December 2006

Scared To Death – Anxiety / Panic Disorder: Saturn Transit the 6th House

Dear Elsa, To get right to the point, I am completely consumed with worry. This have been going on since I was a kid. And when I say that worry consumes me, I mean just that; it literally eats me alive. Monday, I’m convinced I am having a heart attack; Tuesday, I have AIDS; Wednesday, […]

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Surrounded by Taurus!!

It occurred to me yesterday, that at the moment, I am surrounded by Taurus and they’re all men. There is my son and my ex who has been close by because of the holidays. There’s my husband, the Salesman, and my editor, HQ who has a Taurus Moon! Am I stable yet?? You meet Taurus

Scorpio Woman With Pisces Man… and Virgo Ex-Boyfriend

Dear Elsa, I was wondering if you had any advice on how to deal with my Virgo ex-boyfriend. He was my first serious relationship, and keeps coming in and out of my life. I met him 4 years ago and we dated for one intense month. Unfortunately, he let me give him my virginity before

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