Love & Harsh Aspects In Synastry

Mars-and-Venus-United-by-Love-Paolo-Veronese-1528-1588-Oil-on-canvasAstrology can do more harm than good if you don’t know what you’re doing. A client told me this hit him when he came across my assertion that the grand cross in the composite chart between my husband and I served us. He said he would not considered a relationship that had a grand cross in the composite, prior to reading this. He wanted to investigate, further…

I wrote…

“You have to put the experience ahead of the chart here. For example someone wrote in the forum, Mars / Saturn synastry equals or can be domestic abuse.  This is true but my husband and I have that cross-aspect. He supports (Saturn) my efforts (Mars).

While the synastry does tell the story, you have to actually live to see which story it tells.”

Has astrology ever done you more harm than good?

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  1. For sure. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. It’s so difficult to interpret when you are a novice and I can only seem to really get insight in hindsight.

  2. Yes. Having a difficult transit approaching, and saying to myself “Oh no, it’s going to be terrible, it’s going to be terrible” over and over again, until I created that situation for myself. Since I have stopped doing that, my whole life has changed. The universe is like a mirror. What you fire into it comes back in some shape or form.

  3. This has provoked and interesting dialogue with the client. For example not everyone would fare well with a grand cross in a composite but some would love it.

    In my case, I rejected it when I was younger but now appreciate it greatly.

  4. I get annoyed with the almost constant negative interpretations of Mars square Pluto, Moon conjunct Saturn, and Mars in Cancer- all of which I have in my natal chart. Every position, aspect, and configuration has a positive interpretation in addition to the negative one.

  5. Sure. Wizron put it very well. It’s especially hard when you’re an intermediate astrologer with knowledge but not necessarily experience, so you can “read” a transit but not understand the complex ways it may work out in reality.

    I have a synastry aspect between my partner and myself that has given me trouble, sun opposition moon, and sun/moon square saturn. It does in fact bring some loneliness and feelings of “is this relationship really going to serve my needs?” But with positive Saturn energy input from both sides, we make it work. However, looking at that fat triangle just off-hand makes me quite nervous.

  6. i don’t have anything of note to add but word. i totally agree. Then again, it reflects more on human thinking than astrology… astrology simply reflects. I think it’s great that you brought this post cause a lot of people prob need to hear it.

  7. Oh Sure!! I had three compatiblilty reports done for me between someone and I. It all compatibility and green lights. “We couldn’t wait to get out hands on each other!”. “He found me enchanting!” “Our home life would be warm and engaging!”. Then when I got there there was NO chemistry that way on his end, at least as strong as it was for me. And I traveled all the way across the country to meet this guy. I think the Saturn Mars conj. in the 12th did it, but who knows!

  8. Hm, I guess in this case it would depend. If you already have hard charts, it might very well be “same old, same old” and not bother you as much. If this guy has an easier chart, he might not be as inclined to take on the burden.

    More harm than good? I don’t think so for me, but others might tell you differently 😛 Mostly, I just like having explanations as to how/why the feelings exist.

  9. I’m at the stage now where I do not look at composites unless I hit a brick wall with a person…then I’ll go poking to see what might be causing it…until then, I just look at the synastry if I’m interested enough…sometimes it’s interesting to see how you line up with someone, but not always fruitful…

    It’s like shopping for clothes online. You know what size you wear, you know what styles you look good in, and you might see something you like that you THINK will look good….but until you’re actually WEARING it, you’ll never know what it feels like on your skin, or how the fabric drapes, etc., etc….

    Ok, was that too girly?? haha…

  10. In my synastry I have a grand cross in all modalities. We also have grand trines in all the elements. But while there is some tension it manifests in a very constructive and supportive way. I agree that when I was younger I doubt I would have appreciated this quite so much.

    I do get frustrated sometimes when working with clients who know a bit about astrology but think bad aspects mean things are fated to be cursed. I’m on the let’s work through it side. Glad to see other astrologers agree with that perspective 🙂

  11. god yes. i have & looked at my longterm aspects of me and my guy & got very depressed. then i did horary and that didn’t look good either. but u know what? it’s been a year w my guy, and while i have difficult saturn/love transits until next year, there seems to be a very strong bond between us. so i think sometimes u just have to go w your gut!

  12. Henry Ford, of all people, made a profound statement a long time ago. “Whether you think you will succeed or fail, you are right”. We all have hardships and trials to face in life, but our attitude makes a huge difference. There is a lot of room within any transit for more positive expressions of the energies involved. Many pathways can be taken within the planetary symbols involved in the transit; the transit has many faces. Some people naturally expect the worst rather than focusing on a more positive expression of the transit “in case it doesn’t happen and I get disappointed”. This is a real shame, because attitudes affect outcomes.

  13. My husband and I have Moon conjunct Saturn. We have been together for 40 years through thick and thin. When I was younger I found this aspect restricting in a way, but now I welcome the security.

    1. Omg! Same! Husband’s Saturn is conjunct my moon. 21° Taurus. And his moon is 23°Aquarius square his Saturn and my moon. We have some Pluto issues in our 1st and 7th too but yes…I felt very restricted for many years but we are going on 24 years and it feels secure and safe now. Yay Saturn!

  14. Oh sure. I have an idealistic, dreamy, less than realistic/ logical chart even with a Gemini Sun. Lots of water and fire. You can gain some grit, depth and persistence with age and start directing your energies consistently and productively. Thank God for Saturn in Capricorn!

  15. My partner’s Saturn is on my Mars and dsc
    Despite several beneficial aspects this one is like one grain of pepper that can spoil the whole dish

  16. My mars was conjunct an ex boyfriends saturn within one degree that was our closest aspect. I was physically attacked by him. I’d never had abuse like that I saw stars in a bad way… it was the most shocking scary experience of my life. It definitely can be a terrible aspect but I’m sure it can be a really great one too, Every planet has its good and bad side and depends on how the individual is choosing to act out that planet in their own life. The man brought an afflicted saturn as he was not taking any responsibility for his own life at the time, abusing alcohol and drugs, not working a steady job etc.

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