What To Expect From Jupiter in Capricorn

Capricorn brown goatJupiter will enter Capricorn on December 3rd, 2019. It will remain in the sign of it’s fall until December 18th, 2020.

You’ll fare well with Jupiter in Capricorn if you’re willing to cultivate a “mature perspective”. It’s a matter of keeping a foot on the ground as you shoot for the moon.

The #1 phrase associated with this placement is “cautious optimism”.

“The harder I work, the luckier I get”, is another one.

You can see the similarity there but Jupiter in Capricorn is hardly defined or limited to the idea of you luck being cut off.

In reality, we progress as the planets move through the signs.  Jupiter is associated with storytelling and/or your journey though life… and beyond.  The planet is connected to vision and more specifically, your vision of your future.

With Jupiter in Sagittarius all doors are open. You can head in any direction, towards any horizon you like.  This is great!   But for the story to advance, a person has to choose a direction and commit to it. This shift will occur, naturally, when Jupiter enters Capricorn.

Does this mean you have fewer options? That doors will close?

Yes. But as a trade off, you’ll be headed somewhere real.

As an example, my 20-year-old son is ambitious. He’s a Taurus and he’s always wanted a lot of money.  He’s in college now, studying engineering. All doors are open.

Within a year, he’ll apply his education (Jupiter) in the workplace (Saturn).  He’ll commit to a job and begin to manifest his vision in the real world.  Is that not progress?

With Jupiter in Capricorn, you can expect to commit to a path. That path should be well defined, especially as Jupiter advances into the sign.

If your story fits this outline, you can feel confident you’re on track.

To fare well with Jupiter in Capricorn be willing to persevere on your chosen path, even if the going gets rough.

Update – November 13, 2019 –  Jupiter will ingress into Capricorn in less than three weeks. This is the time to the fix your perspective!

Specifically, I’m noticing a lot of people have a negative way of looking at things.  You may be constantly attacked to work, or under some kind of pressure, so you think of that as opposed to thinking about how the people attacking you have failed to take you out!

You’re about to commit (Capricorn) to some kind worldview (Jupiter). Let optimism and gratitude be part of your big picture!

Where are you headed with Jupiter in Capricorn?

38 thoughts on “What To Expect From Jupiter in Capricorn”

  1. I don’t know anything, I am just a novice to astrology, but I would say Jup in Cap will be the last hurrah for big institutions.

    They will have a final power grab.

    Cap tends to think rules work forever, they do not.

    1. Kudos, I agree. I too am not a greatly learned student of astrology.Here in Louisiana, many are so vested in a college and pro False God’s, idols worshipping, to be concerned, we as a nation , heyday is behind us, not before us. Thank You.
      May the great spirits, continue to annoint, your knowledge.

  2. My granddaughter is Capricorn
    She is starting 3rd year nursing major and doing her clinicals in large hospital in Boston ,she has a plan to move to DC in January to finish out year and looking at John Hopkins university talk about the moon
    So proud she has managed all this with 2 side jobs, my little Cappy

  3. This Libra has been watching the 2020 Capricorn avalanche approaching for years, through binoculars, warily…

  4. my older and retired (70ish) brother keeps sending me books and websites to go to about retirement and social security. I’m in my early 60’s and he says do your homework about social security and don’t leave money on the table. I really don’t want to work until I’m in my 70’s, but both my older brother and sister did, my sister in her 70’s even went back to work part time to afford traveling which she loves. I know I should listen to them, at least to learn as much as I can about social security and retirement plans before the time comes. That’s my Capricorn story. Capricorn 7th house , so Jupiter will be going into my 7th house in December.

  5. I’ve been working VERY hard in college, psychology and religious studies. My GPA is high, I do proctoring and have a teacher who is willing to guide me through.

    I foresee a path towards something firm, regarding a role within some therapeutic center, or perhaps teaching.

    Jupiter will be conjunct my natal Jupiter and Neptune, trine my Taurus Moon. Optimism and opportunity will emerge, and I’m willing to remain honest and hard-working to get there.

  6. 3 degrees Capricorn is my Jupiter return, it’s got me thinking a lot about where I want to be headed at this time. With my Moon at 1 degree Capricorn (and both Jupiter & the Moon opposing my Cancer Sun) how I feel about where I’m headed has always played an important role. Personally, the trade-off of having some doors closed, but to be headed in a ‘real’ direction seems like a fair trade (for me) especially with my kids almost grown. Deciding what ‘child’ to take on/what to do next is high on my list of things to figure out.

  7. When Pluto was squaring Uranus I swore big business would fall and as Uranus entered Taurus I thought it would be the fallout/change from that.
    I feel all of the above is still in progress as Uranus starts it’s lil Rx dance.
    However I look fwd to this transit.
    I’m a Taurus and shortly after Jupe’s ingress Uranus will go direct.
    Both should ‘meet’ my Sun (conjunct/trine) WITH my Sun near my birthday.
    I’m hoping a good time will be had by all.
    Quirkily unpredictable yet focused and fun if not liberating.
    (Underneath all of this merriment will be quite the poignant square with my Moon/Mars conjunct in Aq).
    Sun -8
    Moon/Mars – 5

  8. This occurs in my 2nd house through 18*. He will first oppose my Moon in Gemini 8H and then move onto oppose the Sun and Merc in 8H. Im looking forward to drafting plans to remodel my house, i have considered many options including adding a second floor up to buying the property next to mine to increase size and space for living and entertaining. Ive reconsidered all of it since now the home is only occupied by 2 people that love to entertain! I will keep my renovation in scope of adding a few elements that are important to me (Fireplace, Studio, second bathroom and a front porch). This will cut my budget to 30% of the original plan and still allow me to expand and get my wishes for a more comfortable and entertaining space.

  9. Jupiter will soon conjunct my 4th House natal Saturn at 1 Capricorn, at around the same time as my progressed Jupiter crosses from 3rd House Scorpio to Sagittarius. Then the January 2012 super conjunction hits all my angles at 22 degrees (Ascendant at 22 Virgo). I have no idea how this will pan out, but for some weeks now I’ve sensed a powerful something rising up within me. I feel liberated, confident, strong. Now when I look at the world it’s like I have X-ray vision. I see everything. Even my physical appearance is changing – those who haven’t seen me for a while do a double take. My hair is longer (it’s never grown, until now) my skin looks younger, I feel a vitality I haven’t felt for years. I’m wearing different clothes, completely different colours. Friends tell me I look great – and also how relaxed I seem. Power and peace. I don’t know where this is going, but I’m both curious and excited. Bring it on!

  10. wow just in time, and i start full time work by December too. ^^ and less traveling worldwide (bye bye Sag Jupiter) *sniffs* see you later, but hopefully soon.

    1. omgosh it didnt work out sadly due to pandemic march 2020 🙁 everyone was forced to stay home, and businesses closed down.
      who would have known that capricorn stellium/ and part of jupiter capricorn brought us into hiding(restriction and world wide pandemic) i think on the positive front: nature/the world itself got cleaner, no pollution due to no airlines, no traffic, no people outside much; and earth was healing during this time.

  11. “As an example, my 20-year-old son is ambitious. He’s a Taurus and he’s always wanted a lot of money. He’s in college now, studying engineering. All doors are open.”

    Kids gonna make some decent money. And if he’s genius enough, he’ll become a millionaire one day!

      1. anonymoushermit

        I remember once seeing a picture of him you posted on here. My Pisces intuition felt that he would be either a mechanic, or an engineer.

        This was before you told us about his schooling and major, etc, etc.

        And congrats on his 401K, you should be proud!

  12. Oh goody in my second house along with pluto and Saturn. Jupiter in Sag should have been my year !! but it has been the worst so far.
    Needless to say I am not very optimistic about the transit.

  13. Capricorn is in my 4th house. Rules my 5th.
    This makes sense. I feel my warm cozy somewhat dillusional homelife slipping away. Jupiter will make my house look like its made of straw when it joins the pluto saturn conjunction. A few parting shots in the 5th before leaving this unmerciful sign into Aquarius.
    Points for moving through next year with my eyes shut? At least I wont have to worry about flinching before I get the sock in the jaw. The element of surprise will be my gift to me and help me just deal with it.

  14. well I am starting new part time job,it’s putting a little nervous and hopeful and proud in me,overall has had a nice effect on my emotions.

  15. Jupiter in Capricorn will be transiting my 3rd house, which is empty – whole lotta nothing going on.
    I hope it stays this way!!!

  16. I can’t tell you other than self actualization and maturity is like pulling teeth for me. People around me have Capricorn stelliums. I am connected to Neptune right now and wanted to write this down. The Capricorn energy around me is related to ambition in the arts. I am desperate to be surrounded by people like this. We are terrified by the cost of creativity yet hopeful and wanting to be something when it comes to this. All the Capricorn people around me have some Uranus Neptune or Neptune influence. I think pure ambition for money and boring desk jobs are pointless shit and may I continue to think that and save myself from my boring inside. I was desperate for a ladder out and some hope that art is possible. The Capricorn people all care about the reputation that comes from creativity. It is a beautiful thing. I’ve had some Pluto transits and am still pathetically weak and unable to literally or figuratively climb the tiniest mountains. My mars pulled away from a progressed Neptune on the midheaven in Capricorn. I still know less than nothing and am weak and un self actualized. I need to kick myself in the butt. I know what it is to take a truly random series of first steps. All of my friends work on their creativity and I am fueled by watching them. I am a pathetic lump.

  17. I have not had time to look in-depth how this is affecting my chart. I am sun Taurus, asc. Pisces, prominent Sadge Moon conj. my MC. I have been taking metalsmithing/silversmithing classes in the evenings after work. I plan on working towards making jewelry my full-time job and this is the first big step. Hoping Jupiter will help me keep the “fire lit” as the saying goes. =D

  18. What if you still don’t know, at this point, what you should commit to?

    I’m looking at going back to school, either to become a nurse or a counselor. (I’ve also considered the holistic route.) But I’ve also thought about pursuing one or two book ideas from the past that never materialized.

    Will I get clarity once Jupiter enters Capricorn, or will I just have to pick a path and work on that?

    1. This sounds well defined to me. You want to help people in a way that will require you to get more training or education.

      At this point, refine your thinking. Take all the data and ask what’s practical.

      If it were me, hands down, be a nurse! It’s a solid career, period, and you’re at an age where you need something like this. As far as I know, you’ve been in or around healthcare since you first arrived here. What are you waiting for? 🙂

      The field has chosen you.

        1. eh, I don’t know growing up with my mother as a nurse, I beg to differ. But, to each their own. I guess it depends on what kind of nursing… ie RN or practitioner obv differ. But, I’ve just seen the agony of the ceiling and the hierarchy of doctors having all the power play out in negative ways in my mother’s life.

  19. im to messed up to think about any of this. i went insane it august thinking unspeakable things and able to visualize them. was never able to do that before. im starting to see fractals when i close my eyes and go into a light meditative state.

    i see things moving at the coroner of my eyes now. this Saturn in Capricorn is very hard because Pluto is in Capricorn also that only happens every 250 years. now Jupiter is coming into Capricorn. then i heard from the leo king that Saturn has not even eaten his children yet and that Saturn is also powerful in Aquarius. i wont last 5 more years of losing my mind.

  20. I am looking forward to my 6th Jupiter Return. For the last few years I’ve been writing a long work of fiction. I have prepared for this by majoring in English Literature in college, a journey I started after my 1st Saturn return and birthing four sons. One of my sons said “Mom, you are the most overly prepared author, ever.” My journey as a writer is very Jupiter in Capricorn. My plan is to self publish the first volume of the story during my Jupiter return. I plan to have 2-3 volumes already written and waiting to be published. I learned that by setting goals, working hard, and staying true to the vision, great things can be manifested.

  21. Last time I wrote about goats. Relevant, but …

    On a more serious note. The 1st week or so of Jupiter’s ingress in Cap, should be very exciting. Why? Because Venus will still be Out of Bounds going wild in Cap. As Venus edges closer to conjunction with Saturn, then Pluto, she gets a grip and returns within bounds.

    It seems to me, that the 1st week of Jupiter in Cap, sounds like a mighty good time for me to enjoy a little Venusian wildness!

  22. Committing to a path? That’s frightening. I can feel change coming, but have no clue what that will be. I’ve been here before around 1990. I have made path changes that were naturally flowing. But this one and that 1990 one, are different in that I sense it coming but have no clue as to what it is. In 1990 I knew it involved a relocation so I guess that is what is freaking me out a bit. The possibility that it involves re-location. I am snug where I am. But one thing I know, when the call comes I have to go. Am trying not to sweat it. Because sweating it, could block what is coming next for me? That could lead to undesirable consequences. Darn NN in Sag. It’s progressed to Scorpio so maybe the change is more internal? Blah blah blah, I just don’t know.

  23. All this Saturn activity will be lighting up my 8th house (according to Whole Sign) which is where Uranus and Neptune are located for myself.

    I have definitely felt this: “But for the story to advance, a person has to choose a direction and commit to it… Does this mean you have fewer options? That doors will close? Yes. But as a trade off, you’ll be headed somewhere real.”

    This has occurred in my life already. And surprise surprise, with Jupiter going from my 7th to 8th, it’s been affecting my relationships. Two weeks ago I ended a friendship. It has changed the entire dynamic of the rest of my community because we’re all very close.

    It has been bittersweet to lose what was while also anticipating that what is to come is going to be in much better and more mature alignment with who I am growing into.

    When I met all these people 7 months ago it was as if all options were open. It was wonderful and adventurous. But now I’m getting more adjusted and grounded and I want more respectful and healthier friendships. That one person in the group was not able to be a part of where I’m headed. That’s ok! They’re headed on their own journey, as I am on mine.

    In the wake of it I have felt so much past trauma flare up. These triggers bring up dissociation, old trauma responses, confusion, and overwhelming hurt (physical and emotional). I wonder if this relates to the 8th house Uranus and Neptune? I don’t know.

  24. My Capricorn is also more or less the same as my 6th house. I am a freelance writer.I’e been looking around for part time or Christmas jobs to pay off my debts and I’ve already improvements in self discipline. I saw a motivation speaker on the internet a few weeks ago and she got me getting up early in the morning. It seems to be a habit now and it is having a knock on effect in all aspects of my life.

  25. Jupiter,Saturn and Pluto all transiting my 7th house. My plan is to keep working 2 and more years to maximise my social security and build up my 401 k. Its a struggle but I keep plugging away. I just hope Pluto doesn’t blow up social security and it’s still available when I retire.

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