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sagittarius archer vintageNOTE – This workshop has ended. You can get a transcript here – A Real Education

Do you believe nothing good will ever happen to you? Conversely, do you believe you’re immune to negative happenings in your life?

Do you realize how profoundly your beliefs affect your everyday life?

What if you believe you can’t when you can?
What if you believe you can when you can’t?

Saturn enters Sagittarius on September 18th, 2015 and stay there until December, 2017. Many have been waiting for this, some with trepidation. I’d like to help with that…

This workshop is meant to prepare you for Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius. You’ll learn what to expect and gain the understanding necessary to get good results from the transit.  These are some of the many points I will cover:

  • How you can benefit (Sagittarius) from the limits that naturally occur in life (Saturn)
  • How to recognize and rein in your own inflation
  • How to ground your vision of your future
  • Saturn return in Sagittarius
  • Real (Saturn) education (Sagittarius)
  • Your responsibility (Saturn) to teach (Sagittarius)
  • Defining and standing up (Saturn) for your beliefs (Sagittarius)
  • How to mature your life philosophy
  • How being a humble student opens doors
  • The effects of Saturn in Sagittarius’ transit through each house
  • How to get off your high horse (and avoid being knocked off)

I’ll write an  introduction and then I’ll use the charts of volunteers to go into this transit in depth.  We’ll look at how Saturn in Sagittarius will impact individuals on a personal level. We’ll also cover the impact on the whole of society along the way.


How much does the workshop cost?


When does the class start?  How long does it last?

September 10, 2015 – October 11, 2015
While the content will be presented in this time frame, the class will be accessible through October 20th, in case someone goes on vacation during the four weeks of the class.

Where does the class take place?

The class will be held in a private forum on this blog. If you’re not registered in the forum, please sign up here by clicking “join up”.   Then when you pay for the class, please send your user name (there is a field for this below) along with your payment. I’ll set up your access and send you an email to confirm.

Can I be anonymous?

Yes. Participation is voluntary and lurkers are welcome.  A lot of content is expected, perhaps more than you can read. The official class posts will be isolated and pinned to the top of the board so they’re easy to find.

How do I submit my chart?

Once you have paid for the class, please send an email ([email protected]) that includes your birth data and an idea of what you’d like me to focus on. Your copy can be long or short, but it is best you offer something besides plain birth data as this is what engages people.

What are you up against? What questions do you have?  What kind of help do you need? If your chart and your story are chosen to be featured, your anonymity will be protected so you’re free to be candid.

There is no rush to do this because I choose charts, intuitively, as the class unfolds.  This is because at heart I’m a storyteller and I let the story tell itself, through me.   Also, please send me all the information in one email. 

How will you pick which charts to feature?

There are no favors owed or favorites in my classes. I choose the charts based strictly on what will be most compelling for the group. My goal is to cover as broad a range as possible on every level so that we have a meaty, satisfying class.

How many charts will you select?

I will give four charts the major treatment. I also tend to throw up some bonus charts in these sessions, if someone sends something I think the class can benefit from.

Also, sometimes a person asks a question I feel should be addressed in depth. If this happens, I’ll create a separate topic. In other words, there will be the core content and if I need to expand it, I’ll expand it. My goal is to cover this topic in a comprehensive way, that goes beyond a person’s expectations.

Do I have to be somewhere at a certain time?

No, the class is available 24 hours a day; just sign into the forum whenever you like to see what is going on.

Is Satori doing pics again?

Of course!

Can I post my chart?

Yes. You can post your chart with questions and anything else you want. The class will take place on a private message board that is not indexed by google. Once the session ends, the posts will be deleted and that’s the end of that.

I ask that people stay on topic on the official class posts but other than that, it’s an open board. Many take advantage of this by posting things they would not post publicly. You are very welcome to do this!

What happens after I pay?

Once I have your payment, I will add you to the private board and then send you an email to let you know you’re set up. I usually do this within an hour unless I am asleep or away from the computer. On the off chance you pay and you’ve not heard from me in ten hours, please email me, [email protected]  I’ll figure out what the problem is.

I’m new. What can I expect once I get to the private board?

You’ll see a meet and greet thread tacked to the top. You can introduce yourself if you like. It’s not required.  Official posts will be up top and numbered. This is to distinguish them, but also so that someone coming in late or who comes to the Colosseum infrequently can quickly find the official class posts and read them in order to see the storyline develop.

Beyond that, you’ll see pages of threads people in the session have started, to ask questions or discuss various things. The content is often very personal because let’s face it, some of us (me) like to talk, and we don’t necessarily want to broadcast at large or be recorded by google.

I have been teaching these classes for years now. Without fail, each group has been very positive and supportive.

Remember, you can get in the class early to mingle. It’s fun! But the class will not start officially until September 10th!

If you have other questions, please ask. Otherwise, please enter your username, click to pay and I’ll see you there!


Please note – you can get a transcript of this workshop here: A Real Education.

22 thoughts on “Saturn In Sagittarius Online Workshop – A Real Education”

  1. Wow! Really fascinating study focus and glad to see the evaluation … I will watch for this,,, though more interested in a different object planet points etc , for my own chart highlights at the moment… although Yes Everyone has this evolve through their charts too.
    Thank you!

    1. Only a Mute sign in my chart of objects, yet the Sun itself has an orbit that points right now to Sagittarius; for how many more years I do not know, for how many other people in my life’s path have more aspects than me to the sign and or the planet concerns me as much as all the points and aspect possibilities that poo do not have in my own chart…the whole sky was and still is up there … Okay, are there exact hours daily one must be present. To attend or join?

  2. Err… about do you believe nothing good will ever happen…

    I wrote something in another astrology forum about a realisation I have had – there are/is no such thing as a self fulfilling prophesy. Because self fulfilling prophesies are too similar to cargo cults. For those who do not know about cargo cults ( and I do not know anything but the following) cargo cults were born in the pacific ocean islands during the last stages of the second world war. The Americans would drive the Japanese out of an island then set up a runway complete with tower and men with flags. Then planes would fly in with loads of stuff and unload. The natives seen this and wanted the same for themselves. So they built their own runways complete with a tower and men with flags and waited for the big planes to come out of the sky and disgorge goods. You see the flaw right? The natives had no idea about where the planes came from or what happened at where the planes came from. The natives mistakenly thought that the planes came out of thin air because of the runways. We are not much different to the natives on the islands. This must have happened because of this or that or another. But we dont know why really.

  3. i have north node in Sag.. and therefore south in my gemini rising..
    is that relevant do you think for me to learn from your info.. ooop, i did just notice i do have neptune conjunct my north node in Sag.. in the 6th…
    do you think thats any match to any data you will teach Elsa..?

  4. That sounds great, Elsa. I’ve been waiting for this workshop because I’ve been left with nothing after my Saturn in Scorpio transit. I want to rebuild my life and find a new path, but I need new ideas from outside of myself. I think I’ve gotten so balled up in my problems, I can’t be objective anymore.

  5. I won’t have the funds until the 15th, can I join then? I don’t mind going back and playing catch-up if you don’t mind me coming in a few days late. I love your workshops and I learn so much!

  6. I thought Saturn entered Sagittarius in December 2014. I’m Pisces Sun,Sagittarius Moon. The Saturn Return seemed to begin for me in November 2014 with a car crash I dreamed of being in the night before, followed by my bicycle being stolen. But I didn’t feel pressure until after Christmas, definitely felt it on my 29th birthday in March when Saturn was in Scorpio and leaves this September 18th? I like what you said about Saturn in Sagittarius- getting a Real Education. I am currently doing an Art Degree in Sculpture which I feel is a bit pointless in terms of job prospects. My Spirituality has grown a lot. Thanks for your wisdom Elsa

  7. So I just thought that an Art degree would get you in art related careers, regardless if its in Sculpture. Just thinking cause I had once wanted a degree in Art but could not with the expectation of having a more technical career in the area we settled down.

    1. Were you satisfied with the decision you made and the direction your life took Wearld? I usually find it difficult to settle, especially in a Structure which is little, that’s the word best describing what I feel. However if I could have it my way with a stronger mind I would try to change everything around me. Saturn in Scorpio probably wanted me to change from within in order to effect my Outer reality. Yet the feeling of past failures to LIVE as freely as possible are on me. However my ex girlfriend is pregnant by me in Brazil and that is important, not due until November 9th

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