Cardinal T-Square In Your Solar Return

sun2This is from a email consult for a man with a Cardinal T-Square in his Solar Return…

“…All in all, it should be a good year. It will be demanding, but you’re likely to wind up top of the pile rather than beneath it. It’s just hard to ignore this kind of Cardinal force. 

You know how a certain person comes in for a job…and instantly everyone know they’re going to be hired? This is like that. But a person can turn a great advantage into a liability so beware of that. To understand what I mean, just imagine a super pretty girl who thinks that’s all she needs…”

What do you know about Cardinal T-squares?

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9 thoughts on “Cardinal T-Square In Your Solar Return”

  1. Will also have cardinal t-square in my solar return this year. Was apprehensive about it but after getting info from you (thanks) I can see how it can be an advantage.

  2. I took control of this blog when there was a cardinal grand cross in the SR chart. Can’t say some bodies didn’t fly from the carousel but hoo boy, it needed to happen. 🙂

    These things are not accidents!

  3. I had a full on cardinal t-square in my solar return last year. Sun conjunct Uranus in the 10th, square the Asc/Dsc, Moon conjunct Pluto in the 7th. Then checked my converse Solar Return. Sun Venus Saturn conjunct in the 7th, square Uranus Ceres in the 4th, and oppose Neptune in the 10th. I was wondering what kind of amazing event would happen, and it turns out my mom died unexpectedly of a heart attack! I did not see that one coming at all. She was super healthy and active and I thought she would live to be over 100. Whammo! Looking back I can see it quite clearly, but you don’t think of these things when you look at them. Still reeling.

    1. Moon conjunct, square, opposite Pluto or Saturn always means a painfull event. I´ll be having a kite this year from August, Moon opp Pluto and Mars and square Uranus. It´s going to be a shitty year. I can see it forehead. Pluto transiting my IC makes me fear about my father.

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