Do You Like Sex? You Must Be A Scorpio!

This post is going to be one satisfying click, winks this Scorpio sun. Unsurprisingly, people love to talk about sex, and are often especially proud of their Scorpio placements. For many it is astrological proof that they are indeed, very sexy and desirable people, with bedroom skills to match. And for some reason, they seem to think they like it way more than other people do.

Two sun Scorpios who meet up in the wild and discover their shared placement turn very coy, with knowing smiles and quiet pride. It does not matter what anyone looks like physically; there is an unshakable sense of self-assuredness. We know what astrology says about Scorpio and sexual prowess. The question is, is it actually true?

The short answer is maybe, and the long answer is, many people have Scorpio placements, everyone has a Scorpio-ruled house, and everyone has Mars and Pluto. Scorpio rules things like taxes, joint resources, transformation, regeneration and- oh baby! — the genitals. This is where it’s worth getting into the weeds a bit, being a little more precise. Your own chart is probably the most fascinating one you will ever dissect, so take a look at it. What is the Scorpio doing in your chart? Do you have any planets in Scorpio, especially the personal ones? Look at those and see how the sexual aspect of Scorpio might express itself. A Scorpio sun might not appear sexy at all- but a Scorpio ascendant might. A Scorpio Venus might really enjoy the game of seduction and titillation, jealousy and possession, while a Scorpio moon might not even seem all that passionate, preferring instead to invest in deep,emotionally transformative relationships. If you have Scorpio Mercury, have you noticed how people want to engage you in sexy banter and saucy repartee to get a little jolt? A Scorpio Mercury, if they deem you worthy, will do so frankly. And Scorpio Mars might use every psychological trick in the book to get what they want.

If you limit yourself to understanding your Scorpio planets as “I really like sex,” you are really missing out. Everybody likes sex! It is so much more than that. Something else to ponder: you might also notice that those areas where your Scorpio is expressing itself is where you have admirers lined up to “get some”. That Scorpio energy has enormous appeal, and the masses want to be fed.

Where do you have Scorpio? How does it manifest, and what do people want from you?

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  1. I have Scorpio in the 6th house. I have always been massively flirted with at work by married and single men and women. When I’m off from work no one cares.

    1. In some European countries that would get you promoted- alas, not what we want here. 🙂 On the bright side, you never know what appealing person might cross your path, and you would be able to do a nice little background check.

  2. Scorpio in 8, Neptune in Scorpio in 7th (sexy, magnetic partners however I have been stung by alcoholic and abusive types) Chart ruler Mars is busy trining Neptune, sextiling Jupiter and opposing Pluto as well as conjuncting Chiron. The whole combo is the picture. I’m 58 and I’m not done and men are not finished with me yet.

  3. Moon, Mercury, Mars and Uranus in Scorpio in the eleventh.

    I wouldn’t call the people that are attracted to me, admirers. They dont admire me. Like you said, Kumquat, they get a hit with me. Often, they think the titilation is mutual but thats rarely the case. It gets boring and draining quickly for me.

    In general Im interested in the esoteric or occult aspects to everything, including sex, which I think is Scorpioish.

    1. Also, I have noticed with my Mercury in Scorpio that people want to engage in sexy banter, or the bolder ones will straight up ask questions about my sex life. Talking about sex holds no appeal for me whatsoever, but I have used it in the past to seduce, until I discovered that most of the sex I put energy into getting, wasnt worth having anyway.

      And now we have the texting…ugh. Have not figured out a good way to stop that before it gets on a role. Usually if it gets into sexual territory Ill just say “gotta hop in the car ttyl”. I can not imagine anything more unsatifying than sexting.

      1. My experience as well. When someone is grubbing for your energy it is a huge turn off. Self-serving is not appealing! People are a lot less bold in person, of course, but there’s so much access via text they can’t help themselves, it seems.

  4. I have my moon in the 8th tightly conjunct Pluto both in Scorpio. The desire is intense and strong but in the end I feel deep down like sex is this horrible shameful thing. I wish to get over that but it’s a struggle. I feel like sex is always a secretive thing with me and the other. It’s a tough aspect.

  5. Pluto Rising in Scorpio with an 8th house Mars… definitely exude sex.. and yes, I like it too. But do I have it often… when I have a lover yes, but do I have lovers often? no

  6. There is sex. And there is lovemaking. Sex never had much appeal for me. Lovemaking, on the other hand, now you’ve got my attention. Pluto conjunct Venus in 7H.

  7. The most passionate sexual love affair I ever had was with a man who had Venus tightly conjunct Saturn in Scorpio. I have BML tightly conjunct Neptune in Scorpio, our Synastry had both of of our Scorpio placements in close conjunction.

    He was born and raised in a very devout religion, he had remained a virgin until his wedding night. He pursued me aggressively and he took his time dating me before he would kiss me for the first time and ultimately take me as his 2nd lover. We both had Pisces Moons.

    He was a dentist and I was his assistant. We had a long, stormy, steamy affair full of passion and lust. It took me decades to forget him. I tried in vain to rekindle things after 13 yrs. He was very cruel and I cried a river over it. Then he told me something that was just disgusting. It was a gift, I needed to move on. It killed everything left once and for all.

    The very next day, after being celibate for 14 yrs. I met someone else and fell head over heels in lust with him. He was not as passionate as I. A year later I met my long term sweetheart of now 8 yrs. Sex is very important to him, but there is no passion. Instead we spend our time laughing together in bed. I do not miss the passion at all. For me, it was mostly heartache. For me, passion means hurt and I feel too vulnerable.

    I have Aqua Saturn in the 8th house, so sex is a mental or physical blockage sometimes.

  8. Love can have assorted ways to be defined, lust is defined easier ,woo hoo
    Passion may need receptivity
    To help direct
    Now kissing and knee grabbing
    A good place to share you!
    Before swept into the other?
    Laughing, you tend to trust the other
    An honest place ,for sure ,at least
    A strong place to expose what
    May not find it to words…
    We can only feel from one mind and body, our own,but great highs and
    Lows when offered to another
    All good,keep trying ,sharing and feeling.stay cool and I hope the shade offers room for two

  9. i’ve found over the years that scorpio/plutonic individuals dont want to give away their energy, even sexual energy they find the one that they feel the most connected to, to share that deep intimacy. or they would rather stay single forever. its something i’ve always noticed. i like the scorpio mercury description… only if you are worthy. lol ;p

    1. ‘i’ve found over the years that scorpio/plutonic individuals dont want to give away their energy, even sexual energy they find the one that they feel the most connected to, to share that deep intimacy. or they would rather stay single forever’


  10. Avatar
    James Slattery

    Neptune and Jupiter in the Scorpio 8th. Sex desire through the roof and no end to offers. Strangely this doesn’t jibe with my rather conservative chart and outlook. Monogamy and clean living for me. My Sag moon keeps my aspirations high and moral.

  11. I have Scorpio in the 5th house. I tend to act very Scorpio in my relationships. I always attract men with Scorpio personal planets, always!!!

    I also have Pluto in Scorpio in the 5th house and this exactly conjunct the sun of one of my nephews. He other planet in my 5th house is Saturn in Scorpio and this is also exactly conjunct the sun of my other nephew. So the whole 5th house and children seems to have some resonance as well!!

  12. Venus conjunct Pluto in 11th
    Moon in 8th
    Scorpio ascendant with Jupiter conjunct Neptune
    Mars conjunct north node in 3rd

    I was a sex worker

    Talking about money makes me uncomfortable

    1. I admire your honesty!

      The money point is interesting. I have sun Pluto Ceres conjunct in Scorpio friend who also hates talking about money or listening to others talk about it.

      1. *eye roll* listening to others talk about money…pa-leeeeeeease!

        As time moves on, and after many years of contemplation…Venus=money, but Venus also=values. I value (Venus) someone who can give of themselves to others…freely and without abandon. That is a mirror reflection of myself (Saturn in 7th opp jup/nep/asc in 1st). The only mention of $ was a small blurb, and I did not discuss it afterwards. If they did not hold a value system to upheld their end of the bargain then there was a death blow (Pluto conj Venus & mars conj NN) to them around the industry (mars/NN in 3rd house cap).

        My patience grows thin for ‘look at my money’ people. I value self-actioned change, and honestly. No one is perfect, including me (Venus/Pluto in Virgo ?)

  13. scorpio rising and Moon, gemini Mars in 8th house. I love sex but I take it too seriously. until recently, when I met my love and soul mate. he’s Gemini Sun, Capricorn rising. I felt strong Scorpio vibe from him, but he has no personal planets there. what gives him that Scorpio vibe is strong Moon Pluto conjunction in Libra, 8th house. he loves sex and for him it’s pure joy and fun. made me so much more relaxed and easy going in bed.

  14. Scorpio is on my natal 9th house and Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune is there and Pluto is 1* on my Virgo Sun and squaring my Gemini Moon. Pluto is my constant companion, but my interests lie in the paranormal and unusual. My ruling planet Uranus is in my 8th house as well. I do not think about sex or taxes, or other people’s money.

    I am solely interested in all that is unknown and supernatural, life after death and all that falls into that category.

  15. So true about wasting sexual energy, I have a mercury and sun in scorpio, I am not going to waste my energy on someone that does not have the goods to satisfy me.

  16. What a great article, Kumquat! I can totally relate. Scorpios are not just about sex…

    After I started to use whole sign house system, I discovered Virgo as my 8th house. This makes so much more sense to me to use. It’s like a private horoscope, to understand the inner workings of me better.

    And Virgo on the 8th house is more prudish than anyone I have ever met. I am ruthless when it comes to my sexual partners, in that I require them to be striving to perfection. Using the whole house system has finally cleared why I am so critical of my lovers’ skills in bed. It can be a real turn-off if I am not careful, and it can hurt feelings and create distance. I am very picky with whom I invite into my private sphere, because Virgo is a sign that wants to serve (and be served, LOL), but most of all it requires a sense of cleanliness, and I don’t mean that in the sense of the physical body only. It is also about having a clean energy, that is not tainted by anger, resentment, dirty laundry so to speak. I have been the victim of many an angry man who hated his mother and who took it out on me in the bed, which sullied the energy exchange. The 8th house is all about these things. Money is energy as well.

    I have 4 planets in Scorpio though… All in the 10th house. The Sun, Venus and Jupiter is clamped together in a triple conjunction.
    During the past year, with Jupiter in Scorpio, I think I have had at least 2 men at work looking at me with THOSE EYES. And frankly… I don’t want to mess things up. You don’t eat where you sh*t is my motto, and I stick to it. But Venus here can generate insane amounts of tangles, if you are not careful. I am well aware of that balance, for some reason. Might be the opposition to Chiron perhaps?
    It also means I am very private about my expression of feelings, as these bodies are opposite my 4th house…. 😉

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