Your Life Experience With A Chart of Trines vs A Chart Of Squares and Oppositions

I have no idea what you all will take from this. But I think it shows the difference between someone who has a bunch of trines in their chart (me) as compared to someone with hard aspects (him). The soldier and I:

“It’s hard for me to understand,” I said. “You tell me no one can get near you. That’s what you say.”

“It’s true. I don’t want anyone in my body space, P. Get in my body space and I’ll hurt you.”

“Yeah, I understand that but I can’t see it. Not now and not ever. You have always been completely open with me. I could or would never imagine you have any sort of issue with this. I am near you all the time and you are completely relaxed.”

“Well that’s the phenomenon, isn’t it? I keep telling you, P, no one affects me like you. You completely disarm me. I turn to mush the minute you’re in the room. I always have and no one else has ever affected me in such a way. I don’t like it you know.”


“No, hell no. You know I like to be in control. I like to be in control of myself at all times.”

“You seem in control to me. When I see you, I mean. I have never seen mush. You are your regular self… same as you always been.

“Barely. It’s all I can do to control myself around you and not be a blithering idiot.”

“Well I can’t see it. I can’t see you struggling.”


“Hmm. No one you know is ever going to understand this? People you know, I mean.”

“No they’re not. Absolutely not.”

“Some badass guy has another side?”

“Yeah. No one knows that. No one dreams that in their wildest imagination. They just don’t know. Anything else is completely unknown to them.”

“Oh how funny. That seems so stupid to me. You know what it’s like?”


“Well you know I can swear. I can let out a string of cuss words like no one you have ever encountered.”

“Yeah, I’ve seen it.”

“Well this is like people knowing that and saying, yeah that’s Elsa, she swears. And that’s all they know. They know I swear, that’s all they know and everything else I am – what I do, how I feel, what my life is about completely eludes them. Can you see how stupid that is? We can’t figure out anything else. That’s how people are with you and it’s the most amazing thing. And you know what? If people treated me like that I don’t think I would want them near me either. Thank God, they do not.”

He shrugged,

“I am a much nastier person than you but treated so much better and for no reason, whatsoever. I should be as nice as you but it doesn’t seem to matter. They still help me up while the same people try to burn you down…”

Is the world good to you?

10 thoughts on “Your Life Experience With A Chart of Trines vs A Chart Of Squares and Oppositions”

  1. I am good to the world and it returns the favour.
    Even when things have been really horrible, I don’t stay depressed for long. It isn’t becoming of me.

  2. With all my Libra & Venus in Sag in the first?! Yup! Besides, when I do have a Scorpio moment & say something with all the force of Mercury/Mars in Scorpio behind it, it REALLY gets people’s attention! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Maybe that’s right too – I’m a Sag and have one in my chin. But I’ve also noticed the same trait on Libra Suns and Rising.

  4. Aries Sun trine Leo Jupiter. I have the world’s biggest dimples when I smile! People always comment on it.

  5. interesting post! I can relate to the soldier – don’t like to be seen as mushy or out of control either, and the space thing is so true. yes, i agree some people do seem to be treated better than others despite similar situations. i’ve got a chart full of oppositions and squares and i’ve definitely noticed this. but i’ve also noticed that this scenario creates more drive, resiliency and a tough attitude, with a desire to wear a brave face and not show hardships. it’s too bad others only see the badass side and none of the rest. it’s like life treats you bad, you deal with it alone, people don’t see you struggle, they assume you’re fine and either don’t help you or try to take you down till you cry uncle. and round and round it goes. wish i had some dimples, seem to keep you out of trouble ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Re: trines and … stressful aspects … One trine (Neptune/Chiron; 2 if one counts all my planets in Leo trine my North Node in Sag) a couple of sextiles, several conjuncts and some pretty heavy duty squares and a major opposition (my Chiron in Aquarius opposition my Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Pluto and Ascendant in Leo. And most of those are in the 12th House, which is ruled by Uranus in Cancer at 29 deg (major cusp action).

    Geometric planetary configuration consists of a Grand Trine, 2 T-squares, a Grand Cross and a Yod.

    Life’s been fun. I used to keep people from getting close. Things have changed. I took back my power, and I know how to use it. So I’m not easily intimidated any longer. I’m going through my Chiron Return, currently, and a few hairy personal transits, but I’m managing to stay grounded and centered, in spite of the chaos in the world. I want to help others, so I’m pulling out of the 12th and focusing on the 6th, the abode of my retrograde Chiron in Aquarius.

    As for dimples, I have one in each cheek and one in my chin and no Sag in sight, other than in my North Node in 4.

    Love your wit, Elsa. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. there’s only a few long-term occasions where i haven’t felt like i’ve had to defend or protect myself, and that list seems to slowly grow (although it ebbs and flows) as i learn what’s and who’s “bad” for me. i watch out for groups of people and mass established connections, because that’s never been something good for me. groups of people like to talk crap about me, which i fucking hate because i try so hard not to give anybody anything to talk about and to just be ‘nice’ to everyone (how libra of me… and again, i have pluto in libra conjunct moon & jupiter in scorpio).

    i’m thinking that scorpio moons like to keep to themselves and keep control even if they don’t have the negative experience to inspire such a thing. and i think people see ‘us’ as being hard and in control, too. albeit mysterious. but it’s hard not to be mysterious when you’re just a rock on the surface. if people don’t assume you’re strong, soldier material… they assume whatever the heck they can think up that maybe seemed to fit for a second, one time, when they couldn’t figure you out.

    (this was a sort of random comment about a series of posts on this topic… another long one from me!)

  8. Life is insanely good to me, and when it’s not I am usually terribly buoyant. It is just nearly impossible to keep me down for any length of time. I am too busy learning! I have a Grand fire trine involving 6 planets.

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