Is She Stupid? Or Smart? Neptune And The Hall Of Mirrors

In light of my typos and the fact that yesterday I complimented Mokihana on something she wrote that was actually a quote from my own mouth – this is from 2007. More Neptune bafflement extraordinare…

Idiot savant – Wikipedia

16 thoughts on “Is She Stupid? Or Smart? Neptune And The Hall Of Mirrors”

  1. Yeah, well you should never ask an idiot if they are an idiot because how are they supposed to know? Only an idiot would ask an idiot if they were an idiot.

  2. Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!!! Obviously you are not an idiot, or you couldn’t come up with that line of reasoning!! But, hey, we can never underestimate the power of Neptune!! 😀

  3. LOL. I think that when it comes to people who are smart in an abstract way, like people who are good with archetypes and astrology, etc, most left brainers who end up being the bosses in our culture just don’t know what to think about that. It doesn’t fit into their definition of smart, but it clearly has value and isn’t easy. What is it? It sounds like he exposed his own hang ups to me. You’re smart, Elsa, no question.

  4. Uh oh, I have to defend HQ! Amethyst – HQ is not hung on or over me in any way. Thing is, he took these stories I wrote and he was fashioning them into a book for me. And apparently there were some pretty trick tricks in my writing… high level stuff he picked up on.

    So he asked me about it. He was complimenting me, calling me genius and of course I didn’t know what the hell he was talking about. I didn’t put anything special in my writing, see. However it was there. And when he learned it was in there not because I am clever but because the writing was the writing, organically… well this is apparently the best explanation he could come up with.

  5. Aw, okay. I’ve just met a lot of people who didn’t know what to think of me because I’m an abstract thinker too. Quite a lot of them were great people, but they had some hang-ups. Most people do have some hang-ups. You know?

  6. A friend of mine once told me that: “when I first met you I thought you were stupid, I thought you looked dumb” – then I turned out to be the best student in class. It was funny.

    You’re even smillier today!

  7. >>You’re even smillier today!>>

    Now see! I made those both yesterday, LOL. Just changed clothes, so it’s an illusion!

    I was going to make one today but turned on the camera and looked so startlingly different I decided I best not shock people. Put today’s up next to yesterday’s and you all be going, “what the hell?” Anyway, you make my point.

    And I have decided to go ahead and blow off reality. I am not sure what this entails but whatever it is, I am going to do it.

  8. “…decided to go ahead and blow off reality.”

    I love it!!!! Who me? Nah, man, couldn’t of been me there in the I-HOP eating pancakes, I blew reality off way back in ’07!!

    ElsaElsa, Mz. Elsa P – you, my dear, are PRICELESS!!

  9. very Borges. i think he even wrote a short story by that name, hall of mirrors or something.

    but in this shattered holograph of a universe, you stop the reflection upon reflection and piece it together nicely. this space to write and exchange ideas on astrology and life is a blessing. you speak truth. respect.


  10. I remember reading about the Neptune/Sun (or was it Neptune/ASC?) conjunction, and how people who had it could get away with anything, because they play-acted being, yes, stupid.

    Even if they’re NOT, they get a lot of people to help them through life.

    The passage also said that they aren’t “harassed” like “obviously smart” people.

    Not something I could ever do…I’m too obvious for my own good, sometimes. With my Aries ASC and my ruling planet conjunct my Leo Sun, I’m out there, warts and all.

  11. well, a true writer, in my opinion, lets the story flow through them, and, as with any art, there’s layers of energetic interactions involved it you let it breathe as it comes out.
    it doesn’t have to consciously planned… that’s what makes it artistic genius. i wouldn’t say idiot savant. just, maybe… untrained? and often training will get in the way of art. art doesn’t particularly like being held to rules…

    my perspective, anyway…

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