17 Year Old Taurus, Her Friend Is Using Her To Go After A Guy They Both Like: Venus and Mars In Pisces

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Dear Elsa,

I have a great friend. She recently told me she liked this guy at our acting group. I have a little crush on him myself, as I think he’s really good looking and he’s also a good friend. But the point is my friend doesn’t really pay attention to me anymore. She uses me to make herself look better around her crush/my crush, so I don’t feel like she’s being a genuine friend. She just wants to use me as a prop and then she’s all over him around me.

My heart is broken both ways. Please help.

17 Year Old
United States

Dear 17,

A friend who goes after the guy you want is no friend at all. However, does she know how you feel? It doesn’t sound as if you have told either your friend or this guy how you feel. And if this is the case, I’m not sure she is doing anything wrong! Other than being driven by her hormones that is, which happens.

Try this: tell your friend that you like this guy and her pursuit of him is making you feel uncomfortable. If at that point, she still wants to pursue him, then I would step out of the way. Let her go after him… withdraw from the guy and you can be sure if he’s interested in you, he will duck and dodge her and come in your direction. And if not?

Well then you need to know if he’s not interested so you can let can let go and find a guy who is. And the astrology?

You have Venus and Mars in Pisces and I don’t think anyone knows what you’re up to. And it’s okay to be somewhat vague about your intentions but there is such a thing as too much of a good thing – so I’m hoping the plan outlined above will honor your nature but move things along.

Good luck.

2 thoughts on “17 Year Old Taurus, Her Friend Is Using Her To Go After A Guy They Both Like: Venus and Mars In Pisces”

  1. This one’s funny. ..a Taurus feeling used…anyone who’s dealt with taureans knows taureans are the users on any boat, as though it’s their God given right. So the one I finally told to take a hike has Taurus moon. Perhaps this is where emotional /psychic vampire comes to my mind ( and I’ve my moon & stelium in b Pisces ) so with all my healing &understanding being pushed way beyond boundaries ya know his taurus gotta be really bad& finally pushed me over the edge. And now my aries sun pride says look at what you did to this guy. .but my Gemini ascendant says ” not soon enough “.

    1. Also my Gemini says ” it’s comical because he’s been so fake from day one, lies through his teeth & how dare he insult my intelligence & pull ony skirt so abruptly. . Like a goat actually eating my skirt “..gets to the point where it’s not cute anymore. & my Aries says he’s like this consistently using I miss you & love you even more ” as empty word fillers..when what he’s saying really is (his Taurus moons saying) ” why the fk do I not own you yet,why haven’t you bought my house for me yet” his Leo sun says”even if you can see I’m bullshitting you how dare you turn me down, back in the day Id punch you in your face” so you see my Gemini picks up on his crap & my Aries “gotta please & serve others- that contradicts my Gemini asc says are you really gonna do this to you AGAIN??-OH HELL No, not this time. ..this time you’re gonna stick him where he knows he deserved it- pop that fkrs ball & you’re also gonna speak up for ALL the women’s faces he’s broke in his past”. He earned this and so have I. .this once in a lifetime love opportunity my ass, ,”

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