Who Is Manipulating Who?

Manipulation. This a sticky topic. So shadowy, but so interesting.

You can apply this to anything (like politics or the media). But when I think about it, I think in terms of one on one relationships.

For example, a patient may manipulate their therapist towards some end. But therapist may simultaneously be manipulating the patient to an end of their own.  This is the stuff nightmarish paranoia is made of! It’s so freakishly complex.

Mars in Scorpio is a master manipulator. However, (some) people become wily with age and experience. I’m not sure I would bet against one of them.

There’s also the question of consciousness.  A person is manipulative, but do they realize it? Is it purposeful?  Or accidental, unbeknownst to them?

There’s a lot to discuss here, but I’ll offer this advice: if you think someone is manipulating you, take the time to ask yourself, if you’re not manipulating them right back.

Are you?

15 thoughts on “Who Is Manipulating Who?”

  1. I absolutely have manipulated people through out my life. I didn’t know it was manipulation until an article enlightened me. I saw what I was doing. It was freeing to see my actions in another light. It liberated me, I think. Also, when I started reawakening to faith in something more, it helped me to relinquish control a bit.

    My ex-husband’s father is currently passing and I’m really struggling with my part in it all. I can’t even begin to imagine what he is feeling. I know he’s walking the depths of hades. He took vacation to help care for his father. I can see the torment on his face. I have to see him often because of our daughter. I want to help, I want to be there for him… but I have to be very careful. I know I’m leaking over into the manipulation area.

    I think the most I can do is tell him I’m here if he needs me, pray for him and let it go…

    Yeah, there are grand, obvious and malicious forms of manipulation. But, there are the subtle kinds that creep unknowingly into our lives, too. I’m totally guilty of this and I’m pretty sure it has to do with my porous boundaries.

    I’m learning…

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    I’ve manipulated and been manipulated. There is a difference between mamipulating to protect yourself from harm and manipulation with the intention of causing harm or to siphon resources of all kinds at the manipulated’s expense.

    1. Dear Scottish, you are such a kind person. I think you are also very smart! I cannot imagine you have manipulated to be nasty. 🙂

  3. Scorpio Moon/Saturn in 2nd house with fluctuating self esteem and self worth and Scorpio Pluto on first house with Libra-ASC. I tend to charm people into liking me because I feel I have to prove my worth. My Leo planets square and stops the Scorpio games because it says my presence should be worthy enough *puts on Leo crown* ….every day is a fight with these two fixed signs.

  4. I really think this is the most mean thing you can do to another person. I was afraid that I maybe do this unconscious, but I am quite sure I do not do this. I asked my friends to warn me if I do this and I asked (years ago) my therapist: please show me if I do so. I was manipulated by someone I trusted and I was so naieve that I did not notice it. It as hurt me a lot. I am more aware now, and very alert. This was a big lesson for me. Therepist told me that I have to give my limits and that I have to look after myself.
    I am 62 years old now and life learnd me a lot! 🙂

  5. I have Mars in Scorpio. Depending on which astrology system you use its either in my 12th house or first (equal house system). So much of my chart is completely different if using equal houses (which Elsa you mention you do most of the time). I’ve read Scorpio Mars in the 12th is weakened…. Which never really fit because anyone who knows me (and my drive) knows I’m anything but weak. I have had hidden enemies tho (friends who turn in a very painful way) which is more of a 12th house thing. It’s confusing to me to know which house my planets are really in…

  6. The fastest way to get on wrong side of me is to try to manipulate me. I ALWAYS see right through it and it literally insences me with fury.Everyone that knows me knows to expect to be directly called on it at the very least.

  7. I grew up with manipulation and was determined to not let it be a part of my life. It’s a control mechanism, pure and simple, I believe, and I like communication to be free and clear. Mars in Scorpio here, but Rx, 6th H. Maybe I manipulate myself! 😉

  8. A man I used to date has his Scorpio Mars sitting on his ASC. He didn’t covertly manipulate; he expressly asked then assumed others would not challenge him and be available at his beck and call. His sought out women for his business/medical needs. I learned these women tolerated a lot of crap from him being “seduced” by his good looks, easy conversations, and charms. Me, included, until I wised up and ended it.

  9. I hate manipulations. I have been manipulated thoroughly for the last 9 years. I have been brain washed into believing in something.
    I have lots of hidden enemies. The ones who have manipulated me hold high office in Government.

  10. Yes, I’m learning the finer threads of scorpionic manipulation since I got caught in a nasty web and I’m unpicking it now to try to grasp the whole picture. I’m away from the scene while my son’s in hospital. Manipulation can be dangerous stuff and a power we should get a conscious grip on for everyone’s sake. I manipulated and didn’t realize it. I have Pluto transiting my 8th and is now conjunct my merc (ruling planet) in cap, also squaring my natal moon conjunct Saturn in 12th house Aries. Deep layers are being revealed and thanks to the restrictions (Saturn / cappy) I’m taking it slow. When Pluto is involved there’s power play involved, power can destroy, so when it’s personal we have to take manipulation seriously and unravel it, learn it’s root causes and by-roads so not to be duped and lose our power but rather be empowered. We have to be part lone-wolves to learn it’s ways. Great post Elsa ??

  11. I’ve experienced it both ways. Sometimes, I feel like I’m always manipulating someone when I don’t even mean to. I have an eighth house sun and mercury with a Scorpio midheaven.

  12. My Scorpio MARS is 5th house. I don’t think that I manipulate. I do feel like I can easily BE manipulated. I feel foolishly naive about it that I cannot understand how it is that people figure this shit out, i.e. determine another person’s internal motivation and use it to their own ends.

    Maybe I’m just blind to my manipulative skills. I’d rather believe that than that I’m dumb. “/

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