3 thoughts on “Neptune On My Midheaven Confuses The Public And Vice Versa!”

  1. Elsa this reminds of another one of your stories about the brothers and the war memorial. the father called you the n-word repeatedly while talking to his son unaware that you were in listening range.

    he seemed have taken just a glance at you and had determined that you were not white. your being of italian descent didn’t even occur to him as that option didn’t seem to be anywhere on his radar screen of “ethnic” possibilites. the way i read it, he called you a name that was readily available to him that summed up his ideas and emotions on that particular context of you dating his son. btw i really admired how you handled that situation.

    either from their want of trying or even their lack thereof, i guess few people, and that includes me at times, are going to see you the way you view yourself ~hang in there 😉

    neptune squares my MC, but i enjoy appearing enigmatic (moon & mars 12th house) to others now and again.

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