After A Pluto Transit – What You Have Is A Void

void.jpgD. wrote on Did Not Mean To Scare:

“I hope after this transit things will be better for you.”

Thank you, I hope so too but I’ve got to tell you, I have no “hopes and dreams and wishes” any more. I suffered a total wipeout on that front.

At the end of this transit, I’m in a void space when it comes to what I would like to see or have happen in my life. I just haven’t got the slightest idea. I am still in the process of losing. These next few weeks may turn out to be the worst yet, I just don’t know.

I think it’s over but the crying, but as far as having an inkling of what may grow on this scorched earth, you may see it but I cannot. I look out at the Sagittarius future and I see nothing…. not a thing.

Whatever happens, I can say I did my best and I did it every single day no matter how hard it was or how it appeared to the onlooker. I am not sure what else God wants.

11 thoughts on “After A Pluto Transit – What You Have Is A Void”

  1. Wow, that’s how I feel too.
    I stopped envisioning any kind of future after my Pluto-Sun transit. Sometimes I try but everything, anything, seems highly unlikely. Until it happens and it’s the present.

    Those ‘envision your goals’ kind of suggestions simply don’t work for me anymore.

  2. Maybe it is a blessing in disguise to have one’s habitual focus on the future thrashed so fully out of them that all one can do is focus on the present. I don’t know it’s just a thought. I have not walked a mile in your shoes, just my own crooked walk. I know for myself that I still spend a little too much time thinking about the future.

  3. Me too. Not much to grab onto anymore, just the tiny bits of happiness I come across in the present moment. And actually, it feels like enough. Just one thing at a time, as it comes.

  4. Wow, totally empathize/agree. My Sun’s 22 Sag and moon at 22 Virgo, so got the double whammy a few years back of exact pluto transits to both simultaneously…

    I think these days now that I ‘should’ set new long-term goals, etc., since it’s been a few years, but honestly, it devastated my life so much for a while there that I feel kind of blank, like I’m not sure what I want anymore, and also I feel scarred from the deep experiences I went through that are too much for many people to even listen to, much less live through. I’m wondering if things will feel different at all after Pluto finally moves out of Sag completely?

    Well spoken, Elsa.

  5. Feeling it here too. The person that I “lost” and I both have Pluto squaring our Venuses, theirs in Pisces, mine in Virgo. Not to mention my Pluto square Pluto that’s still going on.

    With this transit going on, I know this has got to be as painful for them as it is for me. I have no way of getting in touch with them. I can’t process anything, can’t get the real story, and that’s driving me nuts, with 3 Virgo planets.

    I feel as wiped out as I did after Pluto squared my Sun, when I was in my late teens/early 20s.

    As much as I’d like this person back in my life, with Pluto involved, I may have to accept that they may be gone forever. It hurts. Is it for the best? Only time will tell…

    1. I think Pluto asks us to accept the impermanence of everything, but that includes pain. You won’t feel this way forever.

  6. I had to give up my dreams years ago. My dad was in neverending drain-circling health limbo and I didn’t know if/when it would ever end, and eventually it was like, “You’re just going to have to wait with no hope for that stuff.”

    A year and a half after it ended, I still don’t know and never did get it back.

  7. That’s how I feel right now. And my transit is far from over. It’s going to peak two years from now.

  8. Ascendant at 12 cap. I have no job, no relationship and am hardly seeing my friends because I don’t want pity. I am hoping my descent into the underworld is over soon and I can start to climb out.

    1. “Descent into the Underworld” is such an accurate way to put it that it gave me chills. Wishing you well.

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