Mars Conjunct Pluto In Aquarius: Feb 14, 2024 – Trigger

Aquarius geometricMars will conjoin Pluto in Aquarius on February 14th. I’ve already covered this, as far as Valentine’s Day. See: Comin’ In Hot! This will be more personal; to me but also to you.

When Pluto ingressed into Aquarius, my lifelong friend, Ben, had a devastating stroke.  He’s a Scorpio with an early degree Aquarius rising. His progressed sun is @ 0 Aquarius. You can see the terrible set up here.

Meantime, I got a call from another close friend and neighbor. She wanted to hire me to help her sister who was freaking out?  Sister is a 0 degree Aquarius sun.

I asked her what the problem was; I’ve worked with her sister, before.  She didn’t have to talk long before I interrupted…

“She doesn’t need astrology, she needs to get her husband to the emergency room, immediately. Immediately, hang up and tell her to take her husband in now.  If she balks, go over there; he needs to go now…”

Needless to say, this man got to the hospital in the nick of time to save his life. He was there for several weeks, heart surgery and various other sundries… breathing issues?  He did survive and at this point, he’s dong very well, which no one really expected to see.  For example, he can walk unassisted.

So now, what? Well, my husband is 2 degrees Taurus, clashing with Pluto in Aquarius. Bam! Health emergency.  I strongly feel he is going to be okay, and you know I tend to know when someone is going to die, but there is no doubt he is in a life threatening circumstance.  In fact called his son, yesterday, to let him know, in case he “popped off”.

This made me start thinking about the Mars Pluto conjunction, ten days out.  I feel there will be something definitive at that time. I also notice this is a very difficult time for Leo and Scorpio.  They’re up against, planets in Taurus and a stellium in Aquarius.

If you have planets in the very early degrees of Fixed signs, this is not the time to ignore symptoms. That doesn’t mean, be paranoid.  It does mean, events at this time are likely to be drastic. Be ready to act (Mars) fast (Uranus).

You can see the chart on the Valentine’s Day post.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up! Will the effects be felt prior to the 14th and how long after will we still be in the hot zone? :-0

    1. We’re already there or at least today, the moon is in Capricorn between Mars and Pluto, pulling them together.

      I just read, five Marines (Mars) were killed (Pluto) in a helicopter (Air) accident on their home soil (moon).

      My husband went acute on Sunday. Stable now, sort of and waiting. He’s only got a partial dx.

      1. Sending Prayers to you Elsa, your husband and your family.
        I will keep you all in my heart & thoughts!! xo

        Once again thank you for the heads up and also the explanation of timing.

  2. Thanks for reminding us again about this formidable conjunction on Valentine’s Day.

    Best wishes and hopes for your husband and also for your friend Ben.

  3. Elsa, happy to hear your soldier is stable. I lost a friend last Friday suddenly. So sad as he was caring for his brother who had a stroke. The brother will have to go into a nursing home now. The brother’s birthday is January 21st 1° Aquarius.

  4. Well, that’s all pretty unpleasant.

    I have only ever seen one thing from transiting Mars and that is gossip, passive aggression, and such. In fact, when Mars hit Chiron in June 2022 the gossip came to a head and seriously escalated pre existing conditions.

    We also have Venus following up with Pluto on the 18th abouts, and then a North Node Chiron conjunction on the 20th. Then Venus and Mars meet on the 23rd.

    Since we have the North Node involved I wonder if there is something collectively relevant in this mix? It seems to me a little like a time when previous arguments have to be laid aside to meet the conditions we now face? Almost like the crisis comes first and then the wound healing comes immediately after? People recognise sometimes there are bigger things than themselves in any single situation?

      1. Yeah thanks. I don’t like interpreting something mad but that’s what the transits said. It’s rather grand.

        I think in the longer term Neptune is due to dissolve political boundaries. But that is a longer term transit not like “next week”.

  5. I have a 22 degree Leo Sun opposite an 18 degree Aquarius Moon, and a big stellium in each sign. I have to wonder if that is going to help ease it for me by spreading that fixed energy across a lot of my “different planetary aspects”, thereby reducing it’s intensity on any one facet – or will it make things worse for me by slamming them all equally hard…

  6. Yikes. I have early fixed degrees in Leo and Scorpio and energy levels are low but my medical check up went fine with good news. My Leo is in the 6th which is general health and so Pluto is firmly in the 12th now. An opposition to Mars/Venus and Uranus in Leo is a few years off. I try to live healthy but do feel the stress of city life now.

  7. Thinking of you and your husband. 🧡

    My own? Well, he’s Sun 8 Aqua, Merc 0 Aqua, Venus 8 Aqua, MC 4 Aqua, and I am hoping he’s doing ok.

  8. I have been concerned as both my son and Sister were born on Jan 21st. My sun and Asc, both have progressed to the beginning degrees of Aquarius. My natal Scorpio placements are not until the later degrees.

  9. Elsa almost every subject you’ve written about lately has hit the mark for me. I know both my chart and my hubby’s chart have some “interesting” transits going on now. The mars Pluto conjunction is something I’m a bit worried about. I need to look at the progressed charts, there has been so much in our natal w/ transits I haven’t looked at the progressed.

    I’ve already said I have transiting Pluto on my IC, but would you believe my hubby has transiting Uranus conjunct his IC right now.

    He has Aquarius 1st house (intercepted), which means his 7 th house Leo has natal Mars 3 degrees, Uranus and Pluto. Venus is at 29 Cancer. The mars Pluto conjunction will be in opposition right between his Venus and Mars.

    For me, mars and Pluto are on my Ic and Uranus transiting my 7th house Taurus in opposition to my natal Jupiter in the first.

    I have no idea what to expect, but my son is finally getting back on his feet and into an apartment on Monday after staying with us for the last 10 months after his divorce. I’m hoping for an “explosion” of affection and not of upset or anger from my hubby.

    1. I just looked at my hubby’s progressed chart.

      That chart explains the text I got from him yesterday! Aquarius is tenth house in his progressed chart. He texted me asking if he could quit his job. Apparently things are getting to him at work . He’ll be 65 in June and I was hoping that I could keep him working until then at least. I have a feeling he may quit his job around the 14th. That will make My life alot more difficult , but oh well, roll with the punches right?

  10. Elsa I’m sorry to hear about Ben and your Husband. I wish them a full recovery. Pluto and Mars are my chart rulers (Scorpio Rising). I have my nodes in a T-square with this. 12H SN/6H NN. I feel so many things being wormed out that I can’t ignore. I need a plan and a routine set forth.

  11. Avatar
    Madeline Kasian

    Sending healing energies to Ben and the Soldier! I have a husband and a son who both have Aquarius Rising and Moon in Leo.Husband has looked tired to me lately, he tends to push push push, Mars Capricorn and Saturn in Scorpio-this guy is a perfectionist and very connected to his rituals and routines..always trying to get him to “lighten up!” He never did retire..after our first year of not working he returned to his career which he loves.. I hope he will stay healthy in this transit time.Overall he is in great shape but he is looking tired to me..My son has been ill since his second jab in April of 2021, but this past year took a turn towards healing, and I pray he continues in this cycle of healing.. it does appear he is ABRUPTLY doing much better, mood wise and physical, but who knows? He doesn’t like me to get involved with his health anymore, now that the “crisis time” has passed..ah the joys of mother hood.

    I will be out of town for 10 days ,soon,during the brunt of all this, am praying these 2 men take care of one another and that I return to a calm and healthy household. Been through so much in the past few years I am sure I will navigate whatever comes..

  12. I have had so much trouble with my cardiac functions the most of December, and January.

    First, it was due to – I thought – a magnesium overload in my body.
    I had my blood measured, and it was within the normal levels + my kidneys worked just fine (they excrete excess magnesium).

    Then, yesterday, I was at the doctor’s, for said symptoms, and as we talked, I told her I was allergic to diary, and had not eaten regular calcium on the side to compensate for less calcium intake.

    I started taking them yesterday, and today, I had a stomach ache and I am still experiencing chest pain (not heart attack cheat pains, they goes into the arms and that’s not the case here).

    I feel like I don’t have the whole picture in this situation, hopefully it will become clear the next week or weeks.

    1. Salt + Potassium balance each other as does Magnesium + Calcium

      All 4 are essential electrolytes which are necessary for electrical conductivity of the heart. Calcium supplements are super hard on the stomach, maybe look into an electrolyte powder mix that you mix into water that has all 4 (as it should).
      *** Not medical advice, just some friendly food for thought on an astrology blog;-)

      1. Thanks, Hazel

        I will take your input with me in regards to the electrolyte balance. My next step will probably be to ask for an EKG measurement and some blood tests if it continues.

        Also, will increase the intake of calcium a bit less drastic, and thus maybe scale down a bit before going to full RDA.

        It’s darn annoying, that’s for sure!

    2. Oh, and I have an Aquarius Ascendant at 1.5 degrees -ish …

      My sister is playing the part of the Leo Ego on steroids, and my heart is acting up, like it was sporting a 3 of Swords card in tarot…

      I am a bit afraid of mor bad times ahead, because Chiron and the North Node will be acting up later this month…

  13. Pluto has been looking at my Taurus Merc.5 3rd house opp. Nept Scorp. 9th and will for awhile longer.
    Nostalgia didnt work. Confrontation did. I went gentle…more to it but that’s enough for today.
    Anette, l know health and fittness mean a lot to you. Feel better soon.
    I also hope your two important men are sitting up a little better today, Elsa.

  14. “If you have planets in the very early degrees of Fixed signs, this is not the time to ignore symptoms”.

    Will having your Vertex at 1D Scorpio H6 have the same affect as a planet?

  15. My mom is a Leo 6°, moon in Aquarius 1° has surgery 2/13 to create a fistula for dialysis. It’s the first of two surgeries. I feel like Mars/Pluto is good for surgery. I believe she’ll be conscious but heavily sedated and they give her a blocker in her arm.

  16. Thanks everyone! My husband is stable in his unstable situation. He’s in his boat, in my vernacular.

    He has an infection, most likely since November. He started antibiotics on Tuesday but it’s not cleared yet. It’s unclear whether this is tied other issues. Welcome to elusive diagnoses with Saturn Neptune combos. I’ve written about this for 20 years.

    He’s definitely happy about having some time off. We just have to see what comes next. Hopefully, clarity will come via a test, rather than an event. I feel the odds favor this but I have no idea because the sky is harsh and anything could happen.

    Anyway, thank you very much. Your support is greatly appreciated.

    1. holding you both in the light, Elsa, I hope your husband recovers completely and quickly, now that the antibiotics are kicking in🙏❤️❤️❤️

  17. Nervous about this, as I have my natal sun at 0 Taurus on the midheaven and Mercury at 6…Venus at 21…and on the fixed cross with the nodes and Saturn in Aquarius… but have been feeling nervous, and tense for ages… Fingers crossed, will keep you updated if anything dramatic happens….

  18. I’ m not sure I like these Pluto/mars cycles as the previous in 2022 and the upcoming in 2024 fall in my 6H. 2022 was a bad year it put me through a neverending struggle until now in my everyday life dealing with the aftermath of all lockdowns and restrictions. This cycle will fall in my 6H again god knows if my life improves after that. Resources are tight, Pluto in my 6H does not help it keeps me on a slavery mode.

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