When A Synastry Chart Shows Both Good And Bad Aspects…

Venus-Cardiff_castleI had a client, unsure how to read relationship reports that outlined both great and terrible things.  I was hired to explain…

“..This is typical. Human beings are complex!  You’re not going to ever find someone who you get along with, completely.  It’s not a negative thing.  How else can we be challenged to grow? Your partner aggravates you or you them. You want to stay together so you adapt and in the process you grow!

Also, when you’re dealing with a computer report (or any report) on as aspect between two people, there is a limit as to what can be said.  For example, my husband’s Saturn aspects my chart, harshly. This is broadly considered to be a bad sign. And frankly, it is harsh. I experience many limits via my relationship to him, however I have also learned to be incredibly disciplined in the process.  This has done me a lot of good. It would not show up in report!

I would not become overly excited about some kind of clash, shown in a report.  People are people and no two people fit perfectly, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  In reality, this is optimal! What are you going to do? Meet someone and sit there and stare into their loving eyes all day..?”

The relationship reports I sell are accurate and telling. However, you have to think beyond what you read. For example, without pressure and resistance (Saturn) a person is going to turn to jelly. Ick!

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10 thoughts on “When A Synastry Chart Shows Both Good And Bad Aspects…”

  1. Hahaha (and heeeheeheee too): “…sit there and stare into their loving eyes all day…?” That really made me laugh.

    It’s good to remind us that the synastry should be taken with a grain of salt, otherwise it can be rather unsettling. The examples given are very good. When a person uses what appears to be negative and turns it into a positive thing. It takes effort, but usually worth it (for everyone involved).

    But still, some stuff does rub the wrong way forever. It has to be monitored from a safe distance (if possible!).

    1. I don’t think it should be taken with a grain of salt. You can gain tremendously by looking at synastry. You just simply have to think beyond the few words that can be put to a page, when you’re considering how people act and interact.

      1. Yes, I agree!
        I think I did not choose the right wording. What I was trying to say is that Synastry shouldn’t be taken bluntly, literally, first-degree… in fact, I still can’t find the correct expression!
        It has to be interpreted second-degree (or more),and preferably with astro-intelligence perhaps.
        Or even more simply: it should be interpreted by Elsa!!!!!

  2. I like to think of tough aspects as places where creative tension can be worked with; also, as handholds where you can grab or push off to change direction. The easier aspects just flow, of course. It would be tough to build a *lasting* relationship if all the aspects were about flowing, or “just passing through.”

  3. My hubby and I have sun and moon squaring the North Node in our synastry, which migh seem like the kiss of death to some. It’s not, really… we’ve been very happily together for almost five years now. That may be about his Juno being exactly conjunct my 5th house Vertex. 🙂 Whatever plays out for us, I know that it was my destiny to meet and marry this man.

  4. After I met my partner I studied our synastry carefully .
    We have some great aspects – Sun/ Moon conjunction in Cancer.
    Moon conjunct Mercury/ Jupiter in Virgo . All exact . BUT, my Saturn conjuncts his Venus/ Mercury in Cancer in his 12th . At first that worked . I was solidly supportive to him, but in the longer term, he wanted things easy .Too much in Neptune la la land ( 12 th house ) for my Saturn. He wanted none of that Saturn rigour and challenge. That is his choice. I wasn’t exactly surprised when things came unstuck . A bit sad .

  5. Saturn plays a big role in my relationship charts with my husband at times it caused restruction but more so it has been a maturing stablizer in our partnership. We are in this for the long haul.

  6. You are so very right my husband and I are what I consider to be a very good fit. We think much alike but not exactly. He is much more detailed oriented than me and that is a very good thing in my opinion. I frankly miss stuff important stuff. I personally think we complement each other.

  7. My boyfriend and I have 9 squares, 3 conjunctions, 6 sextiles and 1 trine in our synastry. Our closest aspect is moon sextile moon. I find synastry usefull (particularly when evaluating moon signs and whether there are Saturn aspects), but ultimately I look at the natal as the most important. I’m heavily fixed and really like that he is the same.

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