Is Taurus the Antidote to Pluto?

Taurus PlutoThey told you life is hard
It’s misery from the start
It’s dull and slow and painful

I tell you life is sweet
In spite of the misery
There’s so much more
Be grateful

-Natalie Merchant, “Life is Sweet”

Whenever we have an excess of the energy of one sign, the best antidote is to incorporate the energy of the opposite sign. Pluto which closely associated with Scorpio, making Taurus the opposite sign. And when Pluto is on the scene, Taurus energy is one of the best balms out there.

Pluto and Scorpio are associated with hard-earned wisdom. This is the part of life in which we walk through fire and are cleansed by the flames. We step into the void, and from that, we learn what we’re truly made of. This energy is unforgiving and drags us into a deep dark place. Here, the past is meaningless and the future is almost impossible to imagine. When we are in the thick of a Pluto transit, we are pulled out of our bodies and exist only in the blank nothingness of pain.

In a state like that, what could possibly help? Taurus has the answer.

Taurus is where Venus is at home and the Moon loves to visit. Taurus is where what we want and what we need come together to create contentment. Taurus is about creating serenity by being physically present in the moment. When we step outside and feel the soil between our toes, or when we curl up with a steaming cup of tea and a loving animal, we are channeling Taurus. Taurus pulled us out of Pluto’s gloom and into the beauty of the dew on a blade of grass as the sun catches it just right. Taurus reminds us that, even when we’re in the deepest pain imaginable, a solid meal and a good night’s rest can still make us feel just a little better.

Astrologer Steven Forrest describes Taurus and Scorpio as two sandals. One says “Peace” and the other says “Wisdom.” When we take a step forward with our wisdom shoe, we are channeling Scorpio. This energy can be intense and painful but is deeply rewarding in the end. But once we have walked through that fire, it is time to take a step with our peace shoe. That is where Taurus comes in.

When we are living with a Pluto transit, the pain is real. Sometimes it seems like there is no escape. But when we are at our lowest point, when things just can’t get any worse, it is time to invite Taurus in. Take a deep breath. Pay attention to your body. Meet your basic physical needs and take time to savor what small comforts are still available. When we’re in pain, the small beauties of a sunny day can feel almost blasphemous, like they’re mocking your misery. But these small things are the stuff life is made of. And as long as you draw breath, they are here for you to enjoy. That is the true value of Taurus.

Have you ever used Taurus principles to get through a Pluto transit? If not, what strategies did you use?


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  1. Yes, thank you! Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter are transiting my 7th. S Node and Mercury in Taurus, 11th, Moon, N Node, Vertex in Scorpio, 5th. Saturn in Sag, 5th, at 10°. It depends on the house system used regarding Saturn in the 5th or 6th. It’s been a rough ride!

    I write — sometimes poetry, stories, painting, crafts, photography, music, travel, astrology, reading history, romance, myth, movies, games, time travel, etc.

    I’m Gemini, so I could go on and on, in terms of interests to balance the pain.

  2. Yes, the small delights make the day. My Scorpio Sun opposes my Taurus North Node. And, that sun squares Pluto (along with Saturn and Mars) the rough road was built in. Small and uniquely my-kind-of-comforting is what my North Node yearns for: hand-stitching, sewing, and lots and lots of writing. Lately, I’ve traded in the writing for more stitching and added the practice of Jin Shin Jytsu (gentle holding). Pluto’s transit retrogrades my 1st House so this insight of Taurus being the antidote is comfort food to an intensely Scorpio-Pluto.

    1. Thankyou Mokihana and Midara, my NN is Taurus also.
      Sometimes as an Aries I find it a big effort to do those small self-care things, and to feel like I have time or deserve, because I have so much to do in a day it can feel overwhelming. It’s just do and go. But I’ve had to slow down a lot recently. So then I can just overdo that and then have no energy to get anything ‘important’ done! With a lot of Pisces I’ve always tended to escape into films and box-sets late at night when things are quiet and to have TV on during the day as I work, keeping the mind busy – a kind of background balm. But it’s not the same as self-healing and just to sit and give yourself time out. Sometimes that quiet can bring on the upset of grief, it’s not always welcome. But we continue. I cook from scratch I hate convenience foods. I light evening candles and walk the dog through our tree-lined park, it’s good for both of us. She is a Leo through and through so her energy is really good for me. Everything else has to be a conscious effort to say ‘take time out’ have a cup of tea and then go back to it. When Jupiter was in Virgo back in 2016 I had such a great year. I travelled, went back into education to retrain as an artist. I lost weight, I was healthy, positive. I seemed to get the balance right. Ever since I’ve struggled to get that daily discipline back and I am not there yet. But I hope I will eventually. Taurus patience!

  3. I married my double taurus! Perfect balance to my plutonian side. Best thing I ever did – for me and the world. How much wailing and howling did the world not have to hear thanks to his earthy healing sweetness?!?

  4. I dated a Taurus man, many, many years ago. Although I enjoyed him, and he was fun, sometimes it was like dealing with an anal retentive, old man! The two Taurus female friends were much too focused on get, get, get, gotta have, have, have — materialism. Anyway, it’s all about learning!

  5. A good read. As a scorpio I find the Taurus energy relaxing. I had a Taurus boyfriend for 3 years. Very slow to commit. At one time I had many a Taurus in my life. Not so much any more.

  6. Once I read a short biography of Aileen Wuornos, the serial killer and prostitute who shot men in Florida — and was famously played by an unrecognizable Charlize Theron in Monster. Before she was executed, she requested “Carnival” by Natalie Merchant (herself Scorpio) as her last song. How Pluto…
    I’ve since fallen in love with the song.

  7. I also am really getting into Natalie merchant and loved her as a kid.

    I think this post will be very useful to everyone.

    I am having a mars Pluto transit that gets projected onto other people when I do nothing. And also a Sun Jupiter Neptune transit. In a Taurean area. The trees are beautiful many days. I was born with negative will power consciensiousness and responsibility. (Took that Volikov test.) Just a weenie to be trampled. Though my foggy stereotyping mind and often pathless enthusiasm make it extra hard to pinpoint or use any energy in a positive way. People are cracking down on my tendency to stereotype others and also suspect them. I can’t stop myself from doing it a lot of the time.
    Am I stuck in it or can I change? Nah I don’t know.

    Every day I notice the trees and grass when I can.. I bought myself a mini fluorite. I’m thankful about the choices I made in the present even if I doubt them every day and don’t use them to actually develop myself.

  8. Taurus stellium father John misty is one of my favorite musicians and a genius lyricist. He’s pretty neurotic for a Taurus but very lush and louche on purpose. His album I Love You Honeybear is the best love album to me. He also wrote this song called Funtimes in Babylon that applies 😀

  9. Sometimes the scorpionic energy is connected to the present in survival, not noting the beauty of the present moment, just getting ripped to shreds by it. It’s not easy to distract from the pain of Pluto transits. Taurean energy seems to be about noting the pleasure of the present. A good cup of coffee, a fat tree (I don’t mean weed), a burger.

    Is there an antidote to mars Uranus transits? I usually have a lot of problems with productivity, but with mars Uranus I flit about more than usual and find it impossible to stay on task. I’m Uranus ruled.

  10. Let’s hope so, I’m done with Saturn, Pluto squaring my moon. It feels like your slowly getting suffocated.
    Uranus will move next year to conjunct my chiron. But it only makes me fear more.

  11. Avatar
    the laughing goat

    “Taurus reminds us that, even when we’re in the deepest pain imaginable, a solid meal and a good night’s rest can still make us feel just a little better.”

    I have a Taurus moon so AMEN TO THAT!!

  12. I’m a Taurus and although we have a reputation of being sweet, solid and containing, the Taurus path involves walking the Scorpio edge throughout our lives in order to access our light. Most Taureans contain these challenges so that others don’t know the pain of the Taurus journey, especially regarding the heart. It’s why we can be supportive to others, because we know the utter darkness and learn to find the light and yes, learn to apply comfort to the body. For those in pain I recommend the use of essential oils, aromatherapy is a Taurean go-to.

  13. The next sign in sequence and its ruler can also be antidotes and allies in working with Pluto and Scorpio.
    I am strongly Plutonian with the progressed Sun coming to the end of its 30 year run in Scorpio. All along the way I was drawn to Sag types for inspiration and a sense of forward motion.
    With Pluto in Capricorn – look to Aquarius and Uranus

  14. Beautifully said Midara…I agree. I love Taurus energy because I have SN in my 6th House. I grew up with nature, learning to cook with my mom ( whose background was agriculture-her grand father grew acres of fruit trees), having herbal tea at a tea house with my Taurean friend-she sang, wrote music and sewed; I love lounging and taking Spring time walks and breathing in the sensual world of blossoms after a Spring rain. I love Yoga and meditation but I am supposed to leave all that behind with NN in Scorpio in the 12th (now trining Uranus in Taurus at 10 degrees). Some say balancing the two (NN & SN) is good too. I sure would hate to give up all the beauty and grace of Taurus….the chaos and pain of Scorpio is enough to shred ones soul.

  15. Haha, oh yes.
    4 x Scorpio in the 9th house.

    So, two legs to the opposites here:
    One in Gemini to the Sag vibes.
    And one in Taurus to the Pluto vibes.

    Gemini is my 4th + 5th house.
    That spells all the stuff you are mentioning… Nature, good book, a purring pet, a good book, tea and laid back. A comic show on Netflix.
    Gemini on the other hand… It wants to move!

    So, I move my hands… constantly: Knitting, painting, using my phone, touching stuff. I look at things with my hands. I DO with my hands, not my legs – that’s Sag stuff ?

    I am a firm believer in good food, good life, luxury towels, soft bed linen, flowers for the home, perfumes and all the other stuff you put into the home. This summer we had strawberries planted on the patio, and here was something deeply satisfying about eating your homegrown fruit. I guess it’s Uranus transitting 3rd house Taurus. No matter what – I like it. A lot! ???

  16. I’m a Libra with Cancer Rising. I married a Gemini with Taurus rising 49 years ago. It wasn’t easy in the beginning, but he’s saved me time and again from Plutonian pain and suffering!

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