What’s Up Under The Mutable Grand Cross?

garden from neighborsThis is mostly a personal note…

It you get my newsletter, you’re aware we’re dealing with a mutable cross through Thursday.  Most everyone is juggling a lot of tasks, trips and information. This is particularly true for people with planets at the mid-degrees of the Mutable signs (aka me).

I’m posting this because people are emailing me about my test. I don’t have answers for you. I don’t have answers, period. I have to go back to the doctor today. I live in the country, the doctor is in town so it takes a half a day. I can only hope it will be productive.

Meantime, I have a business here, a house to mind, a garden in full swing, bills to pay, a worried family and a husband who works just shy of 70 hours a week.

This is not to say that everything will not be okay. But please, respect my time and privacy in the near term. It’s not possible for me to answer curious emails, even if I had hard facts which I don’t.

When I do have information, I will want a chance to assimilate it. This is a still, private process for me and there is no way I’m going to manage it under a mutable grand cross!

Now on the upside, I did get mainline to the septic tank cleared yesterday (Pluto), after my husband spent his one day off working on it. That’s progress!

I also successfully sniped four auctions; something I’ve not done for years. I need the items and got them all from one seller. That’s also progress!

I have delivered vegetables, zucchini bread and various other sundries to everyone I promised these things to. That’s progress.

I have human hair stuffed in pantihose hung all around my garden to ward off deer. That’s progress.

I am winning my war against the Japanese beetles this year. That’s progress.

I am completely caught up on my consultations and my work is strong. That’s usual!  So you can see things are okay here. I am just going to be running around in the near term.

I see a different doctor today. I will be seeing a third doctor, yet to be scheduled, but that could be this week as well.  I am laboring under a mutable grand cross, along with everyone else (including these doctors). I’ve just got to wait for the spin cycle to end, if you know what I mean.  See what piece of clothes is stuck where!

*note – yes, that’s my garden, about ten days ago, viewed from my neighbor’s yard.  This is also progress!

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  1. Wow Elsa! Your garden is looking beautiful!! Hoping your spin cycle ends sooner rather than later & you land in the right place. Will be thinking of you <3

    1. Thank you! Jilly gave us a mantis tiller – I ran ours into the ground. I just went out there and hit the weeds. It looks rain today, which would be a big relief because watering is difficult, painful and even scary at times!

      I picked beans, okra, tomatoes, squash, cucumbers and bell and banana pepper today. Actually need to pick some cherry pepper too, come to think of it.

      I am trying new ways to maximize production. I know people don’t have time to keep a garden. I mean to share.

      Also, the laundry is done and the whites, soaking. I don’t have to go to the doc until the afternoon. I am determined to knock everything out of the park, lol. 🙂

      I mean, why not, if I can, hmmm?

  2. Thinking good thoughts for you and your family as you maneuver under the planets. Keep the healing energy flowing, it looks great on you.

  3. Avatar

    I personally have a dentist appmt for a small cavity I’m already working on on my own, salt water, oil pulling withcocnut oil, tea tree oil applications . I just want the dentist to give me a diagnosis maybe fix my filling.. I’m also working on getting a job since I lost mine in December.

    Without the job I really have no way of gettinganything else done. But actually, I have EA bike Im trying to ride more often, oh and I’m going to donate a lot of old clothing. A lot of if I got at a thrift, but I think I will take it to good will this time.

    I had to block someone on facebook, and I need to block them on my phone but I don’t think my phone has that feature.

    Also, I’m working on my skin via supporting my overall health and using a lot ofbar soap on my acne. Its actually getting better until I wear make up, then it kinda looks worse :///

    So I think I’m just gonna use eye makeup now..

    I’m so sorry if this is too long, Ill post shorter comments in the future,

    I’m loving thinking of all the different many things going on, perhaps since I don’t really have anything mid mutable…i only have Venus and Mars in mutable, but early, and BML in mid Sagittarius

    That could explain me having to block someone, since BML is in my 5th, unwanted romance lol… Actually quite annoying and darker than that but anyway

    I’m also starting a herb garden and waiting on clothing in the mail

    1. My suggestion is to try quitting dairy and drink lots of water eat more dark greens in variety and fruits and to love yourself it helped me

      By any chance do you have Venus in Virgo or a sixth house transit cause I’m also working on my skin via dietary changes specifically with Chinese TCM stuff

      1. Avatar

        Ive got pluto starting its trek into my 6th house cappy stellium. Currently conjunct Neptune (just 2 degrees past)

        I also have pr. moon and pr. ascendant in virgo ( no planets except pallas)


    2. About blocking someone – my phone offers swiping left: they hear one or two rings, then nothing. The attempt was chopped, from your side, audibly so, for them.

      (I agreed to planting a garden – the herbs, added for my enjoyment.)

  4. Does that deer repellent really work? Since letting the old ag field reforest I got one. She is very sassy. Just got my hair buzz cut yesterday, I should have asked for the clippings. Milorganite keeps the bunnies away but yet to be seen if it keeps my resident doe at bay. Thanks for the hair tip.

    Mars rx in scorpio. Good job on keeping the crap flowing. 😀

    1. The people we bought the house from said it is the *only* thing that works. They said to tie it in pantihose and hang it around. I got if from my salon…they save hair for lots of people, so I think it must help.

      I also let the dogs piss around there…have spinning shiny things and other plans. Had my first damage…someone at a bunch of corn last night. I think this was my fault. I should have picked it, but I was distracted.

  5. Tansy miracle herb, perennial, tall curly yellow tops get some 6 feet tall super beetle retardant grows on its own reseeds also keeps Mosquitos away ( all kinds) need to plant everyone needs less beetles and Mosquitos lemongrass good repellant too!

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    Monica Miller

    Elsa, I have never heard of human hair in panty hose as deer repellant, and I think you’ve been had, my dear. The best way to get accustomed to your deer is to camp in your field at night – set up your tent and your blow-up mattress. Your deer pop. will show up and display extreme curiosity, but they won’t eat, and you will go back to sleep as soon as they realize who is boss. You will have to be persistent and make camping a habit if you want to be rid of them. On the first day that it is legally permissible, you shoot every single adult that shows in your field. Be prepared so you don’t waste venison. After that, they will be more cautious around your field – guaranteed.

    1. It’s commonly done around here as I said. But you can call and consider me a fool if you wish. You won’t be the first. 🙂

      Oh yeah. There is no way in hell I am sleeping outside…ever.

      1. I should add, some people sprinkle the hair around. Human smell, basically. Fresh hair. But the pantihose method allows you to tie it at nose level.

        There is also some foul urine mixture you can spray on your plants. My husband swears by this, but I’m not interested.

        Last year, deer ate my tomatoes. No hair. This year, hair and so far, I’ve not lost so much as one fruit and they are luscious!

  7. The deer-hair -thing is such a cool organic solution!!! 🙂
    ( and a deer reminder to diet and go to the hairdresser)

    1. Still working. I have gorgeous fruit on the vine. It rained so I am going to put out some more. I have a garbage bag of it, seriously. My salon like me. And pantihouse, the old owner of the house left, which I used up.

      I was cutting them in pieces, but switched to knee-highs which are a lot easier to use. I can stuff the hair in, like a 4′ lump, and then tie using the tops, to poles or tops or the cattle panels we’re using to support tomatoes.

      It’s pretty funny. You wouldn’t think this would happen, but the hairs stick through the pantihose, so it’s like a little hair-pin-cushion.

      It’s also strange, other people’s energy. There dna, even.

      Some brown haired girl got 10-12 inches of hair cut off…I’m using. It’s a gorgeous shade! Anyway, it creeped me out slightly, but my husband says he’s sure the girl could care less.

      If I knew who she was, I might give her a bushel of tomatoes, lol. She’s a big contributor, yanno?

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