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Food allergies

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@elsa Terrible! The standards in the U.S. are so low sometimes. You can almost bet your bottom dollar, this does not happen in Europe.

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Porto's bakery called me... I commend them for this. The gal did not have the info but mentioned an "allergen team". She's calling back, tomorrow.

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It's not vaccines. My mom was an anti-vaxxer and I mysteriously still threw up all the time when I was a kid, and mysteriously started coming down with lupus before I caught up on all my shots. Mysteeeeeriously. 😒

It's most likely the fact that foods are farmed so centrally and treated with so much pesticide and herbicide, when I've been made aware that wasn't the case only about 30-40 years ago. The bread and produce you bought in the supermarket in Phoenix, AZ were most likely grown somewhere nearby in the state. They were cross-pollinated with plants you were likely already exposed to, and the fruits and vegetables were either seasonal or frozen/canned and not doused in chemicals to keep the fruit viable year round. This is not the case anymore. Strawberry and blueberry intolerances and allergies are growing incredibly common because of this. CAFO operations create so much stress and sickness in the animals that people get weird infections from eating the beef and chicken now (if the sheer cruelty couldn't move someone to make a change!)

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