Neptune Transit: Illusion Wipe-out

pink cloudI searched “favorite son”, preparing to write this. I was surprised to see it defined by Wikipedia as a “political term”.  My thoughts on this have nothing to do with politics. When I say, “favorite son”,  I mean the child who is favored by the parents. I am also talking about a person who is favored in the workplace, because of familial connections (nepotism).

If you extrapolate, you may conclude that anyone or any group who is cut slack or afforded special considerations in any kind of system, is also a “favorite son”.  For my purpose, I’m talking about someone who is elevated in a group… and then takes a fall.

I know of a person who is living this story-line right now. He’s been the favored son – the untouchable employee for decades, and then whoosh! The raft beneath him was pulled away. He fell into the water. What do you think will happen now?

Will the people he works with come to his aid?
Will they build him a new raft so he can be restored to his position above their  own?

I doubt this.  At best, they will not attack. But in many cases, they will attack. They’ve resented the man for how many years? And now he’s vulnerable.

Reading this, you may think this is a Pluto thing, but it’s more likely this happens during a Neptune transit. Elizabeth Taylor once made this very Piscean remark: “I feel off my pink cloud with a thud.”

I feel sorry for a person who winds up in the water like this. I just don’t think they’re equipped to swim. But I know many would be happy to see them drown. This is a common effect caused by years of resentment.

It’s worth keeping this in mind if you’re someone floating up there, above the others who swim in the water, among sharks.  Situations like this tend to be fleeting (and imaginary).  You may enjoy thirty or forty or even fifty of protected status before you fall. That may not seem “fleeting”, but once you’re in the water you may realize that it was.

Are you the favored son? Have you ever seen a person take this kind of fall? Is a fall of this type, inevitable?

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  1. I never qualified to be the favorite son. And if someone is doing their job and playing fair I’m okay with it. I’ve heard the stories though about the falls. ‘Loss of the midas touch’ I believe it’s called. And I’ve worked with some very devious people who set people up for just such a fall. :p I think once a person gets in the rhythm of favorite sonness, it’s all they know until it changes. Is it inevitable? Good question. I’ve had this discussion and the other person said she thought some people get away with it their entire lives. But that conversation was about more about those that screw people over all the time and get away with it. I would imagine that there is a build up to the fall happening that the person is unaware of. Resting on one’s laurels is not always allowed because the world around is changing.

    Civilians to astrology or any other type of self awareness studies often say everything changes at 50.

    1. heyyy I just now thought of it: in the bible there is the prodigal son and the favourite son got jealous of the attention the prodigal son got because he came on, broken and defeated. I think this is a big lesson for both sides.^^ I love that story! like forgiveness and love and the father is so benevolent.

  2. My brother was the favorite son. His position was later usurped by our stepfather, he got into drugs and drinking and was ultimately murdered for a small amount of cash. I’ll have to take a look at his chart to see what influence Neptune had in his life, but he was a late Cancer, 7/20/58, Sun in the 12th house. His natal Neptune would be in Scorpio, probably in the 4th house.

  3. I once was among the favorites, but the situation changed and my status with it. And you are absolutely right about the vulnerability! Issues about safety, fear and survival become so important. I had to rebuild the foundation of my life. But I am grateful it happened when I had a possibility to redirect my trajectory in life.

  4. My mom is one of 8 (2 sons, 6 daughters) and the 2nd son was by far the favorite. My (super scorpion) Grandmother had a 2 seat car (with 8 kids!!!) and she only let the favorite son ride in it. She also gave him his own room every time, the youngest girl spent her childhood sleeping in the hallway so he could have a room. My mom is very Libran so she forgives him for being the favorite, but the rest of her siblings arent that nice. They’ve gone far enough to say at a funeral that he should have been the one to die. And now my grandparents are dead, and my uncle has had a lot of trouble, which makes a lot of people very happy. He has Neptune square Venus (and possible opp Moon – no birth time). Venus is the first in a 5 planet stellium spanning 25deg so his whole childhood would have been Neptune squares. And then a few years after my grandmother’s death Neptune was conjunct his Saturn and Jupiter, thats probably when he realized he wasnt king and started making changes. My mom says he’s come far since he realized being his parents favorite didnt really matter in the real world.

  5. Hi, Elsa. Do you work at all with Sabian symbols? I ask because your post made me think of something I read recently about the latest New Moon and Aquarius 10, whose Sabian symbol is “Aquarius 10: A Man Who Had For A Time Become The Embodiment Of An Ideal Is Made To Realize That As A Person He Is Not This Ideal.” Maybe related to the person you mentioned?

    Couldn’t find the link to the actual site where I was reading about it, but when I did a search, I found this different link to a site I’d never visited before — then I noticed that this linked page is using an image that looks just like that nice “Transit Watch” graphic you recently announced here! Thought you (and the friend who made it for you?) might wand to see it…
    (link removed)

  6. Attempts to put me on a pedastal of any kind make me uneasy and I scrabble to get off it. That list of enemies doesn’t need more names!
    I can see how this would be Neptune. Know someone who wasn’t the favourite in that sense, but was cossetted & overprotected growing up, due to a lot of illness. She carried that expectation into adulthood, as we do, and her relationships. Naievity that’s cute at 5 isn’t really cute at 55, especially if people around you have to carry the harshness you don’t want to face. Her husband buffetted her for a long time but one day he wasn’t there anymore and it’s been a rocky road since. Moon/Neptune conjunct.

  7. Oh, I understand this better after reading the comments. Very up close and personal as to what happened in my bio unit. The person was empowered by my parents for some reason. My dad told me he didn’t want her to cry. My mom’s comment about it was ‘everybody else is expected to clean up her mess.’ But when my parents died, she lost her throne. And I thought all my other siblings that shored her up were on board. She lost all her power. And she still mourns it. Our relationship has strengthened (always the last one standing that I am) but she still sometimes tries to lay that ‘I am the great and powerful oz’ thing on me. Old habits die hard. She really can be alot of fun when she allows herself to be. That’s what I am in it for.

    1. I think her secret power was knowing how to buy people. ‘Or else’ played in there too. 😀 Since that frustrating experience ended, I am no longer attracting that kind of person in my life. I was seeing it multiply everywhere in my life. Not a good energy for me to be carrying around I guess.

  8. I have a younger female relative who fits this. Her parents keep making excuses for her. She won’t have much to do with them unless she needs money and has been angry with them for most of her adult life. She’s made false molestation claims against relatives and claimed one of her teachers raped her. Where is this anger going to go once her parents are gone? Her only sibling? It’s hard to feel sorry for someone who went to private schools, doesn’t work, shops at Barneys and travels first class at the drop of a pin. The only good effect I’ve seen from this is the effect on her sister: she works full time and is kind, frugal with money, and she doesn’t spoil her own daughter. I think you can spoil a kid rotten.

  9. Yes, I’ve seen people fall &, although there are always those around who will take great delight in their demise, how it plays out also depends on HOW they “ruled”.

    No, I don’t think a fall is inevitable, I wonder about Jupiters influence in regard to this. Hmm…

  10. With Pisces rising and Neptune in the natal Scorpio 8th, I identify with this very much. I’ve experienced unbelievable (even to me) favortism from others in family and work and school. This has caused resentment among those who take but don’t give back, which I always have from a young age. Rescue always comes at the last minute like a guardian angel when there’s trouble. I’ve been knocked off my cloud too but my Sag moon keeps me ticking.

  11. This is my life. Totally spoiled, I guess. I never thought I was spoiled. I’m not impolite or nasty, just blessed.
    I got my ass handed to me. And yes, even your family, EVEN your family can show stripes ( jealousy) you never knew they had. You think that certain people would be there for you when you fall. Think again. It’s all part of my existential crisis/nervous breakdown that I will write about when I’m 90.

  12. It is funny as my sisters think I am the favourite, and as a result, they leave me out of things/events. I am quite an individual and live my life on my terms very much, with little support from family.
    I am quite a calm personality, and tend to deal with everything that comes my way with little fuss.

    They have a lot of calamities happen to them, and tend to panic when life throws things at them. My younger sister gets everything, but she still doesn’t think that classes her as a possible favourite, interestingly enough. I love to see and deal with my thoughts and reactions, and the psychological behaviour with situations in life, and this one is interesting for me.

  13. if that person was always kind and helpful and was elevated, then yes, they will be always helped; because they were always good to others. but I do know there are resentful people out there even though they know the other person was good. I think though that they will still help because, eventually they could not stand their own jealous thoughts swirling and would feel miserable about it: guilty; since the other person did nothing bad to anyone. lol I love those quotes from Liz Taylor ^^
    this one seems appropriate for the topic too, from her:
    “The problem with people who have no vices is that generally you can be pretty sure they’re going to have some annoying virtues”

    the Neptune transit seems appropriate with this because of the Harvey Weinstein situation and how he is going to prison and his health is bad now. I have seen people do bad things repeatedly but they don’t get punished and I always wondered if the Universe/God is giving them a chance, like to turn their life around. that there is semblance of good in them and they should stop. Like an alcoholic who has sobered for years.

    1. Harvey Weinstein’s birth information: 3-19-1952, Flushing, NY, 9:45 p.m. It’s interesting to note the aspecting transits on February 24th, the day of Weinstein’s conviction:

      Tr Neptune in Pisces was exactly conjunct his natal asteroid Bacchus (#2063) – the asteroid of excess in all worldly pleasures – in his natal Aquarius/Pisces 4H. The 4H is also known as “The House of Death;”

      The Sun was exactly conjunct his 4* Pisces Venus in the 4H;

      The Sun, Moon, Rx Mercury, Tr Nessus (#7066) – the god of sex addiction, sexual abuse, high-risk sexual affairs – formed a stellium conjuncting his natal Pisces Venus and Pisces NN;

      Tr Bacchus was exactly conjunct Tr Saturn (legal consequences for his deviant, deliberate actions) in Capricorn on that day;

      Pr Sun conjunct Pr Bacchus in the 7H; Pr Moon conjunct Pr Uranus in the 8H; Pr Pluto conjunct Pr Vertex on his MC.

  14. I know a Pisces Rising person that is going through this. He was favored, his bosses believed he walked on water, until t. Neptune crossed his Ascendant. Now he’s fallen so hard, and no-one seems to want to come to his aid because it’s so public & anyone who gets involved, their reputation will be crushed too. This person also has t.Neptune that will be square 4th/10th axis from May-September.

  15. Funny coincidence you should resurface this post at this moment.

    I was just reviewing my work situation and the possible impacts of the current pandemic.

    We have a number of employees in the at-higher-risk age bracket, including a key figure of authority.

    Your post makes me take note. Should he be felled by the virus, I know for a fact there are many who would be relieved if he became one of the statistics of “didn’t make it”. Otherwise, we are stuck with him until he does die, of whatever else, because he will NEVER retire. People have “suffered” (endured) him for decades.

    It would (will?)be interesting to see who, other than immediate family, would (will) come to his rescue should he find himself “drowning”? (Interestingly, isn’t pneumonia associated with a feeling of drowning, and isn’t pneumonia what kills most/many CVID-19 victims?)

  16. I saw this happen to my sis, she ran a mammography unit for 20 plus years all the searching for funding back in the day even gave lectures at Harvard,boom !hospital sold out to larger hospital,started giving her shit shifts , the upper management way to demotivated cut pay bam ! Now she left they hire girl she trained for half the pay,remember we little ants carry food up the hill to the
    The fat cat who can’t decide which group to step on and shat on while they decide which big house they visit next, This point in time might show off how fussy the big shots get when they can’t get what they want ,”they can run but can’t hide”

  17. I have had similar things happen to me. I have thought it has to do with my Neptune-MC conjunction and what Elsa always says means people don’t “see” you correctly. My boss did one of those gang up on one person maneuvers and suddenly everyone on my team of 8 was sneering at me. “No one likes the way you make everything look so easy and just swan in and out of here like you don’t have a care in the world,” she explained to me.

    Wow? I don’t take sh*t like that lying down and can only be pushed so far when it’s game over. “Would you prefer I walked around here bitching about how stressed and slammed I am and share some secondhand stress? Is that the preferred energy you want me throwing off?” The pariah status lasted about 3 months until she picked a new pariah. I seem to get this every decade. I’ll have to look at the dates of the biggies 🙂

    So, yeah. I understand this phenomenon and contend that it happens to people others perceive as too confident (or simply someone projecting that confidence). It’s a by-product of my family motto (me and my kids) of “Never let ’em see you sweat.” It leads to some mighty tumbles. Apparently, letting people see you sweat makes you vulnerable and not as topple-worthy. I don’t care. Sticking to my motto like the fixed Aq sign that I am!! 🙂 Stay healthy out there!

  18. I worked at a company for awhile with a VP who was onto it. She called those favored sons the flavor of the moment. I have mainly worked temp or contract so short term, but in my longer assignments at companies I have seen this. The top of the food chain gets bored and wants new meat.

    The favored son needs to stay ahead of the game and read the sign posts.

    I really was never a favored son, but known as a good networker ie. I worked for what I got. But sometimes I think back and realize that I was allowed to not have to face the dark side of humanity until around 50. I was able to maintain my innocence till them. It was a whole different life before then.

  19. I have kept myself low and vulnerable, never praised myself and avoided ambition all to avoid this type of fall (Mars in Capricorn in the 12th). It is thoroughly stupid to be that afraid of success. I can’t think of that stuff.

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