When Will Things Get Better?

goat on a ledgePeople keep asking me, “when am I going to get out of this mess?” Or this holding pattern, or whatever it is that has them stuck.

I keep telling them, so long as there’s a stellium in Capricorn where all planets involved are retrograde, people will have trouble gaining traction.

“When then?”

When the planets go direct!

Jupiter turns direct in mid-September.
Saturn turns direct the last week of September.
Pluto turn direct the first week of October.

I’m not saying you’ll be able to leap ahead five years. Of course that’s not possible!  But at this point, you should be able to orient yourself so you’re headed in the right direction.

This might also be the “tipping” or the “turning” point, I keep seeing references to. In whatever case, there’s your answer.  You move when the next foothold is shown to you.

With this stellium conjunct my ascendant, I am great example this worldwide phenomena. I have to have this back surgery and I simply can’t move until I do. I don’t know the outcome! Without knowing the outcome, it would stupid for me to initiate anything. I’ve got to stand on the ledge like that goat and see which way it goes.

I am personally, hopeful and think you should be as well.  There is a future and we will get to it.  The sun comes up, the seasons change and such.

Do you think the goat pictured, fell to his death? I don’t.

Can you see the possibility of things ending well? How about the probability?

22 thoughts on “When Will Things Get Better?”

  1. Elsa, this is just so good. The picture alone is perfect! As a fellow Cap rising, I can say I have never felt so stuck on the ledge as I do right now, so just hearing you identify the reason brings such relief. The thing about being so stuck is you can’t even imagine being in-stuck. Ever! So by pointing out that this all will change, it’s already changing! So now I will spend some time envisioning wonderful ways things might change. Thank you!

    1. They do like the view but not really ‘the view’. From doing some reading, because they are prey they like to be elevated so they can keep a watch out for predators. Keepin the guard up. I hate being guarded. Bleah!! But around some I have to be. And they usually only fall if they are in battle with another beast.

  2. With my Mars at 23 degrees Capricorn, I have definitely been in a holding pattern. Great news to hear I might get relief soon. It has felt somewhat too a time of forced self analysis and changes that need to be made. Far from easy but sometimes the pressure makes it happen. I had been in fear of WHAT was going to happen to me with 23 degrees at Capricorn. Nothing huge yet. Its been primarily emotional pain, anxiety and waiting. “Patience is a virtue”. “Gratefulness” for all I have is more evident and necessary to recognize.

  3. If we continue to be attached to the past, wounds from the past, people that have left us, roads we cannot travel anymore, ideas or ways of thinking that no longer serve us, self destructive patterns, unrealized dreams, whatever the case, then chances are we will feel like things will never get better. Because next year there’s Saturn-Uranus Square. The year after Pluto changes signs … and something else beyond that. That’s rough! The point is, it might take some people well into this decade to fatigue, tire of fighting and clinging on to the past. Perhaps only then will they finally surrender and let go – then, in comes progress.

    When Will Things Get Better? I don’t think there’s one answer to this questions, because it really depends on the choices we make.

  4. Adding to your thoughts, Elsa, I would venture to say the Covid-19 restrictions will be easing up late September/early October.

    1. @ Jayne, so true! Opening up in our area-theatres, restaurants, salons etc. It’s too soon though! All other places that keep playing with this (except maybe New York) are having more rounds of new cases as bad as before. I guess we all really are on a ledge but have to move at some point. I hope it all goes well. I’m not going to participate in any of it though! I’m sticking with the Science.

  5. Such a timely reminder! My Cappy Moon and ASC appreciates this and all that retrograde in my 1st House is timely preparation for the forward movement coming up. I have an dental appt (fix and access my ability to chew); eye exam scheduled early Sept to ‘see’ my future more clearly; and our plans for our next move is to live with goats soon! No fooling, we’ll be camped on the only level ground right below our friend’s old goats!! The Universe has a sense of humor gotta say.

    1. Ha! The goats, that is too funny indeed! Good luck with all that you have lined up! Keep us posted!

      I am myself in suspense. My Ascendant is at 1 degree Aquarius, so I expect to be unleashed soon after the retro stellium goes direct. In the meantime, I am divesting myself of “stuff” and preparing to move very, very light! I have no idea where I will land, but I am staying optimist. I love that Jupiter is in the mix!

  6. I’ll be glad when the Capricorn energy gets off my natal Mercury. I’m not looking for to it hitting my Moon and Venus though.

  7. Great post. Love all the comments, such interesting thoughts.

    Personally, I think things will (A) never be the same again, (B) but we will move to a new good, even better, normal. All this lockdown time has I think given many people time to consider what matters, what is real, to remember simpler things, to remember hopes and dreams. People have died, lockdowns signified a strange new world of control, and people are squinting hard at everything now.

    I keep thinking of the stuck elevator scene in You’ve Got Mail. Three people including thevTom Hanks character realize what is important and vow to make changes if they get out alive. The fourth person in the stuck elevator has no such moment of enlightenment or awareness, and is the laughable loser. I think the unaware now will be saddened or exhausted trying to claw back time. I think people who who know who they are, who self inventory, who decide what the hell, it’s now or never to try hard or fight for a dream or step off the wheel to a calmer life will be the first to find then good “afterwards” of all this craziness.

    I feel no fear. It will require work and bravery and being helpful to others in a new way and somehow that gives me a hope I did not feel in March. I think the pandemic will fade by Jan 1 too. Get through the next four months with hope, like going thru a prairie blizzard, I think we will be unexpectedly ready to rise.

    1. PS Big Virgo stellium mixed with lots of Sadge speaking! ^^^^^ my travel loving, world-wandering Sadge Moon thinks we are stepping into a new world adventure bigger and more lasting than any grand three month vacation. A feeling I have had more and more since about a month ago…..far from the grimness, lack of energy, trapped way I felt even back in May/June. Sending good thoughts to everyone.

  8. PPS — I think your back surgery is perfectly timed, an important step you are taking to free yourself for whatever you plan to do next. So when thing loosen up you will be ready to go! (In the same way some of us can start doing other things to prepare for our post-lockdown lives.)

    You are choosing to give yourself new range with this vital healing, and actually what an amazing thing the surgery is happening now, of all times.. Feels very fortuitous, I think…..new world, new sense of health and well deserved well being for you. ❤️

  9. The pandemic will continue at least through next year and subside only when enough people have contracted Covid-19 (symptomatic or not) to confer “herd immunity.” At that point, enough people will have been vaccinated that the pharmaceutical companies will declare their victory over coronavirus. Then the new rigid world wide vaccine schedule will debut. Finally, thanks to modern medicine, we will be able to remove these silly masks.

  10. I think things first get worse, just now I got off the phone being screamed and yelled at by my sibling. Saying the most horrible things to me. I guess Mars transiting opposite my moon that’s in play. I’m quoting my job and cutting off contact otherwise this whole situation will kill me. And I have to put myself first! Clearly also Pluto and Saturn that are squaring my moon. 1st and 4th and 7th houses. I’m done, I’m tired.. No more

  11. Looking forward to the planets turning direct. I am hopeful we’ll get some relief & situations will improve. The goat picture is Gold.

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    Hildegarde's Noviciate

    Dont know where my post went. Still it will stop when we start listening and start doing. A time to get grounded.
    Or as I say, like yoga…to exhale and lean into the pain. You will discover how far you can flex and bend and what you are capable of

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