What To Expect When Venus Squares Pluto

venus marleneVenus in Libra will square Pluto in Capricorn on September 6th at 25 degrees. This tightly aspects my natal chart so you can expect to see some action around here.

Yes, you can expect old lovers to show up. I call them “corpses” as in “Step away from the corpse”.  It’s common to want to breathe life into a dead thing but it’s not always such a good idea.

Venus square Pluto also features relationship triangles, obsession, and the shadow side of love, money and vanity.

That’s a lot and this theme is spectacularly relevant at this time as more and more people become aware of the masses being manipulated (Pluto) and controlled (Capricorn) using the appeal of wealth and beauty (Venus).

Here is a 2 minute video:

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Do you have Venus square Pluto?

25 thoughts on “What To Expect When Venus Squares Pluto”

  1. Hi!
    Very interesting.
    Britney Spears who released an album called “Femme Fatale” in 2011 has the square between Venus (Capricorn) and Pluto (Libra).

  2. Could also be that a person who previously got “corpsed” by an old flame to live loveless and dead gets “un-corpsed” by a new flame.

  3. Is this only about romantic love? Because my brother and I engaged in Sibling World War III this week. Pluto is also conjunct my moon.

      1. No. It’s in the sixth. My third is ruled by Libra under the equal house system (which I use), and it’s empty. My fourth house is in Scorpio, though, and when I read up on that, it made me say “hmm.” I also wonder if this is one of the issues my transit Pluto conjunct natal Moon (with a side of Saturn) is bringing to a head. We’ve always had a difficult relationship, and our composite chart is full of squares and oppositions. His sun is in my 12th, and mine’s in his, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

  4. oh my family definitely activates my venus pluto. we just ping each other’s cardinals like crazy, for good or ill…

  5. Is it that are brains are built for tv perfect ending??happily ever after??
    Like when my aunties ,sad little circle of crochet hooks ,cutting , cutting Hollywood bread bags into into skinny threads then crocheting us children rain hats???”that’s some bad hat,Harry” Blahhh!it’s really Chum,
    Turn quick ,nature wins it is really an awful blood bath, don’t turn back
    Cover your ears, the sound of someone chocking on their own
    Teeth!! And hooks, you brain can’t get that sound out!it wasn’t nice the first time,
    Bound to be a month of nitemares
    The next time.

  6. I contacted an old boyfriend to apologize in April. I am glad I did it. We have exchanged emails – and he is doing ok, but I really owed him an apology. I am glad I reached out. I am his corpse I guess. It was also a road not taken (family pressure not to take that road). Anyway – it is all good, and I am being good, but I am glad I contacted him.

  7. And then in December Venus retrogrades in Capricorn at same degree – creating a long conjunction with Pluto with the final pass at that degree in late February. So I think, especially for some people, whatever comes up first week of September is triggered again end of the year.

  8. It’s all aspecting my natal Mercury which is at 25 degrees in Capricorn. Something isn’t going to go well in the communication sector. I’ll think I’ll avoid talking to any lovers I have had in the past until the square passes.

      1. Hi! Actually this isn’t my first time commenting. I created an account a couple years ago, but couldn’t post in the forums and didn’t know who to reach out to for help.

  9. Talk about corpses returning! Just ran into an old “friend” yesterday, or actually he ran into me. I had to amputate him in 2017 because he secretly obsessed over me, lied dor no apparently reason and spied! my social media etc. Also he has a big mouth and cant control himself. I had peviously done that in 2011, but I guess I hadnt learnt my lesson yet te first time. Now I have! Yesterday we sat down at this cafe where he found me with his pal. He also was not expecting to see me! He apologised briefly for “having acted stupid and immature” and I invited them to my table. We caught up a bit, I managed to keet it lighthearted. A couple hours later they went their way and I went mine. He asked whether my phone number is the same, I said “for now”. I hope he got the message. No way I’ll go down that path a 3rd time. We were born only a few hours part, him being older. We share the same chart placements except his AC squares my 1H and in exact square both our NN Tau/SN Scorpio axis. His Jupiter lies therefore in his 12H. Considering we have heavy scorpio pluto opp sun exact, you can imagine the level of certainty I dont want this person nowhere near me no more.

    1. oh, suffice it to say, we first met in 2009/10 as co-workers. Scorpio being on the cusp of his 10H (while pluto in the 9H).

    2. as a side note: we both have Dejanira in exact conjunction in sag. Yesterday Sun conjoined transit Dejanira exact. Not sure it has anything to do with that but I find my corpses I need to step away from always connected to pluto and /or this natal dejanira placement (even those who have their dejanira conj my other placements). It’s an asteroid worth tracking in case it is prominent in a chart. Huge pitfall…

  10. This is all mashed up with my husband’s Pluto and my Venus, opposed in Aries-Libra. In our cardinal houses no less. We are hanging in there!

  11. Uhhh. This is happening to someone I know. So married men do this thing? Is marriage changing. Like married men can talk to single women now?When male friends get involved or married they always disappear from my life. Women usually don’t get that I am no threat and that I am not interested in free labor either.

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