Coping With The Current Saturn Neptune Opposition: The Steam Room at the Gym

As far as overcoming pathology goes, I think it’s particularly challenging if you have oppositions in your chart. Because when someone has an opposition in their chart (and most people do) they tend to project.

“It’s not me! It’s him, or her, or my mother or the dog! But no matter what it is, it definitely isn’t me!!”

And when planets are opposed in the sky like Saturn and Neptune are at the moment, the entire collective joins in.

“You’re the crazy.”

“No you’re the crazy.”

“That other person is crazy… but for sure I am not crazy. Er… am I?”

So one of the ways to work with oppositions is to find ways to incorporate (and honor) the energies on either side of the opposition and in the case of Saturn / Neptune, this just might keep you sane. And because I am stoopid lucky or something, I stumbled on just the thing! Well, not the thing, but a thing that is ultra Saturn/Neptune and working for me.

It’s the steam room at the gym! Get it? Neptune is foggy. Saturn rules the skin. So I sit in there every chance I get and observe these two energies alongside each other. And it’s profound.

See, people don’t look all that good for the most part. But in a steam room, everyone looks good! No one has wrinkles (Saturn) for one thing. I mean, if they do, you don’t know it. Reality (Saturn) is obscured (Neptune). Everything and everyone is blurred. Their hard edges are smoothed.

So I sit in there and imagine (Neptune) reality (Saturn) and this is very easy to do. Time (Saturn) does not exist, once you shut that door. Well this is the illusion (Neptune) anyway. Once I shut that door… that’s it. No one can call me. I can hide (Neptune) from my responsibilities (Saturn). There are no clocks or watches (Saturn) in a steam room!

And by consciously honoring and acknowledging these energies simultaneously I am seeing far fewer negative manifestations of them. And I am am overwhelmingly a Saturn/Neptune type and have been plagued, believe me!!

Saturn = reality, responsibility, commitment, boundary
Neptune = erased, ethereal, delusion, illusion, dissolve

Can you identify any of the ways these two energies are playing in your life, for good or ill? And do you have a Saturn Neptune aspect in your chart?

4 thoughts on “Coping With The Current Saturn Neptune Opposition: The Steam Room at the Gym”

  1. Personally, i’ve a very entertaining Neptune/Jupiter conjunction in 1st opposing Saturn in 7th. A very fun (not!) spice to my love life. Right now i’m working on appropriate boundaries, sense of self and greater objectivity with regard to the opposite sex.

  2. No Saturn/Neptune in my chart, thank God, I have enough Neptune problems. But I do have a difficult opposition between the Moon and Pluto and my North Node is conjuncting the Moon. I have a huge problem integrating the Pluto energies of that opposition.

  3. I’m using Placidus here. I have a Mutable T-square with Virgo Saturn (conjunct AC) in the 12th square Sag Neptune in the 3rd opps Gemini Venus (conjunct MC) in the 9th.

    I interpret the Venus opp Neptune as a reflection of my self-indulgent daydreaming slothfullness. I like the finer things in life with none of the harshness (if I can have it, of course I can’t, the world is much too screwed up for that. And I can’t ignore the world, believe me I’ve tried but my conscience wont let me). The 3rd/9th Sag/Gemini makes me something of a chatter brain. More talk than action, an armchair revolutionary/general, a cheerleader, someone who prefers to give benevolent donations to a charity/cause rather than get my hands dirty working with the charity.

    I reckon in past lives I’ve been one to ignore Saturn or not fulfill my Saturn purpose so it got dumped in the 12th Virgo in this life. A 12th House Saturn is conventionally interpreted as a astro position dealing with Karmic Debt, and to further bring home the point both Virgo and the 12th (as a respite) are related to service to others. AND T-squares are conventionally interpreted with the empty leg (the part of a chart on the opposite side of where the squared planet is) in mind, which for me is Pisces in the 6th. The 6th house governing routine, daily work, responsibilities and circumstance. And Pisces selfless service.

    I suppose God could’ve stappled an arrow to my head to make it more obvious what direction my lifes major work is going to be. IE I need to take my ideals (Neptune) I communicate (3rd), my love and comfort (Venus) for travel and philosophy (9th) and put it into work (Saturn) by taking responsibility (Saturn) for other people through selfless (Pisces but not Virgo) service (Virgo and Pisces).

    I can’t interpret my Saturn-Neptune square as a singleton because it is involved in a larger aspect and it doesn’t behave in a singular fashion. I’ll stop here before I go through my whole chart. I also have an 11th House Leo North Node which complicates matters further among other aspects.

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