What’s The Best Way To Deal With A Powerful, Unnerving Woman?

I was working with a gal who has dealings with another woman who’s behavior is unnerving. The woman in question has a powerful chart. I don’t think my client can do much to alter her behavior.

I likened her to a homing pigeon.  They’re going to do what they’re going to do.

“If you can detach your personal feelings, this becomes a study in people. Three leaf clover, three leaf clover, three leaf clover…four leaf clover!

She’s a four leaf clover…”

There are things you can and cannot see in chart. This is one of the things you can see in most cases. Someone who is not going to budge or alter their pattern!

I admit, a person can be a four-leaf-clover pain, but people like this keep it interesting as far as diversity goes.

Do you know any four leaf clovers?


20 thoughts on “What’s The Best Way To Deal With A Powerful, Unnerving Woman?”

  1. funny, I thought of my mom as well. she’s got a first house pile-up, incl. AC/Moon/Pluto/Sun/Mars, spanning Leo and Virgo, and another 3-planet stellium from Virgo to Libra. She’s well-known as being fiery and strongly opinionated, but extremely dependable and loyal.

  2. Yeah, that’s what I am talking about, Firecat. Let’s say someone sees her and wonders about shifting her around or when she might shift around on her own. Answer is no.

    There is a gal in my Woman’s club, she’s in her 80’s. She is from Texas, and Fuck You. She ain’t doin’ a damned thing, she don’t want to do!

    I think she’d hilarious. Aquarian..

  3. My mama…lol. She’s a Leo with a stubborn Taurus moon. Trying to get her to do something she’s against is like trying to move mountains.

    All my siblings and I can do is sit back and watch. LOL

  4. I suspect I am one. Sprinkle in a little flexibility here and there, but. You know. Pluto’s there. It’s more like I am a 5 leaf clover. 4’s lucky. 5’s a quirk of nature.

  5. Could be me too – many planets in Fixed signs.

    My mother doesn’t have planets in fixed signs, but she’s one tough cookie who answers to no one, even with dementia!

  6. Have met a few like this, but do not know them – couldn’t survive the heat/damage!

    I don’t mess with the powerful with my Pluto aspects! I know who will get mowed over, so I’ll safely sit at a distance. 🙂

  7. the girl is kind of representing me. I have

    Venus in Leo
    Sun & Pluto in Virgo
    Mercury, Jupitor & Uranus in Libra

    With Taurus rising & Saturn in Taurus (12th house span) its so difficult to get along with change in life !!! Life is beating me badly …

  8. As far as I’m concerned, I see someone like this, and…run!
    I Don’t want to change them, don’t want to put up with them, just AVOID them!

    From a spectator perspective I might stick around a bit, out of curiosity, but that’s it.

    Me Mars in Libra, 12th. Big women scare the shit out of me.

  9. Like Kathy Griffin. Can you imagine having that woman as a mother. She did the world a service not having kids, just saying. At least I dont think she has kids…i avoid her like the plague.

  10. Avatar
    the laughing goat

    OH YES- My Mother, Great Aunt, Aunt, my baby sitter from my childhood… all hard working, reliable, respectable women but holy sh*t don’t change anything without their consent!

    I suspect I have a bit of this in me as well… 🙂

  11. Yes, that would be my mother. She has a packed first house with Mercury, Venus, Uranus and Mars spanning Aries and Taurus. Mercury & Venus conjunct her ASC. My mom worked as a self-employed beautician before retiring, and as you might guess, mama may mess with you, but nobody messes with mama and gets away with it…

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