Scorpio And Their Signs And Omens Redux – Dream Symbol Interpretation

cell_phone.jpgOkay, so the soldier quit his job and his boss is continued to call him… four phone calls in the last 2 hours, wants him to come back and is inducing guilt.

Meanwhile a dove landed on the windshield of his rental car and stared at him which he thinks is an omen.

I agree but think a dove is an universal symbol of something positive. I don’t think there is a negative interpretation out there but this is not my business so I thought I would get on here an ask:

If a dove lands on your window and look at you it means…


Oh! And it was not a white dove, but a dove dove. It was an Iowa dove..

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  1. Did it have an olive branch? I would say the flood is over and the sun is going to come out. I think a dove is a very good omen.

  2. I would say it is a messenger who can move between two worlds. I am inclined to think of a dove as bringing hope and light…good things.

  3. “If a dove lands on your window and look at you it means…”
    Don’t be afraid and move into the future with confidence, all will be well and much better than before. Doves (of all colors and types) are messengers of freedom, good news and fortunate changes. An excellent omen!

  4. “If a dove lands on your window and looks at you it means…” it’s thinking: “I’m going to poop on your car, mkay?”


  5. If you’re going to look for omens, I would see a dove as being a good one. Crow is the one to be nervous about. 😉

  6. I always figured animal omens mean different things to different people. I’m pretty partial to the concept of totems, and while I don’t much about it, I know that each is sort of tailored to the individual. I figure ask him what he thinks it means and go with that. If he likes doves, then maybe it’s a good omen. If he’s been traumatized by doves, like they always poop on his car or he gets dive-bombed by them or something, I imagine it would not be the good omen everyone else would tout it as.

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    painter on the half-shell

    i’m a huge signs and symbolism person and for me the interpretation of those signs and symbols are very personal. like i’d see the dove and have an aha moment and know the answer (or more like a hint of the answer intuitively) to whatever situation i’m obsessing about. i don’t attach myself to universal symbolism because it often clouds my gut feeling.

    the other day i was in my car waiting at an agonizingly long stoplight and saw a cop put his hand out of his window twice displaying his five fingers prominently. i instantly thought to myself: ‘5 + 5 = 10… hmm… 10 seconds til the light turns green.’ it was meaningless but i was sorta testing my gut. so i counted ten seconds and lo and behold, the light turned green at ten. i don’t know why i’m publicly admitting that, but this is the way my brain works. signs galore. 🙂

    (scorpio moon. pluto and uranus in the 8th house. and then some.)

  8. don’t they mate for life?

    also, i think they’ve been associated with aphrodite/venus.

    (i think meanings depend heavily on context and personal interpretation.)

    but i’d go with the way it felt…. it could be a piece of synchronicity telling one to pay attention. which, in my experience, just feel like reality got deeper, or something. like a crack in the surface letting some of the light in….

  9. If the Soldier was in Iowa, he probably saw a Mourning Dove…..named for their low, mournful cooing song, no connection with sadness. They are described as stocky, short-necked, with a mincing gait, clad in brown and grey. Their latin name is pretty – Zenaida macroura.

    Signs and symbols are totally personal. Crows for me symbolize resourcefulness, adaptability, and intelligence.

  10. doves to me mean peace and freedom. birds in general signify freedom to me, because they can always just fly away, above and beyond any turmoil down on the grond.

    i always think of crows as plutonian…

  11. Aphrodite / Venus had a chariot that was pulled by doves. Here’s a picture.

    Mars had a chariot that was pulled by 2 horses & their name translates to “fear” and “panic.”

    Alma – I have a crow tattoo on my arm because they symbolize the same thing to me, plus smart-assedness. 😀

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