Do You Graviate Towards That Which Makes You Uncomfortable?

Scorpio has the only energy that simultaneously attracts and repels people. My 8th house does the same thing. It’s like looking at a car accident when you drive by. You don’t want to look, but often you do.

It’s this quality that makes people feel so uncomfortable around heavy Pluto types. They are drawn to the very thing that disgusts them.

Are you aware of being attracted to something or someone repulsive? If so, who is responsible (Saturn) for this?

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    Hmmm… lots of Mars in my chart so can’t relate but… doesn’t it seem like it’s Pluto’s job to be drawn to what’s gross and make the rest of us aware of it? Or destroy or rid of it if it’s really bad?

  2. Yes. I do gravitate towards what makes me uncomfortable.

    If I am uncomfortable, I know there is something to be found there…

    To link this post with the “life philosophy” post… You might say that has always been a personal life philosophy.

    It’s certainly not the straight road. More like the road with the twisty curves. Sometimes hair-raising and dark and it takes my eyes a while to adjust.

    I may have fear in my chart but I think there are a lot of guts, as well.

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    thomas the twin

    I have that pluto thing going on: attracting repelling situations. I recently took a first-aid course and I found in discussion with my teacher how readily a person will deny help when their in shock from a crisis (perhaps with the aid of a mental ‘censor’).
    My girlfriend and I just witnessed an accident: an SUV crossing the street turning left, ran into an elderly man, crossing in the opposite direction. His ‘walker’ absorbed much of the impact. I went to the scene & asked “I am going to check you for injuries, okay?” after he had been helped to his feet by the embarassed driver. THe elderly man knew he had a road rash on his knee and seemed more keen on keeping on with his day than getting checked. I am glad the paramedics came. What an eye opener.

  4. Hmmm…. Often I’m attracted to a person and a veil descends and they have no faults. When it’s all over though I find myself thoroughly repulsed by that person – yet still in longing. Then after enough time I’m just repulsed with no residual feelings. I am solely to blame.

  5. I admit to being drawn to the uncomfortable… How much can this hurt? is a question that is repeated in my head… I like pushing boundaries, I like testing myself, I like being able to ‘handle’. Then I take a hot bath. 😉

  6. YES! I was drawn into something that started off with repulsion. And then was drawn in, then like Little One said, a veil dropped and. I saw the faults, but still was magnetically attracted. I feel often that people are repulsed/attracted to me on a daily basis.

  7. I really don’t think so. I’m drawn to what I instinctively feel I can learn from. I used to feel I had to go down in the gutter to learn something (not that I’m calling anyone a gutter dweller!!)

    This simply isn’t the case, anymore.

  8. Hard to admit, but the men I’m attracted to are considered repulsive by many people’s standards. They present a challenge and I am tempted to chase them.

    Most my life I was intrigued by the morbid and grotesque. I felt powerless and exposing myself to dark things gave me a sense of control, somehow. I guess I wanted to test my limits.

  9. I agree CArRiE…also making myself laugh because I know the term has surfaced from the depths of my memory and I can’t remember where it’s from! I am pretty sure an old (rough and tumble) friend called me that, once–with love, of course!

    1. What Scorpio power are you talking about? I dont see anything more powerful than other signs.
      The only thing they have different is intensity as a water sign and, if you think about it, each element has a sign that holds intensity.

  10. I fear pain, therefore I am drawn to it. It’s like any other fear, if you face it and learn about it then you have nothing to fear.
    I want to control my fear, therefore I will learn to control my pain.
    I am afraid of death, but hopefully by being drawn to it, I can come to understand it, control the pain of it and by learning to understand it when I face it, I will not be afraid of it and be able to go gently towards the light.
    Saturn in Scorpio, controlled death.
    I want to have some control over it, vs. it controlling all of me.

  11. It’s a shared thing, an exchange of push-pull. No one is repulsive in a vacuum, and no one is repelled in a vacuum.

    Control over the push-pull is something else. I can only count on myself for any control over the push-pull shared with others. And the control I have is never total.

  12. i think of it like watching horror movies… it can be a means of mastering primal fear… to some degree. or it can distort your subconscious perception of reality. or both.

    i was thinking about this, a couple days ago. people flaunting taboo while still being repelled by it. rather than freeing themselves from repression they remain stuck in it. seems a more mature step to advance beyond repressive rules and build one’s own perspective. rather than cycling through guilt and self loathing and failure to live up to standards that aren’t working for whatever reason.

    maybe that’s part of the transformational effect.
    still, the mind can get stuck on horror. it is always out there. seems like there’s always going to be some new way to trigger it. i wonder if a person really could get jaded to _everything. and most of us are drawn to our fears quite mightily

  13. Insatiable curiosity about horrifying and morbid subjects. Saturn in Scorpio, Sun/Pluto in Libra, Venus and Mars in 8th house

  14. “gravitation” is the perfect word here.

    I have my sun in my 8th house and mercury in saggitarius in 8th too. I also got Pluto in Scorpio in the 7th house.

    I have always been this way! Always throwing myself into positions where I’m vulnerable and I’m still psychoanalysing myself as to why and how to manage it. For me I deeply believe that’s where I grow stronger by putting myself through it and being around Pluto types. It has been awfully painful and stressful. For some people around me I’m the one putting them through an 8th house storm.

    I think once you are aware of something, you become responsible for it. However, I think the issue of being responsible for it and even being aware of it is complicated because there could be several motivations for a persons actions and/or motivations supporting the motivations. It depends how self aware and knowledgeable of the situation the person is. The reasons for gravitating can go pretty deep.

  15. I gravitate towards ideas and philosophies that make me uncomfortable and sometimes repulse me. Blogs have been a useful and accessible way to do this.

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