My Double Sagittarius Sister: Conversation After 20 Years Of No Contact

sagittarius hard rock cafe nashvilleMy oldest sister is a textbook Sagittarius, calls me up after 20 years sounding very upbeat.  “Elsa!  It’s me! You don’t remember you saw me in 1990!”

“I do remember.” I said. “We went to lunch,” I said.   This was in Los Angeles where she lives.

“Well, I’m married,” she said in her boisterous voice. “This is my 8th husband,” she said with the Panizzon snort. I laughed.  “Yeah, I’ve been married, eight times. I’ve been very busy getting married,” she said, loudly with her voice full of glee.

“You sound happy.”

“I’m VERY happy. I am happy as shit. I got my curly hair. I’ve got my wild curly hair but I have to dye it now. Dark brown. Black sometimes and other colors. I’ve got some wrinkles, but hell yeah, I’m happy, you?”

29 thoughts on “My Double Sagittarius Sister: Conversation After 20 Years Of No Contact”

  1. She says her last husband is the man (which means all the Panizzon sisters are happily married now) – she’s been married to him for 8 years.

    She says she married 5 men just to make her current husband jealous and that one of them was a gay man – “Because I knew that would really piss him off”.

  2. LOL…I just trying to think of 8 people I would let in my space, lol.

    I have been married twice. Once for 3 years and once for 18. Both had their moments. Meh.

  3. After 20 years! My family is kinda like that. I can totally see picking up the phone after that long– I’d be the one to make the call.

  4. As previously mentioned somewhere, there is no bad blood between my sister an I. Just wildly divergent paths. My family has a Jupiter Moon signature. We all need space, we all leave home so it’s quite normal. 🙂

  5. i’m envious sometimes of the jupiter your family seems to have.
    though mine does me just fine and i have no reason to complain.

  6. No one in my family is ever exactly, unhappy. If you were punching me in the face, repeatedly, I would probably be amused between punches, it’s just the way it is. Everything is funny (from a certain perspective).

  7. Elsa, what do you mean by a Jupiter Moon signature, do you mean all of your family’s natal charts share a certain flavor, or is that a chart of your parent’s marriage chart or 5th house quality?

  8. I mean my whole family (except my brother) has either a Sadge Moon or Jupiter in close aspect with the Moon or in some cases, both – Annalisa has a Sadge Moon conjunct Jupiter.

    In short, we don’t cling. If you want to leave – bye! 🙂

    It’s like this blog. The door is always open and that means, coming or going.

  9. so interesting to look for trends in the family’s charts like that! That is an amazing quality for a whole family to have… thanks for the explanation Elsa!

  10. ha ha! She sounds like a hoot. Or should I say your sister. LOL

    “If you want to leave – bye!”

    Holy shit–I have Moon inconjunct Jupiter (within 1 degree) and I’m the same. I mean–yeah I’ll cry but I’m not going to chase you and beg you to come back. Total light bulb moment, thanks for this extra insight into my own chart!

  11. hahaha 🙂 She sounds like me! Expect instead of husbands I choose different countries to live in and find boyfriends there – less commitments 🙂

  12. my brother has a sag moon and i have a 9th house moon in wide trine to jupiter in sag.

    i LOVE my brother. he’s the funniest, kookiest person i know. he’s a scorpio sun so he has a dark sense of humor and you can tell him all your secrets, but his sag is just so out-there he literally makes me laugh till my belly hurts.

  13. I cling… speaking of clinging…. I cling for a while… but being ignored and/or kicked in the face or repeatedly misunderstood will un-cling me……..
    Problem is, if the person in question shows me the good side again, they can manipulate me and I’ll fall for it – for a while.

  14. ““Yeah, I’ve been married, eight times. I’ve been very busy getting married.”

    LOL. This literally made me laugh out loud. 🙂 I love Sadgies.

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