Scorpio & 8th House: Taboo – Drawn To What’s Forbidden

vortexI admit to being drawn to taboo. I’ve been this way for as long as I can remember. I want to know things. It’s one of the reasons I got into astrology.

Natally, I have a packed 8th house. Currently I have a large stellium in Scorpio in my Progressed chart. It’s going to be that way for years. I’m not getting out of this.

I hate all the restrictions in place right now; tightening up day by day if not hour by hour. But on another level, I’m enjoying myself immensely.  Sorry!  But this is what the post is about! Certain people are drawn to what is hidden. I’m one of them.

I can’t help myself. The more something is covered up, the more curious I become. I want to comprehend the underpinnings of a thing.

It’s important to keep up, if I’m going to do a job like this.  I want to know as much as I can. I’m talking about knowing something or someone deeply which can only happen by putting in the time and effort.

I’m loving this time on this level. It’s for my own thrill but also because it allows me to get on the phone with a client, having access to a vast collection of uncommon knowledge.  It’s an awesome feeling.

Are you drawn to taboo? If so, do you have a special interest? What’s your astrology situation?

15 thoughts on “Scorpio & 8th House: Taboo – Drawn To What’s Forbidden”

  1. My natal Sun, Mercury, asteroid Ceres, and NN are in the 8H. Tr Pluto, in my 12H, has been trining my natal Mercury all-pandemic long. I’ve used this quarantine time to deeply research my chart. It’s been an invaluable experience.

  2. 4 planets in Scorpio, 3 in the 8th house…

    The other 3 planets are in Cap, 12th house (Mars), Uranus and Neptune is Sag & Sag.

    Taboo is my middle name.
    Going deep is my second middle name ?

    Mercury in 8th, Scorpio.
    You do the math while I’m digging deep into the pathology of my intimate connections. It’s making people rather unnerved, I know that from earlier experience. Sometimes I pretend to be a flimsy Pisces or an eccentric, freedom loving Aquarius to not scare them away…., and then I show them real meat when they get closer.
    Often it makes people uncomfortable when I know/say things before they happen. It’s just the way I am ?‍♀️

    I have also experienced people being attracted to me due to the “deep” vibe I have. Often it’s people with their own shadow side they haven’t owned, and then I get blamed for their shit. I have learned to distance myself a bit from it. Whatever they do or say, it’s a reflection of them, not me….

  3. Oh yes!!! Sun/Moon conjunction the 8th/Sun is my chart ruler. Also Mars in 8th is in domicile and one of the strongest planets in my chart, trine Uranus/Jupiter conjunction. I am all about anything hidden/occult/metaphysical. You should see my collection of books, actual paper copies, but especially my kindle. I keep that pretty hidden because it would definitely scare the average person, lol.

    Come to think of it, I don’t think anyone would guess the actual depth of spiritual and occult knowledge I do have and I don’t really want them to. I have things in my back pocket for days. But I don’t come across like that. I’m full of surprises, I will pull out things here and there.

    It can be a lot of fun being an 8th houser. There are always more treasures to find and we never stop searching. We’re equipped to handle things the average person cannot.

  4. Avatar
    Warped by Wuthering Heights

    Same here, born insatiably curious! Virgo Moon in 8th, POF in Leo on cusp of 8th, Sun in 3rd in Aries, Scorpio MC.

  5. I don’t even know that what I’m drawn to is “taboo.” Cuz really, what standard is that reckoning the ‘forbidden.’ My 8th House Mars-Saturn and 7th House Pluto aspect every other planet in my Natal Chart. I am curious and quirky with a natal Uranus sextile all that 8th house wiring.
    What is really fascinating to me, as I read about your progressed Scorpio chart Elsa, is that now my progressed chart is so large now … no longer consolidated to my 8th House and 10th-11th House my personal planets and world are all over the map … spread into both hemispheres and I notice that while recognizing my natal roots.
    I’m loving this exploration and what comes from being asked to draw on the depths.

    1. I feel caught. Currently have p Scorpio moon too. At least it will clear out soon. It’s really overkill though I’ve been able make quite a bit of lemonade.

      1. That’s something (the lemonade) and I know you spread that drink to those in your world, caught or not. It’s a crap shoot sometimes. And then it’ssomething else. xo

  6. I’m very particular (virgo jupiter 8th) towards what I am drawn to. I only feel like learning and going deeper into astrology and numerology. Acrux is a fun influence conjunct my scorpio midheaven exact, being related to occultism but it’s only these two that I am fascinated about.

  7. I enjoy watching shows like Cold Case Files and Forensic Files, as well as reading about ghosts and all things paranormal. Natally I have a Scorpio ASC with a 1st house Pluto.

    1. I have 4th house scorpio moon, Neptune that square my Leo sun …I watch all ghostly and paranormal stuff! and on the weirder side I love the show “the autopsy of…” how creepy is that? lol

  8. My natal Sun is conjunct Pluto and Mercury (in Leo/9th) so I am attracted to the deep and the things that other people want to hide. I am claircognizant, and knowing things are coming before the rest of the world is a mixed bag. Much of the chaos and violence going on this month is not at all a surprise to me.
    Uranus and Jupiter are conjunct in Cancer my 8th house and widely conjunct my South Node… so there is karma plus 8th House energies.
    I have studied astrology secretly for 7 years. I was a hospice chaplain for six of those years but COVID19 sort of forced me out of that job.

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