12th House Saturn Transits & Dreams

Dream of a Harpy by Jacek Malczewski 1907Dreams are associated with the 12th house.  When planets transit your 12th house, you can expect to dream more. Your dreams are also likely to be different from what you’re used to.

Currently, Saturn and Pluto are transiting my 12th house. I’m relieved because my dreams don’t scare me. The last time Saturn transited my 12th house, 28.5 years ago, I was completely undone by my dreams.  Matter of fact, this is what sent me into therapy. Money well spent!

With these transits well underway, I dream something most every night. It’s surprises me, how readily my dream can be connected to my real life.

lab puppyFor example, we had this young man visit us last week. He was dropping off a drum set and he stayed for dinner.  He’d never met an Italian (Meeting Your First Italian). He drank a lot of wine and we had a really good time.  He was funny and spry. That night, I went to sleep and dreamed we had a new puppy.  Not a baby puppy.  It was a Labrador puppy, bounding around and leaping on things.

I’m also dreaming about interactions with people.  The are conversations that will probably never take place in real life. This reflects something I know about Saturn transiting the 12th house. I think I included this in my workshop on that topic, but in whatever case, it’s common meet your fears (Saturn) in your dreams when Saturn transits your 12th.

You might be undone by your fears, as I was when I was younger. But in this process, your fears dissolve.  You learn to transcend your fears.

I don’t think this is easy to master but if you can manage it, the rewards are out of this world.

14 thoughts on “12th House Saturn Transits & Dreams”

  1. Yeup.
    Things started going sideways between waking and dreaming life bout the time Saturn entered my 12th House. First saw a male figure in my dreams that was just so on their game (to a terrifying degree)
    Cue meeting an exact look alike in real life. Started out as just a little thing I notice, but as Saturn went retrograde and I had a little personal mishap that added an extra shake up to my cognitive function, I spent the rest of 2016 not able to tell the difference between this overwhelming inner figure and my projection onto this seemingly outer twin.
    It got so bad I had to leave my job and was part of the catalyst for heeding the call to completely restructure my life.

    Even now it’s hard to really understand that the outer person had no real connection to the inner entity except the one I created and that still has a little residue present.

  2. Saturn is transiting my 12H and I do indeed have one last HUGE fear to transcend and/or dissolve.

    Working on it!

    Nothing noteworthy happening on the night dreams front however.

  3. Hmm, nothing going on in my 12th house but my dreams have been memorable. Last night I dreamed I was taken hostage in an isolated compound with other people. We were trying to learn who to trust and team up with in order to escape. The person I learned to trust showed me how to make a break for it and I did. So I am outside the compound, crawling on my belly like a soldier at war. I am crawling thru dried, mulched leaves when I stick my head up and discover new armed guards patrolling. They were kids with guns, like you would see in a National Geographic story about third world kid militias. There was a U.S. Naval aviation runway surrounded by a wire fence some acres away. Then I woke up. I have been mulching and blowing and shoveling a huge pile of dried leaves in my yard recently and I used to be stationed on a U.S. Navy air base. Too damn funny.

  4. Always had an interesting dreamlife: horror and sci-fi like (I have packed 12th house) . But since Saturn started coming to my Asc, I dream really mundane stuff, like my brother crushing an expensive chandelier. The thing is, I feel such dread and anger because of them, that it’s pretty much hilarious 🙂

  5. I have Saturn and Pluto in my 12 th house
    Everything is dissolving in front of me . It feels like I’m being stripped down of things not serving me but at the same time have a stronger connection with my spirituality and world

  6. Having Saturn in the 12th natal and in my SR…These are great for me. I found my way through dreams 30 years ago. Part of what I do is as a Dream Medium. I dream the famous to the recently departed to me, for the messages they bring. Sometimes celebrities too. And, for true, this is a very busy dream time. I get at minimum of 2 dreams on wake-up. Regardless of these tumultuous times, it’s a great time to be alive!

  7. You’ve had such relevant advice for me this past year, Elsa! Both Saturn and Pluto are currently transiting my 12th house, and I have really appreciated you sharing all your insight and personal reflections on this topic. Weird times!

  8. Hi Elsa

    I am quite new to Astrology (about 3 years) and I heard these things should happen during 12th saturn transit. Are they true???

    1. Its a time when you will lose most of things which shouldnt be for you
    2. Its not a time to begin any big things
    3. All losing progress will last long and in order
    4. Saturn will not test the importance of things so its better to not resist those lost
    5. Losing assets should not happen in this time, they should happen when saturn transits your 2nd or 11th house

    Btw im an aqua asc with saturn in 1st. Saturn is starting going through my 12th house for the 1st time btw

  9. Nice to know as Saturn will be in my 12th when it enters 28′ Capricorn. I find I am already having dreams which leave me with an unsettled feeling upon awakening. It takes 30 minutes just to return to normal functioning! Last time I just had bad insomnia as my career took off with heavy responsibilities. Natal Saturn in the 10th.

  10. Had a lucid, surreal dream last night about my deep, deep love zombie person from a few months ago.. we were in a tent and it was cold we held each other closely uder the blanket to stay warm and as we did the song “Who’s Crying Now” from Journey started playing. I didn’t know what song it was at first when I woke up (at 4:30 AM), but it was still playing in my head so I had to YouTube the words “One Love” and I thought it was Journey and sure enough I played the first hit on YouTube “Who’s Crying Now” and BAM it was the song stuck in my head from the dream! ..I haven’t heard this song in a looong time either so it wasn’t like it was fresh on my mind or anything. I must say, what a GREAT song too!


  11. Natal ?$ATUrn? in ????Pisces? would usually spell fear of spirits and SPIRITuality…

    But if, like Elsa, you got a lot of ?Scorpio, then you’ll likely have no ☠️fear⚰️, on the contrary, you may find it thrilling and joyful to see the ✨Truth?? and look at the monsters and hideous demons, whatever it is that’s been hidden in the ?seas? of the Unconscious, Subconscious, Superconscious or in other Dimensions for that matter.

    I however felt almost paralyzing fear a few times when swimming in the ?Ocean? and the bottom got so dark I couldn’t see it anymore. Then I got professional help learning and training swimming in a sports club and I got over that.

    ?$ATUrn? in ????Pisces? or the 12th or conjunct/opposing/squaring Neptune/Jupiter, can also express a meticulous detailed structured persevering effort delving into SPIRITuality plus an uncanny ability to synthesize i.e. to grasp the objective out of the messy muddy confusion so it’s Clear and not confusing anymore. I find it a very special trait to have.

    It’s actually mind boggling to find there are ways ?$ATUrn? can express non-destructively — if you put the hard long term labor into it, that is, the perseverance, patience, endurance, effort, method, structure, the works.

    But sometimes there’s the need of a lot of destruction to happen in One’s ✨Life✨ to corner you into facing and finally dealing with that ?☠️monster??! Talking from experience.

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