are jackals, P. They’re animals, I don’t know what else to tell you. And again, I am sure there are exceptions. I am sure there are some guys whose women didn’t cheat. I just don’t happen to know any.”


“None I can think of.”

20 thoughts on “Are All Men Jackals?”

  1. I don’t know any woman that has married a military man and cheated. I am one of those that didn’t and won’t. I used to get with the ladies and we would go places together so we wouldn’t be targeted by the jackals.

  2. I also doubt if women who marry military men, both having chosen that lifestyle, are “just women” being whoever they are. I have seen a high preponderance of Uranus signatures for obvious reasons (the ability to feel comfortable with and need a lot of independence and freedom). That doesn’t necessarily translate into cheating. I grew up around military people and lived a chunk of my adult life with many friends in the military, and the percentage who cheat doesn’t seem outside the range of normal, which in my experience is a minority for women and more for men who often have that natural propensity to spread the seed.

  3. You didn’t give an option for ‘sometimes’, because as a former military wife, I know the women are just as guilty as the men. Yes, sometimes the men come sniffing around, persistent buggers, but most of the women I know held fast and stayed true. And this includes the fact that the Soldiers were gone for 1.5 years to Iraq, while a bunch of us stayed behind in Germany. And most of the women that cheated, myself included, already had issues in their marriages, and falling into the arms of another man was just another (albeit stupid) option.

  4. I lived with my dad throughout my teen years and have always had male friends (venus aries) whose minds i’ve interrogated and the verdict to me seems to be, some men are some men arent and that goes for women too. I personally dont feel it’s more ‘natural’ for men to do it as i’ve known plenty of women as willing to ‘spread their seed’, thats just a line been fed to excuse their behaviour imo as all sorts of things go on in the natural world. Women if they are that way inclined tend to hide it better is all. And of the military, of which i know not much but have heard tales, well girls come on to soldiers dont they? I’m sure for every woman that cheats on her soldier, theres a soldier doing the same to his woman. Guess we all have the potential to be jackals in a time of need, depends on our principals to how we respond.

  5. I like Z’s “We all have the potential to be”. I know I’ve hunted down guys before and I still have this taurus doggin’ my heels even though I’ve expressed my disinterest clearly.

    I think however most men aren’t predominantly jackal. ‘Cause jackals are looking to pick off the weak, they’re scavengers. All the men I know, at least the worthwhile ones are looking for something more than an easy lay, and not to contradict the soldier but if they need to dog at her heels then I’m not sure they’re jackals either. Predators fer sure. And in that case, I definitely don’t think all men are predators.

    I might give all men are hunters . .

  6. Some people are jackals. Haven’t you met those women, Elsa? Granted there may seem like more of them are men, but I think that’s because of our culture. Women who are jackals try to pretend otherwise, and the men brag about it.

  7. some men are jackals, and some women, too. but even if the women left behind are targeted, it doesn’t mean they have no choice in the matter.

    i wonder if the amount of cheating is different for different branches of the service, too. special forces is the most intense, from what i gather anyway, knowing very little about it. maybe a different kind of person marries a special forces soldier? maybe they have a different type of relationship than some others.

  8. If I’m not mistaken, didn’t the term “swingers” (as in mate-swapping) originate with the military, somehow…?

    Besides, think about it: soldiers go off and fight. Other men stay behind and chase the women. After a few hundred generations, we might actually breed warfare out of the species.

  9. Dunno, Matthew. Soldiers, whores and astrologers, we’ve been around forever and I suspect as long as people walk the earth…

  10. Living here in Killeen/Ft. Hood, Texas (largest military installation in the U.S.) you see that a lot around here. But I should point out, there are many young couples in the military who probably weren’t ready to be married in the first place. I’m talking late, late teens–early twenties.
    At the same time, there are a lot of faithful people too. My mom was a miltary wife for 20 years, and the most loyal lady I know (and my dad was away a lot).
    But yeah, I do see a lot of jackals around these parts.

  11. I agree – some are, some aren’t; also, I don’t buy that men “cajole, trick” women into cheating – they know exactly what they are doing, and are equally “guilty”. You either stick to your commitments, or you don’t. For me there is no grey area on this.

  12. Pixie’s lesson for the day:

    “Dentro ogni uomo dorme un porco”. (DEN-tro ohn-yee woh-mo, DOR-may oon por-coh.)

    There is a sleeping pig inside every man. That is, given the opportunity, they will all take what they can get.

    Some are more honorable than that. I think it’s true for Italian men, though.

  13. “So these guys come around and they just keep coming around until they get her pants off her and there you go.”

    That sound like the exact routine most of the guys I know. It doesn’t matter if the girl is married, coupled, single, no matter how little hope exists, they just persistently lean on a woman until they fall over with their panties on the floor. If ever one of my guy pals gets it on the first try, he is astonished and confused. They avoid the woman thereafter out of sheer incomprehension. They feel as though they’ve been tricked somehow. Not all guys are like this, just the fellows I know.

    Women go for the throat, there is no leaning or circling the block. Women approach cheating and/or commitment with precision and suppressed meditation like it’s a matter of live and death. Overall we would have to be the more mysterious.

  14. pixiedust: hahaha!! another italian detto: un pelo di mona, tira 50 cavalli… one pussy hair pulls 50 horses- i think it works both ways, but yeah, i think there is a sleeping pig in all men(not just italians) and sleeping whore in all women…sometimes it-she never wakes up.

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