Will Pluto Force A Person To Get Out And Live

mars bookDo you think Pluto in Aquarius will be a social renaissance for those who’s social life or love life has been dormant? Will it force me to come out? Or will I continuously choose to live vicariously through others?
There has to be some positive aspects of this, right?

I have Venus in Leo at 0* and my life has recently been ‘eventful’.

Gay man with Grindr

Hi, Gay man.

I don’t think that Pluto forces people to do things, generally speaking.  Saturn will pressure a person and Mars will push, prod, provoke.  Pluto will put you in situations where you must let go to survive, but that doesn’t seem to fit this situation.

The key is in your post. It’s free will. You’re choosing to live in a certain way, continuously. Sure enough, I have your chart and you have seven planets in Fixed signs.

You’re in a rut, basically.  But Uranus is Taurus set to square your Mars. It’s an ideal time to change or experiment with different options around how you get what you want.

Good luck!


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  1. I thought it was interesting when I looked at my chart today to see I have natal Pluto at 0* Libra and Mars at O* Gemini. I’ve been working a lot with my Libra besties on a project (my Sun is Aries) but I’m pushing from behind the scenes because I can’t physically be there with them. I actually talked both of them in to doing the dang thing (surprise surprise). Still, it’s for the greater good and I also love seeing them succeed. I’ve grown a lot. I have been slowly taking my time stepping up and stepping out…bit it has really been all about teamwork for the past year. The question is: how far will I take it?

  2. “Saturn will pressure a person and Mars will push, prod, provoke. Pluto will put you in situations where you must let go to survive”. That’s perfect. You won’t get that from an AI.

  3. I do see Pluto in Aquarius changing, or more like reforming, our social circles, groups, friends, all ruled by Aquarius. Maybe friendships will change, how we socialise might be transformed.

    The murkier side of social groups, that being cliques, “Mean Girls” dynamics, social pecking orders might become more prominent though, with the aim of exposing the rot and underhanded side, for eventual elimination.

    I only thought about this as I was watching “The Glory” on Netflix (South Korean series). It’s like Mean Girls … but directed by Quentin Tarantino!! 😲

    About a bullied girl, full of innocence, but who grows up into adulthood to seek revenge on the bullies. She does it very strategically, piece by piece, her experience having made her very dark, calculating, and extremely ruthless! She would definitely be the Pluto.

    Well worth a watch.

    1. Her line when she is approached by a love interest, she smiles sweetly and says, “I don’t need a Prince. I need an Executioner”


      That’s all for spoiler alerts 😁

      1. I’m sure it makes for great entertainment, but in real life one would do well to write off the bullies as Garbage and focus one’s energy on building one’s own present and future rather than on the past. Shaping one’s life around reaction to any enemy gives that enemy total power over one’s present and future.

        1. i agree with you, plus you take revenge and it comes back to you in real life. In the films,it’s just movie and some sort of satisfaction.

    2. its an interesting series, i saw it too. I definitely thought she was pluto (the revenge seeker); and the mean girls came from wealthy but very bad parenting too. Cruel mothers and corrupt fathers. Ew. Its like they turned out bad and picked on the weaker (poor girls in the school) because they saw their parents also corrupt and picked on weaker.
      Never saw any bullying in my schools when growing up but i know they exist as i read & heard about it alot.

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    James Slattery

    Uranus in Taurus has already squared my Venus/Mars/Uranus conjunction in Leo and I can’t say much has happened especially since Uranus is in my 2nd house! It has been a low energy and solitary time for me with little socializing and lack of opportunities. Work comes and goes and it has been unstable concerning my daily routine. I exercise in a fits and start fashion and have let my usually impeccable grooming go to the dogs! i look forward to better times even if Pluto is newly in my 12th!

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