Introduction To Chiron In The Natal Chart

Chiron glyphYou might be a big shot up on Olympus but down here you’re still just one of my students. Move it!”
                   –Chiron, Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

Chiron of myth is the wounded healer, oracle and famed teacher. He was a centaur with the torso of a man and the body of a horse. Chiron was immortal; when wounded in battle he suffered the effects of a poisoned arrow but did not die. In astrology Chiron is associated with Virgo and the 6th house, quite broadly health.

In the horoscope the placement of Chiron shows a very basic, primal wounding. It also shows where we are best able to be healers. This is not an unusual concept when one considers how much we learn from adversity. Who knows better the ins and outs of a subject than one who has experienced it firsthand? For example, many domestic violence counselors have themselves overcome domestic violence. It’s a common joke that all psych students are nuts. We’re trying to figure out what the heck to do to fix our heads.

It’s been said that the Chiron placement or wound is where we can heal others but not ourselves. I disagree with this. I think that the Chiron wound is deep and difficult to overcome. However I also think that through mastery of the subject, accomplished by practicing on others, one gains the knowledge and skill necessary to facilitate one’s own healing.

Where is your Chiron in sign and house? Do you see your “wound”? Have you been moved to help others in this area?

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106 thoughts on “Introduction To Chiron In The Natal Chart”

  1. @seadaughter – that’s me exactly! Especially about the presents… I love Christmas but find it really hard to accept gifts. Much prefer giving – even when strapped for cash 🙂 So glad it’s not just me (chiron not feeling worthy again lol) x

  2. Satori, thanks for another insightful and helpful post.

    I have 4th H Aqua Chiron, tightly conj. IC, opposing 6 planets (and MC) at the top of my chart, squaring Asc. and thank God Sextile my 1st H Scorpio Moon.

    The home, mother, family, tribe —- all have played huge roles in my life, as has the Moon, which has been the source of all healing for me. I find, after my Chiron return, that I have never really felt ‘at home’ anywhere, will never really ‘belong’ in my own family, and have had to learn how make my home where ever I am. Accepting this brought peace for me, no doubt.

    I love my Chiron now, explains so much. Still working to integrate all those oppositions tho. I also like to think, as D. Cunningham says, that Chiron is a bridge between the outer planets. Just read somewhere else that aspects between Chiron, Saturn and Uranus should be examined for insights and guidance.

    My Sabian Symbol for 2 degrees Aquarius Chiron: ‘An Unexpected Thunderstorm – the need to develop the inner security which will enable us to meet unexpected crises. …it refers to an event for which one is not prepared…’ Story of my life folks 🙂

  3. Peppermint, as always your prose reads like poetry. have you read Barbara Hand Clow’s “Chiron- Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner and Outer Planets”? it was mentioned above in other comments and really is a good book. I just wish my secondhand paperback was not highlighted in radioactive pink over 90% of the copy. I have to limit my reading time to short stints as it makes me feel like I’m being yelled at by a prissy clown. 😉

  4. Thanks Satori! I’ve read excerpts from Clow’s Chiron book, and have found her work to be most illuminating. I love the idea of having help (Chiron) in understanding and integrating all the energy the outer planets (esp. Pluto) offer, particularly in flowing with, and not against, Pluto and Neptune.

    *yelled at by a prissy clown* talk about poetry! Made me LOL with that one. I do know what you mean tho it’s very distracting.

    Do I remember correctly that you’re a graduate psychology student? Any thoughts on correlations between Chiron and Jung’s take on The Shadow? Is Chiron the vehicle we take to get to and shine a light on the stories and gifts we store in The Shadow, or is it The Shadow itself? Curious about your thoughts on that one . . .

  5. nah, on the grad/student thing… I took way more credits than I needed for a degree but not in the right places. I always wanted to take the stuff I actually wanted to learn about and put off about one quarter’s worth of stuff I didn’t want to take. then I decided to move away and get married. when I needed to get more education I decided I’d be better off learning a trade (cosmetology) in the short term, as what i wanted to do required a masters.

    One of my favorite movies is What Dreams May Come. There’s a scene where the main character journeys into hell to try to bring back his wife. he has a tracker, Max Von Sydow, to navigate hell and zero in on what he needs. it turns out the tracker was his psychiatrist in life. anyway, I kind of see it like that, a function of our psyche that can navigate the shadow… but it’s still dangerous in there.

  6. Interesting that you mention that many with 10th house Chirion have taken religious vows. I have always been involved in Religion, have been initiated into Santeria. But, follow my own path.

  7. Before I forget again. I was also going to say that this combination makes me uncomfortable in the public light. However, in a typical Aquarian manner of getting around this I use the Internet and the cellphone which allows sufficient anonimity for me to say those things which I cannot say directly.

  8. Thanks, Satori, (Chiron is) “. . . a function of our psyche that can navigate The Shadow.” Very good and gives me a better understanding of how Chiron works in a person’s chart. Been puzzling over that for a while now.

    On the grad/student thing: ah, you are one of those well-rounded people that left the beaten path to learn those things that appealed to you – I admire that.

    I have to see that movie now 🙂

  9. chiron in pisces 4th, the deep family wounds have surfaced, already broken through the illusion now busy healing……

  10. I’m a bit of a traditionalist on chiron – I don’t believe the wound(s) are healable but instead always ache to some degree, flare up and tamp down, cyclical, always there to be triggered – and we can answer the call or not, depending on whatever else is happening in the life at the time–

    Mine is 8th House and only recently realized that it squares my sun (10 degree aries chiron vs 16 degrees cancer sun). One consolation maybe is that the sun is moving away from chiron one day at a time–

    Sometimes I meet people and when I hear where their chiron is I go “ohhhhhhh” — (thinking to myself “Oh you poor thing with your chiron THERE” but I guess this is just a reflex to make MYself feel better.

    It’s definitely a place you do not want to poke (in other people) — such a tender spot

  11. Chiron in Aries 3rd house, nestled in between my 29Pisc Sun and Mercury. Ah hah! He’s part of my tsquare madness, opposing Uranus and squaring Mars and Moon in 12H Cap. I guess it’s all about finding my voice.

  12. Alicia, I also have chiron in Taurus conjunct ASC. I wonder how this manifests for you. I suppose for me it being in Taurus and directly on the ascendant my wound relates a great deal to insecurity from not feeling worthy to be and not having what I need…which causes anxiety. I can’t figure out if it just makes me appear like a wounded person to others (I’ve had pretty bad generalized anxiety) or what. Interestingly, I teach medical students topics in psychology (especially about stress) and I do research in neuroscience trying to “heal” brain activity/behavior with electricity (Uranus conjunct DC). So there’s definitely some teacher-healing stuff there.

  13. Chiron in 8th in Pisces. I am into my Chiron return as we speak, and right on cue, am having hot flashes!(Chiron returns typically correspond to menopause) I also have just started learning about a new spiritual healing technique…am quite obsessed with it lately, learning all that I can about it. I love it! Very chironic….and very 8th house.

  14. Chiron Pisces 1st.

    My Clow book was new, so I only have a few light blue highlights! What I highlighted for me, Chiron 1st:

    “…six of the seven people are major New Age teachers or professional healers.”

    “…they require a stable and nurturing domestic environment. Often this is hard to achieve.” You’re preaching to the choir, Barbara!

    “These individuals need nature….” Definitely.

    “If they can just let the energy go out from themselves freely, they will find manifestation; ie, what they think about is what is happening.” Wishcraft, yes, but I obviously need to keep working on this for the big things.

    Chiron in Pisces:

    “…there is a crisis over connecting with the God force…”

    “I am talking about ‘seeing’ the astral realm. Once you see this and understand it, your will and power are free to be clear.”

    “…almost all have Pluto in Virgo opposite Chiron in Pisces. This means that this group of future healers will walk the rainbow path in their lifetimes because their sense of Pluto is as an evolutionary force to be used for total clarity.” I have this aspect. I’m not sure what she means by “rainbow path.”

    “…he/she hears different music than the most of us.”

    “Above all, natives with Chiron in Pisces need encouragement to manifest their powers, and to be given acknowledgement about their gifts.”

    “The high drug usage of this group is probably an attempt to avoid manifesting who they are.” This is so NOT a problem for me, thank God. I’m sure Saturn conj ASC is the reason.

  15. Just recently discovered Chiron in my ninth house opposing my Scorpio stellium in the third.. Ouch! Not sure what to make of this.. Any insight would be much appreciated 🙂

  16. I have Chiron in Gem. I dont yet fully know what this means for me in terms of the primal wound, but I am often misunderstood or words put into my mouth or motives ascribed which arent true, and it frustrates the hell out of me! lol. all this Aquarian wants is to be understood, yet it is unforthcoming. 12th house.

  17. Chiron conjuncts 7h Cancer Jupiter, and it’s carrying all of Jupiter’s oppositions to Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and the Ascendant.

    It’s particularly hard to deal with a failing relationship with someone I care about; it’s kind of like trying to stop sand from falling out of your palm.

    On the flipside, I’m always there to aid/guide my friends who come to me almost on a daily basis with their family and relationship issues.

  18. I have Chiron in Taurus in 12th. Low self worthiness issues, sure. I don’t think anyone sees it, though. I think it’s hidden from view most of the time. Hanging out with Taureans sometimes brings it out.

  19. chiron in aquarius in the 8th house. I have always been able to be rational about emotional issues. I had been sexually molested when I was young. For many childhood years, I felt dirty and bad about what happened. But when I was 11 or 12, I realized that I had been a little kid who had been abused by an older person. It was not my fault and I was not responsible. And with that, all the guilt and shame were gone. So I think the wounded warrior helps us.

  20. Avatar

    Hmm..mine is in Taurus in the 7H 5 degrees conjunct with Venus, opposite my ASC, trine Jupiter and square my moon.

    I have always sort of sensed that I am going to be the one who “breaks the curse” so to speak of hideous marriage in my family. My family cannot seem to partner themselves to save their lives, and it is a constant struggle for me, but one I almost feel a calling for. I think I was sent a very suitable partner. We seem to work out each other’s karma lol But the dynamic is very different than the relationships that have gone before me.

    My mom is a Taurus sun, and sometimes I feel like I feel a lot of her hangups within me and I feel motivated to move beyond them and not perpetuate our family cycles.

    Does that make sense? It’s obvious Chiron has some work do do in Venusian areas for me…

  21. @J.Rabbit: I also have Taurus Chiron conj ASC, but its one degree above in the 12th. Is yours exact? I could discuss this topic for the entire day….I started a couple threads about it a while back, but didn’t get a huge response and there have been a couple threads started in the last few days that also address it that are interesting.
    My perspective on it is moreso from the metaphysical side (I think bc of its 12th hse location and the cusp if my 12th is Pisces) so I tend to get a little “out there” when discussing it.

  22. Hi Sam, mine is two degrees above the ASC in the 12th. It’s interesting that your perception focuses on the metaphysical…I hadn’t thought about that. So do you also feel your wound is hidden? For some reason I didn’t think of it in the 12th, but there are certainly large aspects of myself/my wound which are hidden. In the equal house system Aries is on the cusp of my 12th (though I read it with Placidus which means Pisces is on the cusp). I’ll try to find your threads and comment there. I’m curious about your perspective on it and what others have to say.

    1. My former boyfriend has a 12H Chiron. He broke up with me because his emotional “pain” was too intense. I later learned he was clinically depressed.

  23. Chiron Rx in Gemini in the 11th, with ruler Mercury, in the 6th in Aquarius, conjunct the descendant.

    Not sure if I know enough yet to fully dissect this astrology-wise, but from what I’ve experienced, I don’t seem to fit in anywhere. School was especially heinous; I rarely participated in class discussions, and had my grades lowered because of it, plus I was never confident in myself, in my own words, in what I knew, and got caught blatantly plagiarizing, twice.

    In terms of speaking, I feel as if my voice is under lock and key. I’ve had issues with my lungs in the past. The voice that comes out of me is one that people generally don’t expect, and I have made a habit of not speaking in order to not be noticed, and speaking in order to be noticed(and vice versa).

  24. I don’t notice too many 9th house Chirons here. But that’s where mine is in Libra, exactly conjunct my Libra jupiter and both exactly conj my Leo Pluto in the 7th. I am in my 60’s now and just sorting this all out personally for the first time. I totally agree that chiron wounds are healable, esp. since knowledge is so often power. I also believe you have to want to be healed before it can happen. Anyway, this post is another gem, Satori. Thank you.

  25. Hey J.Rabbit;+)
    I just commented on Satori’s other Chiron post a little mote about how I understand it for me, but yah, its definitely been hidden from me for most of my life. I think as transiting Chiron approaches my 12th hse cusp and opposition to nPluto, its bringing up more of the answers, and of course, along with it, more questions.
    I also mentioned in another thread about the Sun, Merc and Uranus transiting my 12th, so I’m sure those are playing their part in dredging up my curiousity.
    I hope I’m not hijacking Satori’s post by putting these on here, but I wanted to share the links to the other threads with Chiron:
    starting with Wizrons’s post at #33

    And this one:

  26. Chiron in the 8th. In Pisces. Juno is there as well as Pallas. I tell myself stories about this. Conjunct the South node. Chiron return at the moment.

  27. Reread some Barbara Hand Clow this weekend. She nails it. Caroline Casey – Making the Gods Work for you as well. Had a consult with someone – who mentioned the fact that I am an outer planet person, and also that Pluto is strong. Pluto is in Virgo conjunct the north node – there is an integrative thing going on.

    The wound has been difficulty finding a primary relationship and it is not easy being Green.

  28. Hey tedareka! I have chiron and jupiter in first house cancer opposed saturn uranus and neptune in the 7th. Guess it’s a generational thing but just thought it was neat lol

    with my chiron in the first house I definitely feel (cancer being on ascendant) that it has a dominant theme in my life..always wanting to be healed and cleansed. Feeling like theres just something not right with who I am. Have trouble with boundaries. Always felt like an outcast growing up so if I see someone in a bad situation I always want to truly help them. I really enjoy nurturing pple as well.

    1. My 1H Aquarius Chiron sextiles my Sagittarius Saturn on the 11H/12H cusp; is opposite my 7H Leo Uranus and quincunxes my 7H Virgo Venus/Juno conjunction. The sudden car accident (4H Gemini Mars) death (Uranus) of my father (8H Libra Sun) as a child forced my mother to reenter the workforce (11H Saturn – she was a school teacher with a Cancer MC) to support our family (4H Gemini Mars – she was a Gemini Sun). Her emotional withdrawal (Aquarius) severely impacted (Saturn) my emotional development (Chiron) and skewed my perception (quincunx) of healthly intimate partnerships (7H Venus/Juno). I pay it forward by volunteering at women’s shelters and church singles’ groups.

  29. Chiron in the 12th (where are all the 12H Chiron people at??), in Cancer. My primal wound is related to childhood, to my mother, to feelings of invisibleness, to not being taught compassion (12th House) and Faith (same), to loneliness.

    1. I relate to this one because I have cancer in the 12 house and my chiron is in my 11th, so it would be near the 12th. Everything you mentioned, I feel about my childhood.

  30. Chiron in 11th house in Gemini. I see how this affects me in many different ways. 1) I’ve had a lot of let downs with friends (11th house wound) 2) I act as the healer of my group of friends. 3) I over give to my friends. 4)I inherited an ancestral wound of feeling inadequate intellectually. My grandmother had to drop out of school in 3rd grade because both of her parents died right after the depression and she had to travel between different relatives’ houses and sleep outside and fend for herself. To this day she can barely read but she still managed to get a license and was the head of the housecleaning department at the hospital she worked. Even though it took a lot of smarts to get where she got she still had to rely on others and struggle and work harder in order to get as far as she did. My sun sign is gemini and my gemini is in mercury so being smart is a big part of my identity. I am very smart but part of me feels inadequate intellectually. This wound hurts the most for me because I value myself the most by my intelligence and I am wounded where I most value myself. 5)I love writing but I feel inadequate as a writer. Writing brings me the most joy out of anything that I do but I feel like if I really applied myself and went after my dream that I would fail. 11th house rules hopes and wishes, gemini’s are known for writing.

  31. Avatar

    Not sure about this. As far as i am concerned chiron is mostly about career. Heres something to think about. Margret Thatcher had Saturn at 13 of Scorpio on her asc. I have chiron at 13 of Pisces. I left school in the UK when she had been in power for roughly a year. I have never had a stable job. there are many of my generation who are in the same boat. Before thatcher there were apprenticeships. As I was leaving they were being cut.My astrology has it that any aspect from Saturn is bad – even a trine. Something to think about while chasing unicorns.

  32. Chiron in the 11th house, retrograde right next to retrograde Saturn. My big wound is my father (Saturn) who hated my guts as a child. I also don’t fit in groups, it never works out well after a few years tops. I don’t seem to make or have many friends either.

      1. Avatar

        KaD did our autobiographies get swapped? I relate to this so much, my father hated me too primarily because I existed.

        1. I think my father hated women, something to do with his mother not wanting him or him not being one of the two favorite kids. He was a Cancer stuck in the bottle all his life. Died from alcohol poisoning. He tried to kill me.

  33. Chiron in Cap in the 12th, one degree away from the Asc., opposing Uranus in the 7th. Squared by a Saturn/Virgo Sun/Pisces opposition.

    I am so uncomfortable with others. But I know I can’t hide out, so force myself out there to accomplish something, anything. But it’s too hard, so I go back to hiding. Back and forth, back and forth…

  34. Chiron in 10th. I’ve had this wounding that I’ll never live up to the full potential given to me because of family/life issues. I’ve also had issues with my ex and my ex’s dysfunctional family publicly slandering me at every chance they get. For example, many years ago, my ex MIL called my work and got one of my employees and my employee explained that I’d stepped out of the office. As if she didn’t have anything else to do, she takes this opportunity and starts into a long dialogue about what an awful person I am and all the fabrications she makes up to justify why she feels that way. I get back in the office and my employee tells me this. I call her and she denies it. Then she does it again. My ex made up abuse charges (though it was the other way around!) that caused me to nearly lose my license for my profession. And I’ve had some horrible bosses, put down for no good reasons, etc. It makes my blood boil but that’s a 10th house Chiron for you! I’ve tried to avoid the public eye for nearly a decade now because of this nonsense.

    I have Aries on the MC, though. I’m not meant to work for other people. I work too hard to be at somebody else’s whims and string-pulling. Plus, my time with this family has hardened me. I no longer what others think and my life is my business. I don’t owe any apologies. So maybe that’s my Chiron lesson…

    1. Thats interesting. See if you can find the birth details of your mother in law and ex. Check the charts against yours. See if their Saturn is hitting your Chiron/Sun/Jupiter/Mercury. Or vice versa. Three degree orb and less. Also retrograde planets again withing a three degree orb. I get this myself, so I sympathize with the situation. In my case I have a tight Mercury/Saturn conjunction. Anyone I come across who has planets aspecting that said conjunction I have problems with. My mother was one with her Jupiter conjuncting my Merc/Sat conjunction. Worse still is that (from memory) her Saturn was retrograding into my Venus/Jupiter conjunction. It was a battle between us. She did not want me, wanted to be free. She did not like the situation. And why would she with not one but two aspects between us that indicates going into a situation where there is no going back.

  35. My Chiron is Pisces 4th. Weird as it has an r by it as in retrograde? What in the world would that twist add to the equation?

  36. I have Chiron in Leo in the 8th house, and it’s quite strong in my chart. And I feel it. It’s strength. As a child I was emotionally abused by a very unstable, diagnosed BPD/Narcissist mother who was also an alcoholic… she was neglectful emotionally, she was not present… she did not nurture me. It was very difficult and traumatic in a lot of ways. Funnily enough, she is a Leo with a 5th house stellium. I never learned to properly express or experience my emotions, and I had to grow up fast as well, so I never really got to be a kid. My biggest hurdles in healing have included my reverting back to childlike anger and emotional expression. Art is a huge helper, but I struggle to express myself artistically unless I am drinking, or doing something like finger painting. I know that I really need to get in touch with my inner child but I feel she is so buried.

    The 8th house touch is very interesting as well. I have definitely gone through much transformation. I really want to transform the pain I experience and use it to help myself. I also have Jupiter (my ruling planet) in the 8th house (in Virgo). I find much meaning in transforming myself and my pain, but I am still struggling in learning how to do it effectively.

  37. Avatar
    The Two-Faced Editor

    Chiron in 2nd house: fear of never being able to provide enough, fear of not having enough even when one does; insecure about possessions

    Chiron in Libra: insecurity surrounding not being in a relationship; fear of conflict, loneliness, disharmony.

    Definitely see it in my own life, although they aren’t as prevalent or hold as much weight as other placements in my chart.

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